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New Review Submitted for on 11/23/2021

Claims to be "the goat" of sports betting. Yet I have about a 20% win rate with him, get non stop marketing spam, and under delivers on his services. Don't let this show boater fool you. There's a method to his madness on social media because it works at suckering people in to at least giving his "systems" a go. Once you take that leap of faith, good luck getting any type of refund even when he provides little to no value. He always claims how he doesn't "scam" because he provides picks. Well, while that is technically true, not knowing the packages before purchasing, how they work, what you can expect to bet, how much bankroll you'd actually need to even make up the cost of the package let alone profit, and the spam (oh god the spam) has to be on verge of one of the bigger scams I've ever seen. No explanations on how each package works (all are vastly different) until you actually purchase one. The moment I bought 1 package I was non stop spammed via text, email, and the telegram service...nothing to do with picks, just all about marketing his packages. It has to be the most spam I've EVER gotten, EVER. A basic example to give you an idea of his "WHALE package" as he touts to be the best of the best. It cost me $200, once I finally received some picks and the units to use, it was legit 2 SMALL unit bets that based on my bankroll of $2,000 and following the unit system to keep risk management in check, even if I had WON both bets, I would be -$180 after the package cost (YES AFTER WINNING). I kept thinking there had to be more to it but there wasn't. This was NOT one incident. One bet I got I would have needed to have around a $60,000 bankroll just to break even after factoring in the cost of the package...this needs to be way more transparent and or they need to allow for refunds when you can't even expect to breakeven even while can dream... While he does seem fairly transparent on losing weekends and such (props to him for that and was honestly the reason I gave him a shot), there is just no way you can make his packages worthwhile without a good size bankroll. I could see it working for people with maybe $20,000+ to sports bet with, but other than that you just can't trust his packages to make you anything but put you in the hole. I have around a 20% win rate with him. I honestly can pick more accurately with my own Power Ratings system and will continue to do so from now on while using a simple 3-5% unit system. I'm chalking up all the packages I bought to see how it would pan out as a giant mistake to learn from. Learn how to power rate/rank and create lines on your own, I promise you that you will be way better off than spending a dime on people like this.

I bought the service. All they do is send you 500 marketing messages. Tried to cancel within 24 hours - before any service provided. They said no. First off - this service is horrible. They don't explain the system until you buy - they just tout a stupid track record. Beyond that - when you buy a product - do not receive what you bought - and then request a refund before any service has been performed you should be issued a refund. It was obvious from the start that this service is a total sham - and once I saw that - I requested a refund and was threatened that they would "fight it". Well - businesses like this should be 100% shut down - and their credit card processor should be taken away from them. I issued a process for a charge back - and would never ever recommend signing up or buying anything from this fraud of a human. For $1750 I basically got 500 messages to buy the $5000 a product - this dude is what is wrong with the internet.

Business is deceiving customers and lying to customers to get them to pay for a service that they do not provide. I purchased a package from Vegas Dave that was a special that included 10 whale picks, once purchased Dave sent 2 picks (1 whale & 1 regular) and 8 plays that combined those 2 plays different ways. I immediately contacted them and was told that was the package i delivered. I explained that the package i purchased included 10 whale plays and was $100/whale play (their advertising). i have been communicating with them since and they are not accusing me of Fraud because i am asking for a refund and that the package i received is the package I bought. They are a scam and will lie and cheat to get people to buy these packages. Once you purchase a certain package they will not provide the service. I have attached a photo of the advertising.

Submitted by "topochico" on 11/23/2021

New Review Submitted for on 11/23/2021

Dimers is awesome!

I use Dimers daily to help me make my bets. They offer a lot of great services all for free. Things they offer like betting trends, player props, daily picks, and Quick Picks are very useful to me. Also they have a lot of exclusive promos to new books I have signed up for as well. Couple of pretty cool and informative sports betting podcasts I listen too as well.

Follow them on Twitter at @DimersCom too, a lot of useful info and insights they post there too.

Give a try, you won't be disappointed.

Submitted by "Rogerwilco" on 11/23/2021

New Review Submitted for on 11/20/2021

So cute how the serial con artist has transformed himself into a lovable loud Barstool jackass personality.


Submitted by "StuFeinerVictim" on 11/20/2021

New Complaint Reported for on 11/19/2021

I purchase a seven day access plan and I did'nt receive no access to none of the picks for those 7 days. I tried calling the customer support number it went straight to dial tone as if their contact number was not in service. So yes I got rip off big time. So be very careful with this so called company spend your money at your own risk.

Submitted by "JerryG117" on 11/19/2021

New Review Submitted for on 11/18/2021


Looks like the con artists at "ATS WINS" just got acquired by Raketeck PLC, a public company who trades under the symbol "RAKE.ST", will be interesting to see if regulators will now want to investigate their shady scam business practices used to defraud customers in the USA now that a public company owns them.

Article below:

ATS Wins runs one of the biggest sports tout scams in the USA. They run massive phone rooms where they use high pressure sales tactics to scam people as well as run sophisticated auto monthly charge subscriptions that are a nightmare to cancel to steal peoples money.

Here is an article about the owner and president of ATS Wins (Jordan Runco), and how ATS Consultants as they used to be called used fake betting tickets to scam customers into thinking they actually know what they are talking about or actually turn a profit betting on sports:

He blamed it on a "marketing" error lol YEAH OK! I guess once the sportsbooks saw they were posting fake betting tickets for large sums of money claiming to be bet at their sportsbook, that raised a few flags and the books exposed them! Scammers! How are these guys not in jail? Let alone being acquired and now promoted by a public company?

I had no idea their scam was this BIG! Looks like they run a $8-$9 million dollar a year scam. I know they scammed me out of $10k but this is INSANE!

Submitted by "Alphabrain9" on 11/18/2021

New Review Submitted for on 11/12/2021

Buyer beware. Jaythompson is a joke. Not only is this guy wrong more than he is right. He doesn’t send the picks after payment. 1st round, I pay minutes after his text at 2 pm. 7 pm rolls around and still no picks but games started. He sends the 2 picks for games that haven’t started and goes 1-1. 2nd round, I pay minutes after his text. 4 emails and multiple requests they haven’t replied or sent picks. Complete scam. With so many other options stay far away from this guy. 

Submitted by "Thewah63" on 11/12/2021

New Review Submitted for on 11/11/2021
This bloke hasnt had a profitable day this week. Currently down 5-6 units plus the original cost of the service putting me at a total loss of $1000 already in the first week. Beware people this man is no magician. He does a great job at hyping up his winning days which seem to come rarely. 

Submitted by "Neshetjosh" on 11/11/2021

New Complaint Reported for on 11/10/2021

They have a %90 hit ratio and I know it's my fault. :-) Anyway when I bought tips, ( their hit ratıo drop to %40's. But they didn't change results.(yet) By the time all tipster sites on where I found are simultaneous. They renew at the same time. (new tips. records, etc.) Maybe all the sites owned by the same person or scammer community.

Submitted by "Ashina" on 11/10/2021

New Complaint Reported for on 11/9/2021

I bought tips one of the tipsters! of this site which ıs They have a %90 hit ratio and I know it's my fault. :-) Also their licences are fake for sure. Anyway when I bought tips, ( their hit ratıo drop to %40's. But they didn't change results.(yet) By the time all tipster sites on are simultaneous. They renew at the same time. (new tips. records, etc.) Maybe all the sites owned by the same person or scammer community.

Submitted by "Ashina" on 11/9/2021

New Review Submitted for on 11/7/2021

 These guys are real deal, anyone who wants proof feel free to email me,

I've been with them since 2016 and haven't looked at another service since.

There is the occasional higher lined selection so if you don't have a big enough bankroll to handle it then they aren't for you.

Follow them religiously with a unit scale budget that matches your bankroll and the only thing that's going to piss you off is why you didn't try them sooner.

I have already made my first mil with them and nearing on my second, don't believe me I'll send you proof of bankroll/tickets.

Good Luck to all and hope this helps anyone out there that's been wondering if they are for real or not.



Submitted by "DI2021" on 11/7/2021

New Review Submitted for on 10/29/2021

The best app for Sports Betting! You can follow the best handicappers in the world or place your own picks for free and win a prize $$$ every month! It’s really fun and easy to use. You can also chat in the app and have fun during the games. I’ve been making a lot of money since a joined. Download it you won’t regret!

Submitted by "LMtipster" on 10/29/2021

New Review Submitted for on 10/29/2021

Kingpin is a really great service, they rank the top handicappers. I like companies that do stuff like this and show us which guys are the real deals and which are the frauds.  The best thing is you can see how each handicapper ranks compared to others, follow their picks, and see their betting history.  for $29.99, it's quite the steal.

Submitted by "BigBetsOnNBA" on 10/29/2021

New Review Submitted for on 10/28/2021
bottom level pick service. promises wins if you just stick with them. been using them for over a month and my best day was a 1 unit gain. most days losing 5-15 units. tried football and basketball lock club. don’t use them unless you want to lose money 

Submitted by "timmytot119" on 10/28/2021

New Review Submitted for on 10/26/2021

Ryan Bender Bet $100,000 that Steve Steven's is a FAKE (VIP Sports Las Vegas)

Submitted by "BenderWinsFan" on 10/26/2021

New Review Submitted for on 10/23/2021

I've been following this chick on twitter for a while now, she's nice to look at but when it comes to actual sports betting, she's got no clue what she's talking about.

Simply a piece of ass first hired by wager talk to join Kelly Stewart and then snatched up by yahoo sportsbook to lure in males to click her profile because they want to see or hit on her and then she can push her betting advice and now yahoo sportsbook on them.

Not a bad plan if you ask me but in terms of the actual betting knowledge or winning sports betting advice you are getting from her you may as well flip a coin which is pretty much what I think she does.

You wonder how long they can ride her before people start figuring out she's got no clue.

Piece of ass though! hahaha

Submitted by "Diaryofabetman" on 10/23/2021

New Review Submitted for on 10/22/2021

All these tout radio clowns hide behind the fact they get air time on ESPN or other major networks. This guy is no different.

I heard him pushing his nonsense on the radio so I gave his picks a try for a few weekends and let me tell you for a 100% fact this guy cannot make you money betting on sports despite his nonsense claims of being an expert or whatever on the radio. So don't waste your time and money.

I only paid him a small amount so I could care less about that, but the money I lost betting his shitty picks I can't get that back.

Just because ESPN lets you on the radio at 2am in the morning for god knows what reason (probably because you pay them for that air time), doesn't mean you know shit about betting on sports Joe, your picks suck! Consistently suck!

Submitted by "red909" on 10/22/2021

New Review Submitted for on 10/20/2021

They're legit. Been with them the last 6 months and haven't had a losing month yet.

Submitted by "austinw633" on 10/20/2021

New Review Submitted for on 10/18/2021

I've been a verified member 

of Las Vegas Wise Guys for 

many years and their service 

makes everyone money every 

month. All of their members 

would verify that fact. 

