Deion Sanders' sons Shilo and Shedeur take on some recruiting duties for Colorado

Thu, Apr 18, 2024

Deion Sanders' sons Shilo and Shedeur take on some recruiting duties for Colorado

BOULDER, Colo. (AP) - The trust Deion Sanders places in his sons, Shilo and Shedeur, extends well beyond the field and into the world of the transfer portal.

As leaders of the Colorado Buffaloes, Shilo, a defensive back, and Shedeur, the QB, wouldn't have it any other way. They've made themselves reachable through social media to any player in the transfer portal who's interested in Boulder. Although, Shilo did caution the Buffaloes aren't "Last Chance U."

"I think the most prominent players at every program are probably your best recruiters," coach Deion Sanders said Thursday after a spring practice session. "I wish you could have a conversation with Shedeur and just tell him to just show you his (direct messages) one time. You would not believe the kids that call him and call Shilo, because they're high-profile young men."

Shilo Sanders created waves the other day with a post on his Instagram stories, which urged defensive transfers to message him and offensive players to reach out to Shedeur.

Being a recruiting coordinator, though, is just part of the new territory for standout players in this wild, wild West nature of college football. That's perfectly fine with Shedeur Sanders, who wants as many decisions in his hands as possible.

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"If it's fourth down, you know the ball has to be in my hands," said the Buffaloes quarterback who threw for a school-record 3,230 yards last season but was also sacked 52 times and resulted in Colorado overhauling its offensive line. "The final seconds of the game, it has to be in my hands."

Shilo Sanders interrupted, "Buddy, you're the quarterback. The ball is going to be in your hands every play."

"You can hand the ball off also," Shedeur Sanders quickly countered. "I like just having real control over everything."

Oftentimes, potential recruits reach out to Shedeur Sanders because he can give them an honest assessment on what's going on.

"They just want to make sure they have a home," he said. "It's just better from player-to-player rather than from coach-to-player because I'm able to tell you honestly, how we're going to use you in our offense and stuff, and how I view you."

The Buffaloes have officially seen 14 players hit the portal, including running back Alton McCaskill, the heralded transfer addition for Colorado last spring from Houston. The list doesn't yet mention former five-star recruit Cormani McClain, who is on his way out of Boulder after playing in nine games. Deion Sanders wished him well.

"I want the best for him, man. I really do. I want that kid to soar," he said. "Sometimes you need to disconnect from something to reconnect to something else to restart you and re-energize you and stabilize you."

As for the portal and all the turnover within the team, Deion Sanders urged everyone to do their homework on what sort of players were leaving his program (backups, mostly).

"We're good. We're good," the coach said. "We're making a big deal out of nothing. I want to say so much stuff but I can't. I keep remembering I'm a head coach.

"I trust the recruiting team. I trust our coaches and please have some faith in me. We're all right."

After all, Shilo and Shedeur Sanders are on top of things as Colorado gets set to move from the Pac-12 to the Big 12.

"We're good, but I just want to be the best, for sure. New guys bring new energy to practice," said Shilo Sanders, who estimated he's recommended 50 potential players who've messaged him. "It's not ever bad, giving guys an opportunity to come to the school."

His brother felt the same way.

"I'll tell (them) straight up, 'Look, we're throwing the ball a lot. This is what we're bringing you here for, this is what we see you in the offense, this is how I picture you being out there," Shedeur Sanders explained. "Really, it's just taking control of the team."

NOTES: Colorado has sold around 21,000 tickets for the spring game on April 27 at Folsom Field. The Lil Wayne concert that night at CU Events Center is nearly sold out. ... Deion Sanders took offense to a report that he wouldn't want his kids to wind up with several NFL teams. "Whoever did that is a liar and that's stupid," the coach said. "Who was the first one who reported that?" From the doorway, Shilo Sanders cracked, "It was me, Coach."


AP College Football Writer Ralph D. Russo contributed to this report.


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