Failing to prepare...or preparing to lose?

Mon, Aug 24, 2015

The Gatorade has been filled into the coolers.And emptied.And filled again.

The grass has been cut.the lines have been measured and drawn.

Middle aged men implore boys half their age to run a little faster, throw a little more precisely, and to give just a little more.

Football is (almost) here.

Feels good, dont it?

All Summer, folks from all around the football world  have been working toward being able to say those few words that mean so much to so many, "Football is here."The trainers.The groundskeepers.The administrators. The owners.The Coaches.The Players.All of them and many more have been working tirelessly  this Summer in preparation to put forth their best when it counts most.

Like the gladiators we admire so much on the gridiron each weekend, there are things we as sports bettors can do in the offseason to ensure that our best efforts shine through each Fall.

1)Establish relationships with multiple bookmakers-this is a subject that deserves it s own blog, and will get one later this Fall.As all veteran and many novice sports bettors know, a half point edge in a wager can make all the difference between winning and losing.Therefore, to be a winning player, its crucial to be able to shop for the most advantageous line possible.Having two or more options on game day ensures youll have some choices.

2)Do Number 1 now!Whether you play in Las Vegas, offshore, or with Sam down the street, the time to open or reopen your account is not Saturday, September 5 at 11:45amET.Get the administrative stuff out of the way this week.Open your accounts-fill out the forms-transfer money via your PayPal account-call Sam to let him know youre still around-do all the little things that have to be done now so that your focus can be on getting the best lines for our winning plays next week!

3)Formulate your sports betting budget-Ascertain the amount of money that you can reasonably devote to sports betting annually,without jeopardizing your standard of living.At this point, we like to advise our clients to take that number, then divide it by 100,with the result being your base unit bet size per wager, ie one (1) unit, not incl. juice.Our recommendation to our clients is playing 1-3 units per each of our selections.We feel this approach to be a proven safe yet profitable way to grow your bankroll over time.

4)Time Management-allot yourself enough time for the process.Even when you have folks like us making winning picks for you, the time needed for getting the picks in, record keeping, keeping accounts active, grading plays, not insignificant.Therefore, give yourself enough time for these inconveniences so that you can have adequate time to enjoy the games and winning!Of what good are our winning plays if you cant get down prior to toe meeting leather?

Executing 1-4 above in the coming days will go a long way to preparing you for the outset of the oncoming NCAA Football season beginning Sep. 3, and NFL season starting Sep. 10.