Sun, Aug 21, 2016
by MorrigBlogTip.cappertek.com

RAYS are out GAME for THE postseason but their positive trend is confirmed day by day and AFTER ODORIZZI win we have on the mound SMYLY

he is on fire and rightly he has possibility to improve his statistics and his team confidence; actually he is on line n3 in THE team but the very good matches have been a new fresh AIR for a quality pitcher

THE RANGERS are running for playoff but lately they are struggling more than expected and they prove on the mound a nervous psichologycal state

the final quarto of season may be derelict and they need to restablish team unit......but not today with a pitcher that has found equilibrium in the he ad and in THE arm


TIGERS are with veteran Justin Verlander, ace multimilionary coming in June from a long period of injury; ok he is not exactly the ace of THE last years but in THE last matches he proved to have so many words to say on the mound....and not on the bench

RED SOX are going with no doubt for THE first division place and in THE last two matches they have signed THE difference with a team that appears not determined; Today Verlander will show THE reason he is not yet an ex pitcher but he is still a dangerous arm to catch every opportunity to win

SMYLY and VERLANDER for a home clear double win