Here We Go...

Sat, Oct 7, 2017

For the longest time, I have dabbled in the world of betting on sports.  Today, I am finally putting my money, mouth, reputation, whatever, up for all to see.  I take a lot of pride in being able to pick winners.  I am currently in a couple of pools/contests this year, and have done well so far.  I wanted to have a trial run in a smaller contest, other than the SuperContest, just to see if how I have done for the past two years was a fluke or not.  So far, so here we go.

As I sit here the night before, what may seem petty to probably anyone else, has me nervous.  I really want to nail the winners.  I know 60% is a living at this...guess we will see how it pans out.  

At some point in life, you have to take a is my mini-stab at this...for now.

Good luck to anyone looking at my picks this weekend.  Hope they help you out in some way.