-Keith Buschur 

Submitted by "Buschurjwa" on 10/18/2021

New Review Submitted for on 10/17/2021

Harry Bondi sports not any different than all the scamdicappers out there.Yeah he hit his 5 star in college yesterday but what he does not tell you is he lost his 4 star and split his 3 stars.Last week yeah he hit is 7 star on sunday but lost his 3 stars sunday and monday which is a big losing pro weekend.Also last saturday he lost a lot more than he won.I can say that for practically every weekend this season

Submitted by "cuse1996" on 10/17/2021

New Review Submitted for on 10/14/2021
Found this service on Google. Picks are no good at all. For me they went 2-6 in football pro and college, I have lost a ton of money. Keep getting promises that they will turn it around but they want me to keep spending more money with them. Makes no sense to keep paying them to help me lose money, I can do that very well on my own. I wouldn't recommend this tout at all.

Submitted by "Dcowboys88" on 10/14/2021

New Review Submitted for on 10/14/2021

I have used these guys for 2 years now. Not all of their picks are here and they are much better then what cappertek shows. Jason Larkin also offers DFS and I have cashed big with him in fantasy winning $1,000 or more in 5 straight days. They are a excellent follow on twitter to and hold contests constantly with cash prizes. They post free picks and recaps daily. I use consensus plays which is the best package they offer. 

Submitted by "PcPaul" on 10/14/2021

New Review Submitted for on 10/12/2021
Brent Musburger must be rolling over in his grave with the direction Vsin has gone in the recent years. They used to provide useful information and content to sports bettors but now all they do is push sportsbooks 24/7!! Another example of a company losing their soul to the big corporate machine and selling out their loyal customer base for profit and advertising... what a waste!

Submitted by "sportsbetguru911" on 10/12/2021

New Review Submitted for on 10/9/2021

Best MMA run ever !!

Submitted by "GJtheDJ" on 10/9/2021

New Complaint Reported for on 10/7/2021

Submitted by "destfan07" on 10/7/2021

New Review Submitted for on 9/14/2021
1 and 8 in NFL, 0 and 18 in College Football over that last weekend (11/12/13 Sept 2021) and this guy is a Pro?? I think not. Steer Clear!

Submitted by "kdimke" on 9/14/2021

New Review Submitted for on 9/7/2021
This is 110% a scam. First, they never answer an email. Second, the pick now tip later program is 100% a lie. They send you emails with different levels of certainty and they come up with new names daily with their "Platinum" picks and tell you that you can't have them unless you tip more. Then they send emails out claiming they were winners when in reality they go 2-7 across the board. They give you parlay and round-robin picks and only grade them on winning days. "The Whale" is a cheat. It's a huge marketing scam.

Submitted by "Webman1972" on 9/7/2021

New Review Submitted for on 9/5/2021
I was just reading the review of what the guy posted and how you responded KB Sports can't get mad at a guy that spending his money then how you could have talked to him like that I would spend no money either

Submitted by "Gerroldc" on 9/5/2021

New Review Submitted for on 9/1/2021
Reporting not having cappertek banner on site. Old service who scammed out and created a new website

Submitted by "SeanE123" on 9/1/2021

New Review Submitted for on 8/30/2021
I bought I day pass, paid by PayPal, didn't have access, sent a couple e-mails but now response. Paid for the service and didn't received access to the plays and no contact from the KB Sports

Submitted by "lfelipelucena" on 8/30/2021

New Review Submitted for on 8/26/2021
Nobody wins 60% over long term. Pro cappers who make a living off sports betting hit less than 55% in the long run over thousands of bets. For instance, take a look at Betting Resource, a handicapping service that most bettors overlook because of winning (the hit just 52.7% over period of years and thousands of bets) but grind out excellent profits long term using the 3% compounding strategy to place the bets. Guys like who promise quick richness with game of the years, months, guaranteed winners, 60% or 70% win rate will make you go bust fast and you will be reloading in no time.

Submitted by "VanCanucks" on 8/26/2021

New Review Submitted for on 8/26/2021
Not a good monitor. Handicappers with fake record. Handicappers can pay them to have better position and fake records.

Submitted by "VanCanucks" on 8/26/2021

New Review Submitted for on 8/26/2021
under the radar and overlooked service. good mm. good spreadsheet. good picks. quick responses. if you are patient and like to grind it out this is a service for you.

Submitted by "VanCanucks" on 8/26/2021

New Review Submitted for on 8/26/2021
I rarely pay for touts who runs a site and markets like this guy but because CNBC made a show, I thought maybe I will give it a try. I paid an expensive subscription but only experimented the picks with 10k bankroll. I always experiment first before using bigger bankroll. If the experiment is successful, I go to next stage and increase the bankroll. In this case, the experiment failed miserably. Guy picked 35% and the 10k went bust fast. He tells you to bet 20% or even higher on the picks which was already a red flag but since i paid for the experiment, i followed through. The long term capper that I have been following and winning with (look up "betting resource" if you want to win) bets no more than 3% max bet! The experiment would have been profitable if I had went opposite of his picks! I am guessing the only reason he is in business is because he is pulling new suckers daily because of that CNBC show.

Submitted by "VanCanucks" on 8/26/2021

New Review Submitted for on 8/22/2021
Their Vssg Sharp Group on their website is excellent all around the board but excel in UFC/MMA

Submitted by "MVPMatt" on 8/22/2021

New Review Submitted for on 8/20/2021
Pick Monitor has become a complete joke!

As a long time user, I have witnessed the steady decline of this platform over the years. They changed owners a few years back and when the new owner (Mike) took over, he has completely ruined a once useful and growing platform and has made it basically unusable. When the original owner (Patrick) owned it, there were constant updates and improvements to the site. He always made sure things ran smoothly and users were happy. This new ownership group could care less! Games never get graded, site gets hacked at least once a week, forum is overrun with spam, etc and good luck getting a response when you contact them. I can say after using Pick Monitor for 5 years, I will no longer use it, I am sad that I have 5 years of history on that site that I have to just throw away but I guess it is what it is.

A great shame what has happened to this platform!

Submitted by "Edwardc" on 8/20/2021

New Review Submitted for on 8/16/2021
Man joined a couple weeks ago and it's been an awesome ride! Was so worried about this service being a scam, but it seems like the couple reports saying that have no idea what they are talking about! Up over 150 units in August as these dudes have been fire! No idea where the scam reports come from, these dudes are the REAL DEAL! If this is a scam, I want to be part of this machines picks scam daily lol.

Submitted by "anthonygman" on 8/16/2021

New Review Submitted for on 8/16/2021
Thinks One day free proves that he is good. Texted in for a trial and he gave me 1 day of 3 picks including high juice, went 1-2 then tried to sell me info play or some crap. Nothing but a salesman

Submitted by "Td5588" on 8/16/2021

New Complaint Reported for on 8/15/2021
I'm a scammer, after paying for 1 ladder, they pay me more money after receiving 3 tips and making more money.

Submitted by "nntd3839" on 8/15/2021

New Review Submitted for on 8/15/2021
are scammers they send 3 consecutive losing tips and don't answer

Submitted by "nntd3839" on 8/15/2021

New Review Submitted for on 7/27/2021
I really enjoy this service. I got introduced to it through Johnny Manziel promoting them, and it was one of the best finds I have come across in my sports betting career. The website and the picks are free so there really isn't any risk. They are honest and always post results. Very transparent when they win and lose. All around great service.

Submitted by "jmoney23" on 7/27/2021

New Review Submitted for on 7/27/2021
Stay away from them! They are scammers, period. I bought their 100 Dime Plays Report for 3 days (which they now call the Charter Account). They promised 4-6 picks each day while winning 85% of them. The first day they went 6-0. Great start, so now they pressured me into buying the one-year access for $195. They said it was only available for this day, which was a lie, since you still can buy it for this price today. And then they started losing. Not only that, they are lying about their record. The winning picks that are posted on their website are different from they ones they sent out. In their promotional email they sent out a couple hours ago, they claim they went 6-0 last night. That is not true! The picks the sent out went 2-4. I've been with them for over a month now, their winrate during this time is about 48% with a lot of -120s, -130s. You do the math. They are SCAMMERS!

Submitted by "Mereti" on 7/27/2021

New Review Submitted for on 7/14/2021
Here is an email threat from Joe because a few of his customers have left bad reviews for his service on CapperTek:


On Tue, Jul 13, 2021 at 7:42 PM joe costa wrote:

Fuck off, with your fraud leads and go get a real fucking job fuckfaces !!!

And better take my bostonjoewins website off of your mother fucking website and saying iam a scam ! You guys are a fucking scammers !

I will give you (1) week to take me and my website off of your fraud website or Iam going to have my webmaster build me a sports handicapping lead website with your name cappertek in the domain and have it appear in the Google search about or below your domain and tell everybody who is looking for sports handicapping leads this football season to run from you not walk because you sell (5) year old leads !!! You think Iam. Joking ? Try me, again (1) week or the payback fucking frauds !!


Guy seems like a real class act. Not sure why anyone would ever leave him a bad review.

Submitted by "CapperTek" on 7/14/2021

New Review Submitted for on 7/4/2021
Thanks for the Hawks -150 ML pick last night, great fucking pick! Some real fucking insight there, cost me $10k relying on a bunch of fucking losers taking brainless ML favorites!


Submitted by "Alphabrain9" on 7/4/2021

New Complaint Reported for on 7/1/2021

Stu Feiner: The anatomy of a scam artist...

Submitted by "StuFeinerScam" on 7/1/2021

New Review Submitted for on 6/30/2021
Here's a good podcast where the host explains how sports betting tout services are a total scam, then proceeds to interview one of the biggest scammers in the sports betting tout industry (The Philly Godfather) as if he's a god and makes a joke of scamming people. Makes no sense, but when people tell you who they are, BELIEVE THEM!

Submitted by "momoblues" on 6/30/2021

New Review Submitted for on 6/25/2021


Submitted by "sippymuncy" on 6/25/2021

New Review Submitted for on 6/23/2021

Submitted by "FUCKVEGASDAVE" on 6/23/2021

New Review Submitted for on 6/22/2021
I paid $2 for Ralph Michaels TOP PLAYS claiming he was 82% and I got 3 picks going 0-3 that day. Next day he goes 1-2 on his TOP PLAYS, not sure but I am guessing WagerTalk is making up his 82% and I feel like I got jipped. So the $2 I spent ended up costing me over $2k. Public service announcement: Don't trust the claims, records, and stats on WagerTalk!

Submitted by "mortons9" on 6/22/2021

New Review Submitted for on 6/17/2021
fucking dude gives me two -335 favorites that don't win get the fuck outta here!

Submitted by "peterrr8" on 6/17/2021

New Review Submitted for on 6/8/2021
All high pressure sales tactics, just want to up-sell you on everything and not provide you with what you paid for. They have absolutely ZERO interest in giving you wining picks or making you money. All they want to do is get your money with pushy sales guys and fast talking jabronis. Steer clear of these guys for your own good.

