NFL Power Rankings - Week 9

Sat, Nov 5, 2022

#1. Eagles — Train keeps rolling. Texans on Thursday night. Not a lot of opposition left on the schedule outside of division rivals Cowboys and Giants. (same ranking as last week)

#2. Bills — An off game for Josh Allen and they still beat A-Rod and the Packers by double digits. (same ranking as last week)

#3. Chiefs — Andy Reid off a bye spells danger for the next opponent. Titans in town on Sunday night. (same ranking as last week)

#4. Vikings — Top five team adds top ten Tight End before the trade deadline. Welcome to the Viking ship Mr. Hockenson. The rich get richer. (same ranking as last week)

#5. Ravens — They dismantled the Bucs last Thursday night. LB Roquan Smith was a massive addition this week. (up from 7th last week)

#6. Cowboys — Dak and Pollard looked sharp against the visiting Bears. (up from 8th last week)

#7. 49ers — RB Christian McCaffrey might be the best NFL trade deadline move ever. Just saying. (up from 11th last week)

#8. Seahawks — Late bloomer Geno Smith continues his MVP season. Wow. (up from 13th last week)

#9. Giants — No shame in losing to the Hawks after a game in London followed by a trip to Jacksonville followed by a trip to Seattle. That’s a lot of time zones in 3 weeks. (dn from 5th last week)

#10. Dolphins — Fins are 5-0 when Tua starts (and finishes) games. LB Bradley Chubb was probably the most aggressive acquisition this side of Christian McCaffrey. (up from 16th last week)

#11. Titans — No Ryan Tannehill, no problem. RB Derrick Henry is in midseason form. (dn from 10th last week)

#12. Bengals — They need to get the run game going soon or Cincy will be another Super Bowl runner-up that fails to make the playoffs the following season. (dn from 6th last week)

#13. Patriots — Nice win against the Jets but the Pats are clearly missing something. A franchise quarterback? (up from 18th last week)

#14. Chargers — It'll be interesting to see how they show against the feisty Falcons this Sunday. (same ranking as last week)

#15. Jets — RB James Robinson was a nice pickup before the deadline. We'll see if he can fill rookie RB Breece Hall's cleats. (dn from 9th last week)

#16. Falcons — Big win against the lowly Panthers in OT last weekend. Don't look now but the Falcons are number one in the NFC South. (up from 21st last week)

#17. Browns — RB Nick Chubb just might carry this team till QB Deshaun Watson makes his debut. (up from 22th last week)

#18. Saints — Shutout versus the Raiders was a statement game. Let's see if they can carry that momentum into Monday night against the Ravens. (up from 25th last week)

#19. Rams — Last year's Super Bowl champs are officially on life support after that beatdown by the rival Niners. (dn from 12th last week)

#20. Cardinals — Pivotal game against the 'Hawks this Sunday. If the Cards are to make a push, it needs to start now. WR DeAndre Hopkins is already making his presence felt. (dn from 17th last week)

#21. Commanders — Unbelievable this team is only a 4-point underdog against the Vikings. That's respect. QB Taylor Heinicke is apparently a stabilizing force. (up from 28th last week)

#22. Raiders — After a 24-0 shellacking by the New Orleans Saints, the Raiders move on to Jacksonville as a two-point favorite. Make or break game. (dn from 15th last week)

#23. Buccaneers — Can the lethargic and heartbroken Bucs get up from off the canvas and make a push to reclaim the NFC South? We’re about to find out. (dn from 19th last week)

#24. Colts — Underperforming Colts limp into New England this Sunday with the season on the line. Hard to imagine them rising in the power rankings this week. (dn from 20th last week)

#25. Bears — Even with the losses, you can see this team beginning to find its identity. WR Chase Claypool was a great trade deadline acquisition. (dn from 24th last week)

#26. Jaguars — RB Travis Etienne is beginning to find his footing. But can they put it all together? (dn from 23rd last week)

#27. Broncos — They finally won a game… and then immediately trade LB Bradley Chubb to the Miami Dolphins. The Denver brass is clearly not anticipating a miracle turnaround this season. (up from 31st last week)

#28. Packers — Can’t believe they didn’t sign a wide receiver before the trade deadline. (dn from 26th last week)

#29. Steelers — Looks like HC Mike Tomlin might finally finish a season below .500. (dn from 27th last week)

#30. Lions — The Hockenson trade was a headscratcher. Especially within the division. (same ranking as last week)

#31. Panthers — Head Coach Matt Rhule fired. QB1 Baker Mayfield injured. All-world RB Christian McCaffrey traded. And yet… they are playing their asses off. (same ranking as last week)

#32. Texans — They fight hard for a team bereft of super stars. Although RB Dameon Pierce will be one by the end of the season. (same ranking as last week)