HNIC saturday...and a LONG night at chavez ravine!

Sat, Oct 27, 2018

well...i thought last nights game 3 at dodger stadium was gonna keep going until the sun came up!  but...right when i was about ready to just give up, it ended with a drive into the night.  2-1 boston and now i think we have a series.  the dodgers are not gonna fall down and give up this time.  i still think boston has the series won, but its probably going to take 6 games.  which means boston will be able to do something that has never been done in the 105 years of fenway park's existence:  win a world championship in front of the home crowd.  after last night...or earlier this morning if you prefer...both pitching staffs were used up, and one thing that would be of some note is with nathan eovaldi.  he threw what amounted to a full game out of the pen in game 3.  my guess is he is not only out for game 4, but would only have 3 innings at best available for game 5, if the series gets that far...and i'm still calling the series will go 6 games minimum.  will be interesting to see what everyone has after the marathon last night and early this morning in game 4 tonight.

onto other stuff on the card.  hockey night in canada tonight!  as usual, there are quite a few strong plays on the schedule, but i would pay close attention to winnipeg/toronto at air canada centre.  the best team in the NHL is showing no signs of weakness and keeps rolling along, but winnipeg on the other hand, has shown to have a couple holes in the plane lately.  i dont wanna say that the defense is slacking off; nothing of the kind.  but it is a bit concerning since they had trouble with some impotent offenses on the recent 6 game homestand.  the rubber meets the road tonight.

and finally.  college football brief review from last night and thoughts for tonight.  utah really put the hammer down on the bruins after ucla defense looked like it was going to show up and put up a fight early on.  but true to form...unfortunately for chip kelly's bunch...utah exploited the weakness of the bruin defense and the fact that their offense is not much better, turned this thing into a rout.  so we come to saturday.  the game of the day is going to be my cougs and stanford down on the farm.  wazzu has got to keep its eyes on the prize and do not overlook stanford and the troubles they have.  they are still a formidable team on both sides of the ball, and after all the gameday stuff last week, wazzu might come out not firing on all cylinders at the start.  if they do, this thing will be over by halftime or early 3rd quarter.  if they dont, this is gonna be one of those extra beer games that will come down to whoever makes the fewest mistakes in crunch time.

NFL thoughts coming tomorrow...and i'm not waking up at 6am to watch a one sided garbage game either!  thanks a lot gooddell for not mandating these london games start at 6pm over there so the rest of us can watch on this side of the earth.  good thing this is the last one of these for the year and we can get back to normal.  the mexico city game will be much more compelling for all to watch...and wont start at some obscene time either.