Submitted by "Gobi5" on 6/8/2021

New Review Submitted for on 5/26/2021
con artist to the max, consistent losing picks, his tip sheets blow, I regret dealing with this scammer! he is no "expert" by any means

Submitted by "asn548976" on 5/26/2021

New Review Submitted for on 5/24/2021
Look elsewhere for pick services. Not only do they use pushy, high pressure sales tactics to upsell you, they're lock club in the nba is terrible. Baseball was a slight bit better, but rather than comp me a few extra days of picks to make up for their paltry showings, agent harassed and insulted me. This is not a legitimate or decent business.

Submitted by "Otagg" on 5/24/2021

New Review Submitted for on 5/18/2021
Guy's a total fraud, his picks are complete garbage, takes huge favorites and then doubles down the next day after it loses, you shouldn't waste your time or money with this scammer, he couldn't pick his ass let alone a even money bet! If anyone knows this losers real name or where he lives please post it here, would love to get my hands on this piece of shit!

Submitted by "Bostonjoefraud" on 5/18/2021

New Review Submitted for on 5/12/2021
The Whale releases a ton of picks and wants you to bet them all. During the NCAA tournament he released, over 60 bets on the first 2 days! All rated the same. Stay away!!

Submitted by "boomer1000" on 5/12/2021

New Review Submitted for on 4/25/2021
You're no baseball guru. Stick with hockey!!!!!!

Submitted by "bamafan43" on 4/25/2021

New Review Submitted for on 4/24/2021
Paid this guy $150 for a month of picks. Started out picking 50% the first week so I gave him the benefit of the doubt and stuck with him. Who knew the 50% was going to be the best he could do. The rest of my monthly service guy tanks completely! Ended up going like 40% for the entire month I paid for. Complete fraud. Had the balls to contact me and ask if I wanted to renew! He has other cappers on his site but no way I give any of them a try after what I went through with the guy who owns the service.

"The Philly Fraudfather" would be a more fitting name.

Submitted by "Furio1980" on 4/24/2021

New Review Submitted for on 4/18/2021
hahahaha this jerkoff paper hands Portnoy who is famous for buying high and selling low now wants to tout sports betting picks to his brain dead following! hahaha fucking classic! jerkoff heeb fell ass backwards into millions of dollars and wants to screw people even more with his shitty sports bets and shitty stock and crypto advice fuck off loser hahahaha

Submitted by "Myles1173" on 4/18/2021

New Complaint Reported for on 4/17/2021
tips are very grabage, dont waste you time and money with this tipster all they want it to take your money and give excuse when lose, i pay them over 500$ and they make me lose over 3000$ very rude

Submitted by "Tigresbettor" on 4/17/2021

New Review Submitted for on 4/15/2021
More than legit. This is my 2nd year they are transparent & clear with communicating. They have made a lot of money. Very different than others.

Submitted by "Gillythekid212" on 4/15/2021

New Review Submitted for on 4/15/2021
Anything that is negative about these guys is a lie. Everything transparent and posted. Love y'all been with u for almost 3 years , you got like 50 5 star reviews on trustpilot for a reason.

Submitted by "Gillythekid212" on 4/15/2021

New Complaint Reported for on 4/15/2021
Stay away from this company!!!! Their business model is based on threats of legal action if someone does something they don't like. When I found out I was receiving losing picks I created a page on Action Network where I copied their picks to expose the dangers of wagering on sports. They contacted me and I told them that the purpose of my Action Network page was to expose the truth about their company. They did not believe me and say that their picks are for entertainment purposes only which is a lie. They then threatened legal action when I threatened to sue for negligence and never followed through on pressing charges against me proving that their business model is based on threats. DO NOT PURCHASE ANY PACKAGES FROM THE BOOKSWEEPERS.

Submitted by "ekhakmahd" on 4/15/2021

New Review Submitted for on 4/12/2021
Watch Out - the Guarantee is not really a guarantee to get your money back it is to receive more crappy picks

Submitted by "asnyds24" on 4/12/2021

New Review Submitted for on 4/9/2021
What can I say other than awesome. I was 41k in the red,sports group got me a 50k credit line with a sports book no questions asked, not only did they get me out of the red after my 8th cash payout the book dropped me .Wanted to give a shout out on the sports group awesome picks and betting help,thanks guys

Submitted by "bobbyv34" on 4/9/2021

New Review Submitted for on 4/7/2021
I wish they let you upload pictures so y'all can see these scammers

Submitted by "TronR" on 4/7/2021

New Review Submitted for on 4/7/2021

Submitted by "TronR" on 4/7/2021

New Review Submitted for on 4/6/2021
Hands down the best football prediction site on the Internet! I use the BTTS Tips and the WinDrawWin tips daily. I know many people that have made a lot of money from their Correct Score Tips as well. Very advanced system.

Submitted by "adzeds" on 4/6/2021

New Review Submitted for on 4/5/2021
You know when you are kid and your mom tells you if you don't have
anything good to say about someone, don't say anything at all. So...

Submitted by "Wazi75" on 4/5/2021

New Review Submitted for on 4/3/2021
John Kent promise a big game I zelle him $4000 to put on his private account website for me to bet it he never gave me a game just took my money no I call or text ‼️I have screenshot & all is u think I'm lien‼️

Submitted by "TronR" on 4/3/2021

New Review Submitted for on 4/2/2021
More than legit. This is my 2nd year they are transparent & clear with communicating. They have made a lot of money. Very different than others.

Submitted by "Sstoll" on 4/2/2021

New Review Submitted for on 3/27/2021
I paid $250 for 7 days of his VIP picks last week he goes 2 for 7 during the 7 days. Need I say more? That's my review, that's it.

Submitted by "EddieSmiley12" on 3/27/2021

New Review Submitted for on 3/25/2021
This clown's still around? Holy shit! He's been scamming people since the early 90's. I remember living in NY back then and this clown was pulling his shit and even got fined 13k by New York City Department of Consumer Affairs, little SI news snippet from back then below:


Ripoffs Rule the Roost, Exhibit B: The Source, a sports-adviser service in Farmingdale, N.Y., owned by Stu Feiner, who also owns a few 900 call-in lines. Exhibit C is Feiner's brother-in-law, the aforementioned Kevin Duffy, perhaps the nation's most prominent adviser, who became famous for running ads that said, "I will go 7-0 for you today, absolutely free." Too bad "absolutely free" meant you first had to sign up for a month's service at $350. Then, if Duffy didn't go 7-0 in the first week, you got the next month free. Duffy, who operates out of Massapequa, Long Island, also claimed to be no worse than 75% right, ever. Yet when his picks were audited by the Sports Monitor of Oklahoma City, one of the rare legitimate monitors (among the dozens of such outfits that purport to keep tabs on the performance of tout services), he never fared better than 58.8% in any regular football season between 1985 and '88, and he sank as low as 39.7% for his college picks in '87. Eventually the Sports Monitor refused to monitor Duffy because of his "deceptive ad practices."

Feiner agreed to be monitored by SI for four weeks in September. To his credit, he unfailingly gave us his choices. To his discredit, Feiner went 19-32, a 37% win rate, and lost us an imaginary $6,210 based on $100 per unit (box, left). During that same period, we were anonymously calling Feiner's 800 number, where, curiously, he claimed to be cleaning up. On Sept. 23, for instance, after Feiner had gone 3-11 for the week on his picks for SI, bringing his record for us to 11-25, one of his shills, Kenny Leeds, said in response to our anonymous call, "This week I [moaning the company] went 3-0, the week before, I was 3-1." On Oct. 3, after Feiner had gone 7-7 for the weekend, we again called anonymously and got another Feiner salesman, Larry Marco. "This past weekend, we swept the board," Marco said. Then Leeds called back. "This kid Feiner is making betting history," he said. Yeah, so did Art Schlichter.

Feiner was fined $13,000 in February 1990 by the New York City Department of Consumer Affairs for false and misleading advertising, yet he sent out a promotional brochure last month that reported a "1991 documented record college and pro: 9-3." Knowing Feiner's record as we did, we asked him how he could say this. "That's what I had the first week," he said, "before you started documenting me." Fine. That would've been the weekend of Aug. 31-Sept. 2. The booklet, however, was dated Sept. 19-Oct. 7, 1991.


I can't believe he's still allowed to scam people 30 years later? No accountability?

Submitted by "runninrebel1967" on 3/25/2021

New Review Submitted for on 3/24/2021
picks friggin suck!!! you better off picking your own shit, these losers gonna do nuttin but put you in debt

Submitted by "LambomanNY" on 3/24/2021

New Review Submitted for on 3/21/2021
I paid these scumbags $12 for a daily membership and they lost, so I told them thanks but no thanks, then all the sudden a week later all kinds of suspicious transactions on my debit card, these cocksuckers are def. taking your cc info and selling it!

Submitted by "MikeyTell13" on 3/21/2021

New Review Submitted for on 3/18/2021
Purchased a few of the "expert" handicappers plays they promote like Steve Merril and Dave Cokin who both claim 80% or bettor ROI's on the site. My daughter could've given me better picks! I lost so much money with the plays given to me it's not even funny. How are these guys experts? Please explain WagerTalk.

Submitted by "Fredrupp82" on 3/18/2021

New Review Submitted for on 3/16/2021
I can sum up this service and the people who run it in 4 simple words: SCAMMERS SCAMMERS SCAMMERS SCAMMERS

Submitted by "ROIchaser7" on 3/16/2021

New Review Submitted for on 3/15/2021

Submitted by "rlp5592" on 3/15/2021

New Complaint Reported for on 3/14/2021
damn I wish I looked this scumbag up 2 months ago before I paid him what a crook

Submitted by "kenob1" on 3/14/2021

New Review Submitted for on 3/14/2021
Heard their radio ad so decided to give it a try. I fell for the scam!

They gave me a free pick and it won. Then I fell for their up-sell scam and paid them a pretty penny for a week worth of picks. Of course they go 3-11 and I lose my entire bankroll, about $15k.

I requested a refund to at least make up for a very small portion of my losses and they basically told me to kick rocks. I cannot believe I fell for this shit.

I will be contacting the Better Business Bureau to report this as well, the BS claims on their website are all a lie and should not be legal.

Submitted by "mightymarco" on 3/14/2021

New Review Submitted for on 3/3/2021
This guy is the biggest scam artist in the business. Every single thing he states on his website is complete bullshit. Every tweet, insta post, video he puts out is void of any truth and fully fabricated for one singular goal: *** TO STEAL YOUR MONEY***. One of the best scam artists on the planet, tout or otherwise. But hey, It's Vegas Dave!

Submitted by "nolifetilleather" on 3/3/2021

New Review Submitted for on 2/27/2021
This guy sucks!!! You should make him refund money!!!!!

Submitted by "dljace" on 2/27/2021

New Complaint Reported for on 2/8/2021
Brian at Executive sportsline is not telling the truth on his records and has chosen to leave out the 2020 year of sports.His picks in 2020 were pathetic so he has chosen to omit the year

Submitted by "Elmo1957" on 2/8/2021

New Review Submitted for on 2/8/2021
Brian at Executive has chosen not to include the 2020 season to his RECORDS that he post on his website. No Baseball No Hoops No Football The only thing he has chosen to post was his 2 football locks of the year which was Nevada in college football and Arizona Cardinals in the NFL. This being said I think he should be publicly announced as cheat in the publishing business.This cannot be allowed to happen. New clients will be cheated of the service's records in his false advertising or lack of it.

