Betting methods that make cents...

Fri, Jan 21, 2022

Betting methods that make cents... 

Less is more in the world of parlays,

To my defense, I've accomplished way more than I ever determined possible when initially embarking into the world of sports betting, solely by deciding on the method that less was actually also acceptable. Lol, that's wack right? Why invest into something that won’t give the satisfaction of winning the lottery? Question? when in life have you ever returned $50 willingly because you asked for $100.. when you started off with your last in your pocket.. or better yet for the working class. Then there's the feeling of you can do something extra and turn this small premeditated investment into something that's changed your life. The fears of having one too many, or not two more enough on this parlay ticket, and eventually, you get misplaced from your initial sense of purpose in the decision behind your wager in the 1st place.

There's no Major Arcana in developing a successful ticket just as long as the betting purpose resides throughout the decision-making process. A recollection of the moment you determined the winning suggestions to yourself as sharp as the nostalgia of De Ja Vu, along side statistical values/facts, Sustain that predictive value in what the importance was behind your initial betting purposes. Developing winning habits solely on the fact in which you hate to lose. Run with the winners of a sport & consider that road teams vibe coming into that night's match-up. Whether streaking hot, bad road stretch or pouring in on the scoreboard trends are trends for a reason.  

Approach the numbers with respect for they are mostly player/ team averages deserving of deliberation and the results lead to profound accuracy, logical reasonable outcomes come about & ultimately become the point of emphasis. Based on the reality of a player individually performing well or a team's momentum within a weekly time frame. Count on analytics and you will convey a formula that will "consistently" put more currency in your bank account.

Stay Meticulous.