Carson Wentz vs. the NFC East: Where does QB rank?

Wed, Jun 22, 2022
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Carson Wentz vs. the NFC East: Where does QB rank?
Carson Wentz will lead the charge for the Washington Commanders in the upcoming season, putting him up against an NFC East division full of younger talent.

Dak Prescott of the Dallas Cowboys, Jalen Hurts of the Philadelphia Eagles and Daniel Jones of the New York Giants are Wentz's competition.'

Where does he rank among the NFC East's playcallers? Shannon Sharpe shared his opinions on the matter on "Undisputed."

Shannon Sharpe and Skip Bayless took a shot at ranking the NFC East's QBs. Where does Carson Wentz rank among his competition?

1. Dak Prescott, Dallas Cowboys

Key stats: In 16 games last season, Prescott threw for 4,449 yards, completing 68.8% of his passes for 37 touchdowns and 10 interceptions, leading Dallas to an 11-5 record and the playoffs.

2. Carson Wentz, Washington Commanders

Key stats: In 2021 with the Indianapolis Colts, Wentz completed 62.4% of his passes for 3,563 yards, 27 touchdowns, and seven interceptions. The Colts went 9-8 but missed the playoffs.

3. Jalen Hurts, Philadelphia Eagles

Key stats: Hurts started 15 games last season, leading his team to an 8-7 record in those contests and to a wild-card berth. He threw for 3,144 yards, completed 61.3% of his passes, and threw 16 touchdowns and nine interceptions. He also rushed for 784 yards and 10 touchdowns.

4. Daniel Jones, New York Giants

Key stats: In 11 starts for the Giants, Jones produced a 4-7 record as his team missed the playoffs. In those games, Jones threw for 2,428 yards, 10 touchdowns, and seven interceptions, while completing 64.3% of his passes.

Shannon's thoughts on Wentz: "The biggest question mark on Wentz is his leadership. Because there have been two locker rooms his leadership skills and the way he interacts with his teammates have been questioned."

Sharpe continued:

"I've never heard an owner [Indianapolis Colts] speak this openly and outwardly, and disparaging of his quarterback, ever. So that told me that it's more to it than just ability, because I believe he has the ability, and his numbers weren't bad! Maybe it's just that he needs a change of scenery."

After discussing Wentz, Sharpe elaborated on why he has Hurts ranked third in the division.

"Jalen Hurts has better weapons now," said Sharpe. "I love AJ Brown. I love DeVonta Smith. I love the pieces that they have. Hurts is a great leader, but he still struggles with accuracy. He still struggles with turning the ball over entirely too much."

As far as Sharpe's list goes, Prescott is the undisputed No. 1. So is the worst quarterback in the NFC East, Daniel Jones. However, the second and third-ranked guys on his list could depend on the type of 2022 season they have. We'll have to wait and see.'

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