Submitted by "Elmo1957" on 2/8/2021

New Complaint Reported for on 2/5/2021
Could possibly be a smart scam coz as soon as you buy tips from a tipster who is experiencing 18 or 20 winning streaks, the bought tips start to loose including their replacement tips which is itself a Red Flag. And the moment they stop offering you replacement tips, the said tipster starts experiencing winning streaks. Another problem is that very few people buy the tips which could be the reason why tips which have not been bought but lost are changed to winning before being posted creating the impression that they are professionals.

Submitted by "Aotieno" on 2/5/2021

New Review Submitted for on 2/5/2021
We are a group of individuals who have decided to check whether Bigtipster is a scam or not. At face value, they initially look genuine. We recently subscribed and bought some tips from one of their best Tipsters but to our surprise, the said tipster lost on that tip. They again gave replacement tips thrice with which also lost subsequently. I think to avoid embarrassment, they decided to refund our Credits which we also could not withdraw. And as soon as they stopped replacement of the tips, the tipster began to win again. This was a very big red flag. Another thing is if you check Alexa website for data on this site, you will find that the number of people visiting the site keeps falling since it was founded in 2014, and now the count barely reaches 200 visitors every day which is very minute for a website which claims to offer tips which win consistently. But we are very close to expose Bigtipster officially as a Bigtipster scam.

Submitted by "Aotieno" on 2/5/2021

New Review Submitted for on 2/4/2021
Fucking trash

Submitted by "akfuller" on 2/4/2021

New Review Submitted for on 1/29/2021
You are pathetic!!!
No more from

Submitted by "dljace" on 1/29/2021

New Review Submitted for on 1/28/2021
No one ever knows what time these picks come out! No consistency

Submitted by "dljace" on 1/28/2021

New Review Submitted for on 1/14/2021
This is the first time I've ever left a positive review for sports handicapping service. Question James and nationwide sports investments are a class act. I tried the 21 day all sports Promo and within those 21 days I started with a $250 bankroll And I currently I'm sitting on almost $6000. Can't wait to extend my membership for the rest of the season.

Submitted by "Tsirico52" on 1/14/2021

New Review Submitted for on 1/8/2021
I have used this man for quite a while now. I can honestly say that I have never seen anything like this service at making picks for all different sports. I started out making $50 bets, and now am betting $500 per game. I paid him for one year upfront and I made that money back the very day I paid for it! I am sure there are some really good experts on this site and I have used many on the web, but never have I had someone like him at making picks and I will never use someone else as long as he is around, hopefully a very long time! Thanks for the new boat I was able to buy last week! I made that money in just 9 weeks off him! I even tipped him a grand last month! Very good man he is. Try him and I will vouch that you wont go back to your old expert.

Submitted by "Randydensmoresmoney" on 1/8/2021

New Review Submitted for on 12/29/2020
Used "Jay" or some idiot that works for this site for about 9 months. Complete scam. Started off doing alright but went down hill. he was always asking for more money for more guaranteed profits that never came. Ended up down big and he didn't even realize it. Said he's getting new information and will bounce back but kept sending more losers. STAY AWAY!

Submitted by "Thunder21" on 12/29/2020

New Review Submitted for on 11/15/2020
Hell of a first day. No wonder you were the special of the day. You need to drop picking NFL games and stick to college. But I'm sure once I take your college pics you won't hit those either

Submitted by "bamafan43" on 11/15/2020

New Review Submitted for on 11/8/2020
scam!! been calling them for 2-months now asking to speak with kenny white as I have a huge bankroll and what to get the "expert advice" direct from the horses mouth but I have been given the run around I dont even think kenny white knows they are using his name for this business complete scam!

Submitted by "Espiritconti" on 11/8/2020

New Review Submitted for on 11/4/2020
AVOID if you say something negative on Twitter or direct message them they will block you , DREADFUL AVOID

Submitted by "Stymie123" on 11/4/2020

New Review Submitted for on 11/4/2020
I have been with these scammers for awhile As the saying goes theyhave " more lies than a GolfCourse" They have lost 5 Sundays In a row and the always boast how they have a winning % Although their BOMB plays are excellent , otherwise they are garbage in all sports . They have buried me avoid

Submitted by "Stymie123" on 11/4/2020

New Review Submitted for on 11/4/2020
I paid for Stu's football picks last weekend for both college and pro's, he went 0-5 on Saturday and 1-4 on Sunday. I checked his site (and went through his videos) and I do not see any reference to the 9 losing picks he gave me and now he does not respond to my emails. I only decided to buy his picks in the first place because of all the winning he claims he does on his site and videos.

I have no idea how Barstool gives this huckster a platform to scam people? I'm going to contact my bank to dispute the charges and get my money back so I'm not worried there, but how can this type of open and blatant scamming going on? I'm sure I'm not the only one.

Submitted by "Merrymeee" on 11/4/2020

New Complaint Reported for on 11/2/2020
Paid for their "auto pick" service for a year. They stopped offering the service after 2 months. They said they wouldn't refund my money until my year subscription expired and claimed they didn't have the money on hand at the moment. My membership expired over a month ago. I have messaged them on IG every day for the last month. They are intentionally ignoring all messages and removed me from following them.

Also, the numbers they claim on the site are fluffed. Don't give these cowards a dime. They won't make you any money either.

Submitted by "mscheidl" on 11/2/2020

New Review Submitted for on 10/31/2020
Regarding my previous post, it turned out to be a system error on their part. They fixed my subscription. Hopefully, the seller will forgive me for making this complaint.

Submitted by "Ipkiss" on 10/31/2020

New Review Submitted for on 10/30/2020
such scammers, they always give out losing picks and do not keep track of their shitty records now they have their own sportsbook they push on customers with their shitty picks so they profit off the losses now too lol un-freakin-real

Submitted by "texasgambler222" on 10/30/2020

New Complaint Reported for on 10/23/2020
they are a much of scammers,bought a weeks package have never recieved any picks

Submitted by "benfica2020" on 10/23/2020

New Review Submitted for on 10/23/2020
this is the first time dealing with 3picks,i bough a weeks package to try out i paid them thru pay pal,they have not active my menbership acount or call me ,my first im pression is that they are big time crocks

Submitted by "benfica2020" on 10/23/2020

New Review Submitted for on 10/21/2020
I join the machine for every one of their "hammer" picks that they do every few months. I go big on these and their record is very good.

I have won 5 straight and 9 out of the last 10 with them. I will continue to buy these big picks.

Submitted by "Patstewart1" on 10/21/2020

New Review Submitted for on 10/19/2020
All fellow canadians please stay away from this sites . They tell you they will give you matching bonus then you rollover 16 times well i added 100 dollars rs then i rolled over after a week and 3 days i met the rollover requirment and i wanted to cash out they ask for all infornation i gave it to them . After a day they came and said i cheated all my bet was placed and accepted i lost alot but manage to 1000 they refuse to pay and refunded my 100 . Dont waste your time with this site they are a big fraud be warned

Submitted by "Kingslove113" on 10/19/2020

New Review Submitted for on 10/16/2020
TRASH PICKS!!! If you're looking to spend money on a capper, make absolutely sure it is not this one!! Completely horrible picks. Anyone that picks the under in Arkansas St./Georgia St. does absolutely NO research and could care less about the picks they offer their customers. Just look at the history. It speaks for itself!

Submitted by "Uncleb98" on 10/16/2020

New Review Submitted for on 10/10/2020
0-3, tried to feed me a line that if I wanted better picks I had to pay more. Keep in mind this is right after he said these were his personal picks and to hit them hard. Tried to argue he was really 1-1 on the second 2 picks, but giving me the one winner, 1/2 through the second quarter doesn't count.

Submitted by "Rockpark" on 10/10/2020

New Review Submitted for on 10/10/2020
if you are buying picks from anyone else you are simply wasting your money.i have been tracking and betting with this guy since feburary and since then his winning percentage has not dropped below 73 percent. i have never seen or heard of anyone in my life who can do that. for a couple of months he was at 85 percent and he very rarely has a losing week. with him its like having a job and getting paid every week but never having to go in to work. i hope he lives forever.

Submitted by "booboo" on 10/10/2020

New Review Submitted for on 10/7/2020
Probably the best overall handicapper I have ever subscribed to. Has won in every sport and I turned 5 dimes into 25 dimes. MLB and football is unbelievable. A+.

Submitted by "Johnwallace" on 10/7/2020

New Review Submitted for on 10/5/2020
I contacted this guy on Twitter. I was down and I owed my bookie several thousand dollars Sunday morning I was in a panic. I basically had no money to buy any pics however I have been following him on Twitter for a while. He gave me an NFL pick. Cleveland Browns money line +265 over Dallas. Great hit! He gave me Lakers under 220 great hit -110 also he did not hide behind an email he gave me his phone number I talk to him for at least an hour and a half he walked me through systems that I never even knew existed I have to say at the end of the day this was money well spent. If you're looking for somebody who knows his craft and is an honest person in my opinion this guy is tops will definitely be buying more pics.

Submitted by "rickymejia" on 10/5/2020

New Complaint Reported for on 9/28/2020
Complete scam and horseshit picks. Even the betting joes act on better data than this guy. Don't get roped in to the marketing, hype and big talk. This guy knows nothing beyond the average oddsmaker, but often sells up 'inside information' in order to dupe bettors into wagering over their heads in attempts to selfishly move the lines. He's a complete sham and should be indicted for grand larceny or some equivalent felony.

Submitted by "Jmd449" on 9/28/2020

New Complaint Reported for on 9/28/2020
Complete scam and horseshit picks. Even the betting joes act on better data than this guy. Don't get roped in to the marketing, hype and big talk. This guy knows nothing beyond the average oddsmaker, but often sells up 'inside information' in order to dupe bettors into wagering over their heads in attempts to selfishly move the lines. He's a complete sham and should be indicted for grand larceny or some equivalent felony.

Submitted by "Jmd449" on 9/28/2020

New Review Submitted for on 9/18/2020

I purchased a season subscription for $500 from one of their handicappers, Top Vegas Totals, on 9/12/2020. My subscription was working for a few days until yesterday on 9/17/2020 when they deleted my subscription for no reason. I contacted them on their website only to get an error message. I even sent an e-mail to their e-mail address listed on their website to fix this problem. But they won't respond. I have no choice but to file a chargeback at my bank since PayPal doesn't refund their customers regarding gambling products.

It's operated by All of the handicappers listed are scams:

It's nothing but a TOTAL SCAM! Very unethical practice. STAY AWAY!

Submitted by "Ipkiss" on 9/18/2020

New Complaint Reported for on 9/17/2020
watch out people dont waste your money this is the biggest scam company i ever saw they dont care if you ever make a profit.they have youtube videos they lose more then they win but they never tell you that they always say they have a winning week when they dont go ahead pay them but just so you know i warned you.

