NFL Betting Tips of Mine

Sun, Aug 28, 2022

NFL Betting tips of mine:

  1. Don’t worry about line moves. I have no problem fading a line move or being on the side of a line move.
  2. The Closing line is everything. The closing line is the sharpest line.
  3. You will see some wild line moves Sunday morning of game day. I see that as most of the time beneficial to the bet I want to make. 
  4. As a guy that used to bet the early and opening lines, I now only bet the closing line. The closing line holds the most value in my eyes. Also you have full advantage of whose playing and everything when you bet the close. If you bet early lines your asking for trouble in my opinion. 
  5. I feel like I’m the most patient bettor. Let the line come to you. Don’t force anything. Pass on anything that doesn’t fit your Modeling criteria. 
  6. Bet with a respectable  book