Game Simulator

The Game Simulator uses advanced algorithms based on many factors (listed below) and artificial intelligence (AI) to determine a winner and final score for a specific game. Las Vegas uses many factors to create betting lines and odds for every game for the public to wager on, the game simulator reverse engineers those same betting lines and odds as well as incorporates other statistical and historical game, sport, and handicapper consensus data to simulate results for each game.


Game Simulator Key Algorithm Factors

  • Live Las Vegas Lines and Betting Odds
  • Historical Lines and Betting Odds
  • Streaks and Betting Trends
  • Historical Team Data and Stats
  • Previous Game Matchups
  • Active and Historical Handicapper Consensus
  • Rivalries and Revenge Factor
  • Team Travel and Rest
  • Key Player Injuries or Suspensions
  • Weather Factor (if applicable)


The Game Simulator also utilizes Machine Learning AI to become more accurate over time. For example with the start of every new season, the Game Simulator establishes a performance baseline and only becomes stronger and more accurate as the season unfolds and more data becomes available. You will notice the game simulation final results become more accurate towards the end of the season compared to the start.


The Game Simulator will also give you free sports picks based on the final simulation results for each game. If there is good value or an oddity in the Las Vegas betting lines or odds, the Game Simulator will expose it without any bias or human element, based strictly numbers.


Please keep in mind that the Game Simulator is not designed to turn a profit nor will it EVER be profitable over time. There could be days, weeks, or even months where the Game Simulator will be profitable but over the long run, the juice that is built into the betting odds slowly generates a profit for the sportsbooks over time and this can NEVER be beaten without proper discipline and strict money management.


The Game Simulator is a valuable handicapping tool to be used to get a general idea on how a game will turn out based purely on the numbers (the same numbers the sportsbooks use to generate the lines and odds) but should not be used with the expectation of long-term profitability.


The Game Simulator is usually available the day before or the morning of each game. The Game Simulator is available for NFL, NCAAF, NBA, NCAAB, MLB, NHL, and Soccer and is 100% free to use.


Simulations are generated using CapperTek's BetAI Simulator API (Algorithm: v6.0.1). Learn more.

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