Submitted by "tony402" on 9/17/2020

New Review Submitted for on 9/11/2020

Submitted by "AllenZ" on 9/11/2020

New Review Submitted for on 9/9/2020
Couldn't be happier with the picks! $$$$$$

Submitted by "benniedajet" on 9/9/2020

New Review Submitted for on 9/1/2020
The best picks and parlays I have ever seen from a handicapper. Customer service is great too, send picks directly to your phone via telegram app, send halftimes, send live bets, send pre games, send all kinds and make sure you actually make money. Will never use another capper again, they do all sports and all types of picks. Best capper I have ever found.

Submitted by "lukassilva3501" on 9/1/2020

New Review Submitted for on 8/14/2020
Best Handicapper I have ever seen!!! Record on here doesnt do him true justice. He is even better than his record even though his record is incredible on here. If you want a good service. Scoutspicks is your man. Period.

Submitted by "Aytenkiles1961" on 8/14/2020

New Review Submitted for on 8/12/2020
ScoutPicks Hits it Over the Fence Again! Every Capper has a rough day sometimes more, but a Professional/Bill has what it takes for an immediate come back. Bill has such a competitive spirit and edge, you can tell he's got his own money on the line along side yours. My Opinion, If You Need To Ask For A Free Day, This Business Is NOT For You. This is a Big Boyz Business, Pay Your Way and You Will Be Rewarded overall. Bill puts in the endless time and effort and it shows, cause we're Winning!!

Submitted by "kbBrody8833" on 8/12/2020

New Review Submitted for on 8/7/2020
This guy is probably the most consistent at picking winners I've seen in the 20+ years I've been betting on sports! The streaks he goes on are simply unprecedented! Even when he loses, you always feel like you are in the game! He spends countless hours doing his research on these selections and his hard work certainly shows in the results he produces! In an industry made up of mostly sleazeballs whose only mission is to try and rob you blind and who don't know the first thing about how to pick winners consistently, it has been refreshing to find a guy like Bill. Other cappers should learn from him. Anybody who is serious about winning long terms should try him out. You won't be disappointed!!

Submitted by "Styx1977" on 8/7/2020

New Review Submitted for on 8/5/2020
Bill/ScoutsPicks Is A Straight Forward, Honest, Fair Handicapper, which we all know is unheard of But It's True. Best of All He Wins! No Gouging or Up Selling Bull.

Submitted by "kbBrody8833" on 8/5/2020

New Review Submitted for on 8/5/2020
Jack is honest with his picks and advice- and most importantly, FREE! He had nine straight winning weeks from January to the Pandemic. NINE WEEKS! His YouTube videos are short and concise, but this guy consistently wins! He doesn't charge for picks, and gives you his best picks. He doesn't bullshit with his picks, he'll tell you reasons for and against different games. And- he preaches money management. Can't go wrong with this guy. I've been a subscriber to his YouTube channel since it's launch in February, and it's been a real moneymaker.

Submitted by "Section330" on 8/5/2020

New Review Submitted for on 7/25/2020

Submitted by "catlover" on 7/25/2020

New Review Submitted for on 7/23/2020
Out of 4 services I purchased for 365 days, this is the ONLY one that honestly made me any money. PLUS 244.14 units. +2.38%

Submitted by "usa67us" on 7/23/2020

New Review Submitted for on 7/23/2020
Had this service for 365 days, here are the results: minus 628.99 units, yep, you heard it right, minus 628.99 units.

Submitted by "usa67us" on 7/23/2020

New Review Submitted for on 7/23/2020
Had this service for 365 days, one year. Total = minus 31.21 units.

Submitted by "usa67us" on 7/23/2020

New Review Submitted for on 7/23/2020
I bought this service for 365 days, (one year) here are my results after that time:
minus 495.09 units.

Submitted by "usa67us" on 7/23/2020

New Review Submitted for on 7/23/2020
Been with machine since being of quarantine (damn coronavirus!). Their KBO picks have been out of this world! We just won 18 straight days in July so I had to come on here to give them props! MLB is back today so hoping it will be more of the same winning!!

Great handicappers with great customer service.

Submitted by "genebuitw" on 7/23/2020

New Review Submitted for on 7/8/2020
Will lose your whole bankroll with them.

Submitted by "johndough202020" on 7/8/2020

New Review Submitted for on 6/20/2020
my friend this is my first time going with you but i have been following you and you are very good. you have a steady customer from here on in. keep it up.

Submitted by "booboo" on 6/20/2020

New Review Submitted for on 3/18/2020
this eatontown, nj faggot stole $2k from me and then disappeared now he popped up with a new site but the same ole "5 star" scam shit his old site was, now this new one, at least change your name completely you scamming cocksucker, i'll be in nj real soon and gonna be looking for you pussy, you scammed the wrong guy. 5 STAR SCAMMER YOUR FUCKING PICKS SUCK A MONKEY THROWING DARTS CAN MAKE BETTER SPORTS PICKS THAN YOU FAGGOT!!

Submitted by "fivestarFAGGOT" on 3/18/2020

New Review Submitted for on 4/20/2020
Owes me 1k.

Submitted by "Tikihut" on 4/20/2020

New Review Submitted for on 3/27/2020
They done pick game that can be bet on. Terrible my own fault

Submitted by "esween11" on 3/27/2020

New Review Submitted for on 3/6/2020
Trash picks! Save your money!!

Submitted by "Uncleb98" on 3/6/2020

New Review Submitted for on 3/5/2020
2/26/20 went 0/5
2/27/20 went 2/2
2/28/20 went 0/1
2/29/20 went 0/6
3/1/20 went 1/2
This guy does not post his losses

Submitted by "Simba12" on 3/5/2020

New Review Submitted for on 2/17/2020
I dont know how you can call yourself a professional capper with a record you posted in the last month. Really disappointed.

Submitted by "jeffm22551" on 2/17/2020

New Review Submitted for on 2/13/2020
I need to update a review I made on 11/6/19, this service was at -161.9 units at the time, since then it is much improved so I feel obligated to point this out. As of today it is at +169.07 units, continues to do well. Thank-you.

Submitted by "usa67us" on 2/13/2020

New Review Submitted for on 2/13/2020
Signed up for 365 days of service on 04/24/19, as of today 02/13/20 I am at -394.87 units. Would not recommend this service.

Submitted by "usa67us" on 2/13/2020

New Review Submitted for on 2/6/2020
Worst service ever!!! hit less than 30% over 8 weeks!!! DO NOT BE FOOLED!!! Tommy is a nice guy but their picks are CRAP! Want to make money go against every one of their picks!!!!

Submitted by "Wiggly2010" on 2/6/2020

New Review Submitted for on 2/4/2020
Been with these guys on and off for years now. Seems like the bad comments you see are about people who have no bankroll management and can't weather a bad run. No matter what capper you are with and how good they are, bad runs happen. Been doing this a long time and you see way too many people going broke because they bet way too much of their bankroll per game.

Machine has 10 units as most of their plays, that DOES NOT mean bet 10% of your bankroll. Units are just how these cappers track their results uniformly since every one has different bet sizes.

I have been profitable EVERY year I've been with Machine. Stick with the system and you'll make money.

Submitted by "CapperTracker5" on 2/4/2020

New Review Submitted for on 1/31/2020
Complete gargage. Don't even waste your time and money taking their free offer.

Submitted by "trainerron" on 1/31/2020

New Review Submitted for on 1/21/2020
Be careful with these guys. They will give you the first pick which will win inevitably but that's the hook. They will then try and convince you to join the lock club, which will do ok for a few days before it goes downhill. Lastly, they will try to up-sell you once again on an "exclusive" high bettors club, which is probably the worst of them all. I've been putting every pick into a spreadsheet, and I am currently -76 units since November 1st. I doubt I will recoup my initial investment, let alone make a profit. Stay away!

Submitted by "haffadash02" on 1/21/2020

New Review Submitted for on 1/17/2020
I have had offshoreinsiders with joe duffy for 2 year Last years college and nba, he sucked. Cost me 25,000 and that includes what I won in nfl. I tried again this year late nfl and college fb and stuck 20,000k

The guy is a loser and always brags on his site, DO NOT USE

Submitted by "Patsfan2019" on 1/17/2020

New Review Submitted for on 1/15/2020
OddsCrowd isn't a capper as such, they're a pick marketplace. I've been adding my picks in there for the last three months. The service is exceptional. It tracks and ranks performance over time, allows users to buy and sell their picks. There are also really juicy free fantasy betting contests they have up on site. Can't recommend highly enough!

Submitted by "PeterCole" on 1/15/2020

New Review Submitted for on 12/23/2019
Talked to Jay on Saturday 12/21/19. Was looking for my "guaranteed profit" picks. He said he was having trouble with the link to those picks so he'll give me his personal picks. Gave me 3 picks. FAU under, Rams under, Pistons on the ML. 0-3! Not one of the games was even close! Said he'd talk to me on Sunday. Guess that only meant if he'd won. Went ghost! All I'll say is buyer beware!! I learned a big lesson.

Submitted by "Uncleb98" on 12/23/2019

New Review Submitted for on 12/16/2019
This is a sports handicapping service. When they first call you, they tell you everything that you want to hear... "We have won 8 in a row..." blah blah blah. Then they hit you hard, I mean like a seasoned car salesman, with sales calls for to buy you their services. They sell hockey, NBA, NCAA, NCAAF and NFA handicapping services and obviously charge you upfront for their picks. What they don't tell you is that after you buy one sport service, they call you literally the next day and start the pressure selling again. Selling you hard "we are 10-2 in basketball last week, but you only got on board with Football and our basketball service is another $4,500 for the season..." or something of that nature. They literally squeeze every penny out of you in every possible sport that they can. If you make a partial payment with them and a remainder payment is due, they will make you buy every one of their other services (that you haven't purchased yet) in order to hit that mark, or they will say "we need you to purchase Hockey, NBA and NCAA for us to hit that $10K we promised to make you this season...). And if you tell them you don't want advice in that particular sport, you get called names like "Cheapskate", 'Idiot", "Looser", "Fucking Moron" and etc. These guys will swear and disrespect you on the phone until you buy all of their services. Yes, they had one good week that they gave me winner in, but the unprofessional, disrespecting and insulting tone of their reps is simply nauseating. You have many options with handicappers out there, don't make the mistake like I did of using KW Consultants.

Submitted by "max2evans" on 12/16/2019

New Review Submitted for on 12/13/2019
order daily package off there website it says u will get picks imediatly after purchase that didnt happen had a big stop sign that says u must call first to get picks after already spending my money then a rude guy answers phone trys to upsell u 100 dollor picks then gets pissed and hangs up on u when u dont purchase I NEVER GOT PICKS STAY AWAY FROM THESE SCAMMERS

Submitted by "kbird" on 12/13/2019

New Review Submitted for on 12/10/2019
Teaser is a solid young handicapper. Still learning the game but has made me over 12,000 since joining. He's really good with 6pt and 10pt teasers. Straight I'd say he's 55%. Overall love the guy, fast replies on Instagram too!

