Royals push for postseason

Sat, Aug 20, 2016

Royals are rolling for a wild Card and IT seems they are finding themselves to find THE way that just one mounth ago IT was unreable

today Royals are with a good R pitcher coming this year from San Diego with a very impegnative contract

Ian Kennedy has been out of form until THE beginning of this month, July embarassing, rumors about a new trade.....but THE 31 years old has had THE capacity to not lose confidence with himself

Kennedy is now THE first pitcher AFTER THE first rotation and everybody in THE team believes he has now THE clear chance to give a concrete sign of his presence.....and of his 50M dollars contract

THE last 5 matches have been strong with him and his performance has been deep and winning 

He know he has THE quality of good pitcher, he knows to be quiet in a good atmosphere and everybody is confident about his state 

IAN KENNEDY for a clear win tonight against TWINS