Avoid Leagues

Thu, Jan 27, 2022
by 24-7wagering.com

Why Should You Avoid American Sports Leagues.

Each year, tens of millions of Americans pour into arenas, parks, rinks, and stadiums to see a professional sporting event in one of the four major American sports leagues — the NFL, NBA, NHL, and MLB.

But fans are now less inclined to go to games in person. The NFL, NHL, and MLB in the past few years, each have seen a decline in total attendance. Fans are often unwilling to pay high ticket prices, and teams do NOT seem to care, as an increasing amount and share of their revenues come from lucrative TV contracts as opposed to ticket sales. In addition, those sports leagues are mostly Anti American and support BLM and other socialist organizations. But not all teams are losing fans at an equal rate. Some have seen average attendance declines of more than a third over the last decade.

While it is tough to know exactly what is stopping fans from coming to games, losing is most likely a top cause also. Fans are simply NOT willing to pay top dollar to see a game that will probably end in disappointment for them. Every team can have losing seasons, but franchises that always seem to come up short can lose the attention of their fans.

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