Submitted by "Jimbo101" on 12/10/2019

New Review Submitted for on 12/1/2019
I dont know what two months your talking about. I have them at 65-50-3 since 6 Oct and they are in the minus column in Cappertek.

Submitted by "jeffm22551" on 12/1/2019

New Review Submitted for on 11/11/2019
10/31 1-1 11/2 3-7-1 11/3 1-3 11/4 0-3 11/7 0-1 11/8 1-2 11/9 3-10 11/10 2-4 Does not post accurate records on his website. Should be banned or told he needs to post accurate information on his website and not mislead potential customers

Submitted by "Simba12" on 11/11/2019

New Review Submitted for on 11/10/2019
ihave had the football lock club for over a month and they have not had 1 winning day don't believe their hype they don't know what they are doing and there isn't enough time left in the year for them to get winner. do your self a favor and have a 6 year old girl pick the games, she couldn't do any worse

Submitted by "Happy" on 11/10/2019

New Review Submitted for on 11/9/2019
Once again fails to post a losing pick on his website even though the pick on here lost Very dishonest handicapper

Submitted by "Simba12" on 11/9/2019

New Review Submitted for on 11/8/2019
Does not keep his web site updated with correct win/losses He only puts winners rarely list all of his winners Missing a 4 day stretch of a very bad losing streak. Just acts like it never happened

Submitted by "Simba12" on 11/8/2019

New Review Submitted for on 11/7/2019
Went 3-7-1
Nothing posted on his website



PICK MADE ON 11/2/2019 AT 8:56 AM EST
PICK GRADED ON 11/2/2019 AT 4:18 PM EST


[report pick]


PICK: NEBRASKA -3.5 (-118)

PICK MADE ON 11/2/2019 AT 10:12 AM EST
PICK GRADED ON 11/2/2019 AT 4:38 PM EST


[report pick]


PICK: AKRON +4 (-106)

PICK MADE ON 11/2/2019 AT 8:59 AM EST
PICK GRADED ON 11/2/2019 AT 6:27 PM EST


[report pick]


PICK: UNLV +7 (-104)

PICK MADE ON 11/2/2019 AT 9:08 AM EST
PICK GRADED ON 11/2/2019 AT 8:51 PM EST


[report pick]


PICK: TCU +2.5 (-108)

PICK MADE ON 11/2/2019 AT 9:15 AM EST
PICK GRADED ON 11/2/2019 AT 9:05 PM EST


[report pick]


PICK: KANSAS +5.5 (-106)

PICK MADE ON 11/2/2019 AT 9:50 AM EST
PICK GRADED ON 11/2/2019 AT 8:51 PM EST


[report pick]



PICK MADE ON 11/2/2019 AT 9:03 AM EST
PICK GRADED ON 11/3/2019 AT 12:00 AM EST


[report pick]


PICK: TENNESSEE -13 (-111)

PICK MADE ON 11/2/2019 AT 9:11 AM EST
PICK GRADED ON 11/2/2019 AT 11:17 PM EST


[report pick]



PICK MADE ON 11/2/2019 AT 6:58 PM EST
PICK GRADED ON 11/2/2019 AT 11:13 PM EST

- - - - -

[report pick]


PICK: BYU +3.5 (-117)

PICK MADE ON 11/2/2019 AT 9:05 AM EST
PICK GRADED ON 11/3/2019 AT 2:44 AM EST


[report pick]

10:05 PM EST NBA


PICK MADE ON 11/2/2019 AT 6:58 PM EST
PICK GRADED ON 11/3/2019 AT 2:11 AM EST


[report pick]

Submitted by "Simba12" on 11/7/2019

New Review Submitted for on 11/7/2019
3 losers nothing posted on his website 11/4/2019 7:35 PM EST NBA NEW ORLEANS PELICANS VS. BROOKLYN NETS PICK: NEW ORLEANS PELICANS +4 (-106) RISK: 11 UNITS CHAT PICK MADE ON 11/4/2019 AT 6:42 PM EST PICK GRADED ON 11/4/2019 AT 11:00 PM EST -11.00 [report pick] 11/4/2019 8:05 PM EST NBA HOUSTON ROCKETS VS. MEMPHIS GRIZZLIES PICK: MEMPHIS GRIZZLIES +5.5 (-103) RISK: 11 UNITS CHAT PICK MADE ON 11/4/2019 AT 6:42 PM EST PICK GRADED ON 11/4/2019 AT 11:30 PM EST -11.00 [report pick] 11/4/2019 8:15 PM EST NFL DALLAS COWBOYS VS. NEW YORK GIANTS PICK: NEW YORK GIANTS +6.5 (-109) RISK: 11 UNITS CHAT PICK MADE ON 11/4/2019 AT 7:56 PM EST PICK GRADED ON 11/5/2019 AT 12:34 AM EST -11.00

Submitted by "Simba12" on 11/7/2019

New Review Submitted for on 11/6/2019
I do not know what happened here, but this once really good service has gone south, fast. Now at -161.9 units, was at over 400+ when I purchased for 365 days of service. Whatever handicapper there that left, they need to get him or her back.

Submitted by "usa67us" on 11/6/2019

New Review Submitted for on 10/20/2019
They'll put up plays right before they start or 2am on golf that's bout start with out a heads up and say o well when you can't put the plays in after you have spend thousands of dollars

Submitted by "Jordanbmw20" on 10/20/2019

New Review Submitted for on 10/20/2019
Picks are terrible said the normal price for the allstar package he said is 15k but gave me 3 months for 8k its already been 2 months and I've lost money and all they can say is oh well stay away from these crooks

Submitted by "Jordanbmw20" on 10/20/2019

New Complaint Reported for on 10/19/2019
I used this service last year, I spent over $6000 dollars for information that was fifty percent accurate, they continued to constantly ask for more money on top of what was already paid for , to get there pick of the week that was only for there platinum players, the high pressure sales guy became increasingly aggressive and Nauseating to the point that it was no longer a fun thing to do, so many games they claim to give you as winners but that information had to be paid for and never was given.the main games were west coast college games and very few nfl, I recommend to stay away from this site as being not professional with poor staff that cared only about filling there own pockets with there consumers money

Submitted by "Rogiet" on 10/19/2019

New Review Submitted for on 10/11/2019
I been a user of for a month now. I have been betting $125 per play and in the past 30 days I have been up $2375.75 . They usually text plays within a few hours of the game. I never needed to speak to their customer service but they are always updating members on social media. Their price is very reasonable compared to other handicappers. They don't call you trying to sell anything like others do. Really impressed with their overall company, from the picks to the great updates on twitter.

Submitted by "reneewilcox" on 10/11/2019

New Review Submitted for on 10/10/2019
I've been using them for about 2 years and have been consistently hitting about 60% a month. Some months much higher. Very rarely lower than 60. Overall averages over 60 for season. Also, they just happen to be one of the cheapest subscription packages. I'm hoping they keep prices low.

Submitted by "mmartelli48" on 10/10/2019

New Complaint Reported for on 10/10/2019
Mother FUCKER is a crook

Submitted by "kahn51808" on 10/10/2019

New Review Submitted for on 10/4/2019
Ordered a 14.99 package to get 11 picks. I paid and then could not create log in to get picks. Then Jay texts me two picks and they both lost. When will i get my other 9 picks since i paid for the service

Submitted by "jchooworld" on 10/4/2019

New Review Submitted for on 10/2/2019
Not what I expected. Good service if you don't like money. Gives edge to bookie. Refund anyone?

Submitted by "d781859" on 10/2/2019

New Complaint Reported for on 8/27/2019

Submitted by "Ghorvath32" on 8/27/2019

New Review Submitted for on 8/27/2019
They gave me a free pick then wanted 7 for the next one I paid and never got nothing except a smartass salesman DO NOT WASTE YOUR MONEY ON THIS LOWLIFE BUM ITS A SCAM!!!!!!!!!!!

Submitted by "Ghorvath32" on 8/27/2019

New Review Submitted for on 8/9/2019
Just an honest update, I was hoping they just were having some bad luck, however to date my losses are now equal to -509 units, or minus $509,000.00 based on $1,000.00 per unit. Honestly the worst service I have ever seen. Just think, if you bet against every pick they made, you would be up substantially.

Submitted by "usa67us" on 8/9/2019

New Review Submitted for on 8/7/2019
JEEZ!!!! You're such an ass clown. You give out massive favorites then gloat about being in the top 10??? What jackass would play the Astros laying $400? Then you parlay them with 2 other massive favorites of $190? Talk about amature betting!
You've been thrown off of multiple boards such as RX , SBR and Invest with sports for posting this crap. Everyone should run as fast and far away as possible. You're an ass-hat who adds a winner on to his record and when you're told by most that you never teleased that particular play, you'll blame the internet provider! How come the ISP only goes faulty with winners but all your losers go thru without an issue???

You're an absolute hack. Your claim to fame is supposedly meeting Billy Walters. Where was that, in a bathroom handing him a towel?? You're so delusional when you claim you dont play heavy favorites. Everyone should look at the "plays" you've graded at this very site. If 50% of the baseball plays aren't laying at least $130 or laying 1.5 runs, ill apologize and take back all of what I've said.

Submitted by "BKthebookiekillerNY" on 8/7/2019

New Review Submitted for on 8/3/2019
Last 15 days, 45 wins and 28 losses. Out of those 73 plays, 61 were favorites and 49 of those laying more than 150!!!! Btw, record on those was 22 wins and 17 losses, losing $396!!! Sad joke.

Submitted by "BKthebookiekillerNY" on 8/3/2019

New Review Submitted for on 8/3/2019
Great Service! TJ Clark is the best!

Submitted by "TheRazor" on 8/3/2019

New Review Submitted for on 7/29/2019
1 win 6 loses over the weekend. Lost confidence

Submitted by "esween11" on 7/29/2019

New Complaint Reported for on 7/20/2019
Son of a bitch shut down with my annual membership.

Submitted by "kahn51808" on 7/20/2019

New Review Submitted for on 7/18/2019
Have bought multiple packages and had descent success. Two days ago couldn't access my package called and some asshole came on the fun asking me how much I bet etc etc you must be losing etc etc. I opened a new account just so I can tell this little cocksucker I would love to meet him. I'm a grown man you little degenerate and my phone number is in your system. So anytime you want to meet let me know. I will be in Vegas in 2 weeks send me your phone number and I will stick the eight dollars you fucked me out of in your little spaghetti eating ass. They don't scam you they charge you for their bs computer picks then they try to upset there so called premium losers. If your going to fuck me on the little ones I would hate to see what a premium fucking results in. 3picks today your a joke

Submitted by "kelbutt" on 7/18/2019

New Review Submitted for on 7/6/2019
I joined on May 3rd, 2019. Two months later I am very impressed with the picks and methods provided by this service. Now i am abandoning all other services to dedicate a bigger bankroll towards these guys. I recommend!

Submitted by "SergioSonego" on 7/6/2019

New Review Submitted for on 6/23/2019
Confirmed banned member of Avoid these losers at all costs. It's easy to win more than you lose not taking the lines into considerations. They win more bets than they lose but I guess they don't understand simple math. For example, if they win two bets and are up two units then lose a -300 game or fight, you are down 100 even if they went 2-1.

