WATCH OUT! The Fraud Handicapper Free Pick Scam that Works Like a Charm

Sun, Mar 21, 2021
by CapperTek

Have you ever been approached by a handicapper pushing free picks? It might be a text you receive, it might be an email. But out of the blue, you have a so called "sports handicapper" trying to give you some free picks for that day. So you ask yourself, why not right? It's free, I might as well get some "expert" information to help me with my sports betting.


Well, it's a SCAM!



A pretty good scam at that. These so called "handicappers" or "experts" give out all kinds of free picks all day to thousands of sports bettors. It could be different games, it could be two different sides of the same game!


Let us show you how the SCAM works:


"Handicapper X" will send "Sports Betting Johnny" a text for a free pick on the New York Giants vs. Dallas Cowboys game that night and give the New York Giants +3.5 as his free pick. Then "Handicapper X" will turn around and send a text to "Sports Betting Steve" a free pick for the Dallas Cowboys -3.5. "Sports Betting Johnny" and "Sports Betting Steve" are super pumped! They just got a free pick from an "Expert" so they take their hard earned cash a bet those picks that night with their favorite sportsbook or bookie.

Now since "Handicapper X" sent out both sides of that same game to two different guys, he is guaranteed to have one of those guys win. So the next day, the Dallas Cowboys have blown out the Giants 24-6 and "Sports Betting Johnny" is pissed because he lost his money so "Handicapper X" will never hear from him again. But, that's OK, because "Sports Betting Steve" won his bet easy is on top of the world and now thinks "Handicapper X" is the best sports handicapper in the world!


That's when the SCAM goes to the next level!


Because that next day, "Handicapper X" is either going to call or text "Sports Betting Steve" and give him all the sales pitches, "VIP plays", "Insiders club", "Inside info", "Lock of the day", etc. Since "Sports Betting Steve" is on a high from his easy blow out winning pick from the night before and has made a little cash thanks to the help of "Handicapper X", more than likely he is going to fall for one of these scam sales pitches and pay "Handicapper X" usually all or even more than the profit he made the night before just to have "Handicapper X" keep giving him winning picks, so he buys an expensive picks package for a week, month, or even a year.

Now usually since these scam handicappers have no clue what they are talking about when it comes to successful sports betting and could not pick their nose right, the sports picks usually go to hell after about a day or two (a week at best) and "Sports Betting Steve" is out a TON of money and basically paid a handicapper to help him lose his own money. But, "Handicapper X" does not really care, he already got "Sports Betting Steve's" money up-front and has a thousand more potential clients lined up using the same scam system every single day. "Handicapper X" will ALWAYS have a ton of guys he gave a free winning pick to from the day before to work over, and the cycle never ends. #toobigtocancel


It's an OLD SCAM, do not fall for it!

A free winning pick will usually end up costing you big $$$ in the long term.


Always get your sports picks from a handicapper who posts ALL their sports picks on a trusted platform like CapperTek (or any other trusted sports pick documentation platform for that matter) where the picks are released after the game starts so you know there is no funny business going on and you can be assured that the picks you are getting and the picks history you are looking at are real and verified by a third party.


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