The Razor

Submitted by "TheRazor" on 6/23/2019

New Review Submitted for on 6/18/2019
Nothing but huge favorites. Last 50 plays, only 5 dogs as selections. Last 20 favs greater than 150, lost 70 units. HORRIBLE!!!!

Submitted by "BKthebookiekillerNY" on 6/18/2019

New Review Submitted for on 6/18/2019
Out of the last 50 plays, Scouts has only given out 5 dogs! 20 of the plays were either favorites laying at least 150 or laying on a runline. The record you ask, 10 and 10, losing 70 units!! Where do we sign up???????? LOL

Submitted by "BKthebookiekillerNY" on 6/18/2019

New Review Submitted for on 6/17/2019
So I've folliwed for the last 50 plays. You've given a grand total of 6 dogs in that span. You have given 20 plays that are favorites laying greater than 150 (7 were laying more than 170) or runline plays at -1.5. For those 20 plays, you were 10-10 and lost 68 units. Your record is posted for all to see.

Submitted by "BKthebookiekillerNY" on 6/17/2019

New Review Submitted for on 6/2/2019
He is a scammer. Played a game of the year with him and he said if he lost the rest of the MLB season is free. Well he lost and then started sending me his picks for the rest of the week, but after the week ended he said my subscription expired. The dude just makes his past record and is complete garbage. Don't ever give him a dime of your money.

Submitted by "Woody428" on 6/2/2019

New Review Submitted for on 6/2/2019
Have to agree with platinum on that. Bad streaks happen. Put your big boy pants on.

Submitted by "Bigdale25" on 6/2/2019

New Review Submitted for on 5/30/2019
I purchased a 30 day package from Jack outside of cappertek. I have yet to receive picks 3 DAYS IN A ROW now. He now tells me that I have to check in with him to receive his picks. I've never heard of a handicap service that has to check in with the handicapper to receive the picks. How is that good customer service?! Extremly dissatisfied with the service. Aside from his good track record his customer service does not deserve my money.

Submitted by "jaymoneyfx" on 5/30/2019

New Review Submitted for on 5/11/2019
Whomever they are getting these picks from, it is scary! They have apparently gotten a new source for their selections, or have a new team. I have purchased a 365 package from them on 05/02/19 and to date I am -109.53 units, or $10,953.00 dollars down. This is a fair and honest review. Think purchasers should know.

Submitted by "usa67us" on 5/11/2019

New Review Submitted for on 5/10/2019
Honestly speaking, if i wanted to play heavy favorites on a daily basis, why do i need to pay you? You constantly provide public plays i.e; heavy favorites usually -155 and above.
Although not expensive, there is absolutely no value in the baseball picks. Just provide value!!!!

Submitted by "BKthebookiekillerNY" on 5/10/2019

New Complaint Reported for on 5/9/2019
Quick update on these Scammers: I got my money back. Had to involve my bank.still have 4 days left on my girlfriends membership. Still have not received the "big play". I get a spam email from them at 4:30 a.m. and guess what? Of course they had Rockets+6. Didn't see that coming. That's 12 straight. Of which I received zero. If they were really honest they would post the game about 20 minutes after it starts. Stay awat! Still no answered phone calls or emails. Keep you posted for next 4 days. Good luck everyone.

Submitted by "Bigdale25" on 5/9/2019

New Complaint Reported for on 5/8/2019
This outfit is your typical scam. They never answer the phone and never answer emails. Here's their trick. They require you to call in for the 10,000 star play. Of course they do not have a working phone number. The next day they simply post that they were on the correct side. Duh. Not seen that before. I've been with them 10 days and have never received the big play. Oh. And big shocker. According to them it's won 10 straight times. BS! Stay far away from these crooks. So to trick them back. I opened an account in my girlfriends name. Same thing. No big play. EVER! They wash their loses with the one BIG winner that you never get. Complete shit. And already trying to hit my credit card in spite of me telling them not to several times. Good luck everyone.

Submitted by "Bigdale25" on 5/8/2019

New Review Submitted for on 5/5/2019
I joined a year ago off one of the Cappertek email specials. I had been following them a while and wanted to give them a try and the rate was great so figured it couldn't hurt. Started off great about the first 4 to 6 weeks. After that we were never ahead and after a year we lost a little, could have been worse but we play to gamble and after 52 weeks I lost. The picks come about the same time everyday 2:00 pm EST., and only didn't receive 3 or 4 over the year and when I emailed 702 it was usually a Cappertek issue and they would send me the pick (3 of the 4 lost but again it's gambling). I only use Cappertek and I love when they send deals on guys I am watching. Not sure why no one submits reviews but figured I would after a year. I have paid for a second capper and I am about 8 months in and they have sucked so bad I stopped betting with them so looking for another now as I won't renew with 702winners but surprised they didn't email me something about renewing or anything.

Submitted by "GYSOT" on 5/5/2019

New Review Submitted for on 5/3/2019
Great service. Highly recommend.

Submitted by "DerrickWelch" on 5/3/2019

New Review Submitted for on 4/26/2019
This guy is the real deal. I was skeptical at first but he promised he would be with me every step of the way. I had 0 risk because it was guaranteed I would get a full refund. In which you will never get a refund because they will make you really good money. I only had $500 to start with and now I'm at $3500 in a month. Small but great for me. Thanks guys

Submitted by "Steady31" on 4/26/2019

New Complaint Reported for on 4/17/2019
Constantly asking for more money as they have a losing streak going and need to hire specialists. NOT MY PROBLEM!!! I paid for my service in FULL for a year and if you cannot provide winners as you were paid in advance to do it is your problem not mine. I will continue to bet the other side of their LOSERS, so I can recoup my 15K their service cost me, then work on the 100k they lost me.

Submitted by "SASWinsSucks" on 4/17/2019

New Review Submitted for on 4/17/2019
I have been a subscriber to this service for quite a while now, and have to say in the beginning, the service did hit a few games and I was getting closer to getting half of their $15,000, all plays, 365-day package back. Over the last month and a half, they have gone so far into the negative, that I doubt they will be able to climb out of the hole they have helped me dig. What really gets me though, is the fact that the person I talk and text, even though he is in the RED, keeps trying to get more money out of me. It would be almost laughable but the fact that he has lost me a ton of money is no laughing matter. He proceeds to tell me that he is spending money to help me and he feels it is right that I pay him for it..... What an idiot, he forgot that I already paid him to make me money and I paid him very well to do so. If his service knew anything about handicapping games; he would not be needing to buy outside help. Their website basically states they are the source so I guess they are just repackaging other peoples bad information. The bottom line is that "He" is supposed to be the "SOURCE" and not a two-bit broker. If you are looking for a service to help you make money on betting sports plays, stay away from SAS Wins, because they don't! Also, I have a feeling they are in bed with many other services/ sources that may or may not be affiliated; but you can rest assured you will be contacted by numerous other services, as they sell or give your information away. I specifically got a burner cell phone number just to work with these people, as I did not want my personal information to be easily available. I have been contacted by no less than 14 other sports betting services. They also claim to really take care of their clientele. The truth is they don't know me from Adam. They are so out of tune with their customer base that they send texts to me (a paid client) and tell me I will win "30 units for $99.00". I played along last week and not only did they send me the first plays free, but they weren't even the same plays that the SAS put out earlier in the day. Both plays lost, "shocker"!! The bottom line is SAS isn't a good service. They aren't a service at all. They are a brokerage and nothing more. They don't provide anything special nor do they know or take care of their clients. They will lose your money and then keep asking for more. If I wanted a useless broker I would have hired myself. I can look at lines and claim I know when "smart" money comes in on a game and then flip a coin, and send a "winning" text to my client. Feel free to sign up with me, I don't charge anything and the only reason I haven't lost everything is that I got wise to the garbage plays being sent, and played the other side. It has kept me more than a float. Stay away!!

Submitted by "SASWinsSucks" on 4/17/2019

New Review Submitted for on 4/15/2019
HOLY HELL!!! My fist day and they went 8-1. I just won $2,130 betting $300 per pick in ONE DAY. Unreal. Keep up the solid work gents

Submitted by "BrodyB" on 4/15/2019

New Review Submitted for on 4/11/2019
Stay Away!! Customer service stinks. I paid for a week never got the plays, and unable to access the site to get plays . I emailed these clowns four times, and know one ever responded. Save you Money!!

Submitted by "dcasson" on 4/11/2019

New Review Submitted for on 4/5/2019
Working with FSNinfo, I didn't know what to expect but what a knowledgeable person John Kent is! Things are going great for me..I am so glad I trusted his sick of getting burned by handicappers that talk the talk. John walks the walk.. Thanks for taking the time with me.

Submitted by "webmaster1000" on 4/5/2019

New Review Submitted for on 4/5/2019
Hank Morello is the best! He is a great at what he does and very honest. I . love him! He has done very well for me and I have made a lot of money with his company this basketball season, especially march madness! I can't wait to make more money with you for football season Hank!

Submitted by "Malco" on 4/5/2019

New Review Submitted for on 4/5/2019
I have made a ton of money with FSN! I am very satisfied with their services. The information the team provided to me was great. Johnny Kent is the best in the game! I have made so much money with basketball i can't wait for football season!!!!!

Submitted by "Malco" on 4/5/2019

New Complaint Reported for on 3/23/2019
I called and inquired about a 3 day package while I was in Vegas. I was offered a price of around 120 I believe. After then going to their website I noticed the same package for cheaper offered on their website, so obviously I purchased through the website. The guy texted me after my purchase and was very rude and seemed to be upset that I didn't pay the greater price than what was offered on their website. Why the hell would I pay more if you're offering it for less?

So then yesterday I get an email (3/22/2019) offering March madness at 9.99 for a daily pick. So I purchase that. Shortly thereafter I get a text from the same guy saying " let me know when you want to do real business" then proceeded to tell me I'm "wasting his time" How in the hell are you going to offer a service at a set price, then ridicule me for not paying MORE than the price you offered me in the email? This place is an absolute joke and have lost my business for life. DO NOT DO BUSINESS WITH THESE PEOPLE

Submitted by "Soonerboy9" on 3/23/2019

New Review Submitted for on 3/19/2019
Was following him for about 38 days on his IG vip page. Paid for first 30 days, did decent, was in the positive. Renewed my 30 days and he had a total collapse, dropping me well in the negative. I left comments, feedback, nothing out of line, and he blocked me even though I had over 20 days left of the package I paid for. Guys a crook, do not pay him.

Submitted by "CapMo760" on 3/19/2019

New Review Submitted for on 3/11/2019
I have never come across anyone that works as hard as this guy. He's honest, transparent, and most importantly, HE WINS! He has his ups and downs like everyone, but he always ends up on top.

He charges pennies compared to what others charge. I've been doing this for 20 years and have subscribed to services that charge thousands, and they can't compare to him.

Once you sign up, that's it. There's no sales guy calling to get you to spend more money on premium plays, like some other services do. He's the real deal.

Submitted by "jmdawg15" on 3/11/2019

New Review Submitted for on 3/10/2019
Started with Bill the Scout 3 weeks ago. Have had nothing but a positive and winning experience. 17-3 this past weekend march 9th-10th. The 400 dollars i paid to get started has made me 54,000 the past two weeks after watching the games for the first 5 days of my plan. The plays are all released with different levels from 8u-10u-12u-15u the 12,15 units are 14-4 last 18 released !! . NO BS, i track every play, every game, every rating
Since i have started Bill is 88-72-2 55% . Most of the losses were in pre season baseball which i do not bet, smaller plays. BASKETBALL EPIC results.
( unsolicited Post )

Submitted by "stupadasso" on 3/10/2019

New Complaint Reported for on 3/4/2019
scamsters. dont use.

Submitted by "MassimoB" on 3/4/2019

New Review Submitted for on 2/23/2019
This guy has incredible consistency with picking winners. I've won a substantial amount of dough by going with his picks. Highly recommended!!

Submitted by "dparry1978" on 2/23/2019

New Review Submitted for on 1/16/2019
They are absolutely terrible. All they've been concerned about since day 1 was milking more $ out of me. 1st it was 250 for a week. The very next day if you give us 750 more you will have our very top plays that our whales get . They started out 1-7.. then the next week it was if you give us 2,000 more you will get our sports book plays that our best clients get .they went 9-14.. I gave them more $ and they went less than .500 after that and the last bit of $ gave was a 1,000 for them to go 1-9.. today they had the balls to call for 3,000 more. Gave them thousands to lose me 20,000 over a month. They lie about their picks and how they obtain them . Every week it's a new place they're getting them from. 1st it was their regular service. They sucked so even though I payed for it I was told to stop playing those picks. Then they told me they were getting these top sports book plays. They sucked to . Then I was told I was getting a combination of sports book plays and international money moves picks. . They proceeded to go 1-9. Then they go 2-1-1. They called for more money. These guys are scam artists and their service is terrible. I can get one of my pets to put their paws on a sheet and get better results than these slime, scum bagged thieves.. dont ever use Vegas syndicate . They are complete trash . All they do is sweet talk you with bullshit and give you bullshit picks with it. Hope none of you guys had the warriors tonight. Bums are getting blown out again. That was their pick ..🖕🏻🖕🏻🖕🏻You Vegas syndicate. You guys are cons, thieves , jokes..

Submitted by "Johncrook" on 1/16/2019

New Review Submitted for on 1/15/2019
Horrible!!!! Lost 8 of your last 9 picks!!! That is not easy to do!! Lol lol. U gotta try a different system bro. Whatever your doing is NOT working. Lol lol lol. Who wants to PAY for those kind of picks??? No Thanks.

Submitted by "messier11" on 1/15/2019

New Review Submitted for on 1/1/2019
I purchased one week subscription and the numbers were excellent, considering long term deal. Thank you guys !

Submitted by "Vadim1975" on 1/1/2019

New Review Submitted for on 1/1/2019
This service is a TOTAL SCAM! It's operated by a guy named Evan. I used the service a few months ago. I paid $79 for the 30-day subscription. Then, Evan called me on the telephone and convinced me to join the VIP package for an extra $420 along with the 30-day subscription. He claimed that the VIP package had a very high win rate compared to his normal service. He said that when I use his service, I have to flat bet every pick he sends to me. No chasing or betting different amounts. Just the same amount. So I paid for it.

He called me almost every day about his "WINNING PICKS" that he has for today. I found it very annoying when he could've just sent me an e-mail instead.

He gives out 2 to 4 picks a day. There were so many days where none of the picks won (he had winless days). So if he gave out 3 picks in one day, all 3 lost.

I requested a refund on PayPal a week after I joined. Evan responded by saying that he disclosed on his website that there were no refunds. WHAT A LIAR! He never mentioned about refunds on his website. After that, he stopped sending me picks. PayPal took his side and refused to refund me even though I sent them proof since they changed the rules about refunds regarding gambling. So any handicapper can get away with their scam and PayPal helps these scammers. It shows that PayPal is corrupt.

Evan is a TOTAL CROOK! Not only did he not honor his side of the deal by sending me picks for 30 days (he sent me picks for 10 days since I requested a refund), but he also increased his prices on the VIP package. He used to charge $499 for the 30-day subscription. But now, it's $849 for the 30-day subscription. This proves that not only he's a scammer, but he's also a thief. Although I'm out $499 plus all the losers that he sent to me, he deserves to be reported so that nobody falls for his scam. I already submitted complaints on other websites about his service.


Submitted by "Ipkiss" on 1/1/2019

New Complaint Reported for on 1/1/2019
This service is a TOTAL SCAM! It's operated by a guy named Evan. I used the service a few months ago. I paid $79 for the 30-day subscription. Then, Evan called me on the telephone and convinced me to join the VIP package for an extra $420 along with the 30-day subscription. He claimed that the VIP package had a very high win rate compared to his normal service. He said that when I use his service, I have to flat bet every pick he sends to me. No chasing or betting different amounts. Just the same amount. So I paid for it. He called me almost every day about his "WINNING PICKS" that he has for today. I found it very annoying when he could've just sent me an e-mail instead. He gives out 2 to 4 picks a day. There were so many days where none of the picks won (he had winless days). So if he gave out 3 picks in one day, all 3 lost. I requested a refund on PayPal a week after I joined. Evan responded by saying that he disclosed on his website that there were no refunds. WHAT A LIAR! He never mentioned anything about refunds on his website. After that, he stopped sending me picks. PayPal took his side and refused to refund me even though I sent them proof since they changed the rules about refunds regarding gambling. So any handicapper can get away with their scam and PayPal helps these scammers. It shows that PayPal is corrupt. Evan is a TOTAL CROOK! Not only did he not honor his side of the deal by sending me picks for 30 days (he sent me picks for 10 days since I requested a refund), but he also increased his prices on the VIP package. He used to charge $499 for the 30-day subscription. But now, it's $849 for the 30-day subscription. This proves that not only he's a scammer, but also a thief. Although I'm out $499 plus all the losers that he sent to me, he deserves to be reported so that nobody falls for his scam. I already submitted complaints on other websites about his service. STAY AWAY FROM HIS SERVICE!

Submitted by "Ipkiss" on 1/1/2019

New Review Submitted for on 12/1/2018
I don't know if I should be ecstatic or upset. I recently signed up with ATS Wins. They had a huge play in college basketball and it lost. That loss was the biggest loss that I had all year. Yet, here's the thing. Come Tuesday, I will still be collecting from my book because despite that loss, I still had a nice winning week.

Submitted by "BennyBenBen" on 12/1/2018

New Review Submitted for on 11/30/2018
I know that every game can't win, but those big ones certainly should. On the other hand, I've been with them for three weeks and around 70% of the games have been winners and because of that loss, my account person, Seth Allen (spelling?), is giving me another week for free.

Submitted by "Tw0Time2Bet" on 11/30/2018

New Review Submitted for on 10/5/2018
The jury is still out, but as long as I'm collecting and not paying, I'll stay involved.

Submitted by "NguyenHen007" on 10/5/2018

New Review Submitted for on 11/27/2018
I've only been with ATS Wins for 3 months. I've been winning, but do other services perform better? They claim to hit 70%, but based upon my calculations, they have only been around 65%. My "guy" over there, Mr. Stevens, told me to ignore the % because it is about making "units". I'm up about 120 units I've been told, but I think with the juice, it is closer to 100-110.

Submitted by "rolltidrevel" on 11/27/2018

New Review Submitted for on 11/9/2018
I'm not complaining. I am up around $10,000, but my real question is that other firms have contacted me promising much better results.

Should I switch to another firm? I would love some feedback.

Submitted by "Boss-Man-Bailbonds" on 11/9/2018

New Review Submitted for on 11/10/2018
I've never written a review before, but after reading some of the negative reviews, I felt compelled to do so. I've been with the company's Private Client group for the last 4 years. I've worked with both Max Levi and Blanche Miller.

What attracted me in the first place was the promise that they stay away from "Lock of the Year' games and anything else that implies a specific game is a definite winner. I've been around for far too long to want to deal with b.s. Different games are bet for different amounts. I have never bet more than twice as much as my average sized pick on any game.

I play all 4 sports with them. I've had plenty of losing days, but they completely focus on the week. In looking over my records for the last 52 weeks, I've had 44 weeks that were positive.

They've done for me exactly what they said that they would. I started out playing $150/unit and by my second year, I was playing $1000/unit and I make far more betting than I do in my professional job.

Submitted by "FreddyMercBoRap" on 11/10/2018

New Review Submitted for on 10/31/2018
Please remove my review from last month. I do stand by every word of it, but they do not like positive reviews because they get overrun with what they call "free pickers". I completely forgot that when I signed up for the year I agreed to not discuss their picks in a public forum for that very reason.

Submitted by "DumpTrump999" on 10/31/2018

New Review Submitted for on 12/20/2018
Making Smart Investments that Yield High Fast Profits

Submitted by "SteelCitiRings" on 12/20/2018

New Complaint Reported for on 10/6/2018
Stay away. Will steal your money.

Submitted by "JamesDean5671" on 10/6/2018

New Complaint Reported for on 10/6/2018
Stay away. Will steal your money.

Submitted by "JamesDean5671" on 10/6/2018

New Review Submitted for on 10/6/2018
Stay far away. Lousy picks. Lousy service.

Submitted by "JamesDean5671" on 10/6/2018

New Review Submitted for on 10/3/2018
The Insiders Game are con artists. They lost me over $20K last year. It was like they were trying to lose. I challenged Mike, who is suppose to be this genius, and he stated; Do you know who the fuck I am. Now, anyone who says that has to be a loser, and he proved that over a year. They won only about 10 % of their bets in all sports! Mike and this company are The Mush from Bronx Tale:-)))). Every season, they will try to sell you on some new magical algorithm. They will get what's coming to these jokers! You have been warned!

Submitted by "JJH1919" on 10/3/2018

New Review Submitted for on 9/24/2018
Just clicking around & I came across this board..thought I'd share my experience with Wunderdog from earlier this summer. With the exception of horse picks while at the track, I don't really have much experience with professional handicappers. But I had been receiving his free picks for several years before I decided to buy a few days of baseball while I was in Vegas for a weekend. We did pretty well that weekend...I cashed every day & we did well enough that I bought another week of picks from him even after I got back home. His guarantee did kick in after that week, but I got another week for free, & I did not have to call or remind him to do so. He knew I was down, & he got me set up for another week. That, for me, is the best part of it...the ease of working with Wunderdog. I got my picks pretty much at the same time every day, & if things didn't go our way, he was sure to make it right.

Submitted by "FlopShot" on 9/24/2018

New Review Submitted for on 9/24/2018
Hello all. Want everyone to know that Mr Joey Naps is a complete scammer. I've received multiple complaints from ppl he gas stolen from and he even promoted a bookie service on twitter where he scammed my friend who won $400 measely bucks lol. This kid is a broke scammer who throws darts for picks, fudges his w/l record and trolls online trying to steal. Dont give this maggot any of your $!!! Respond here if u want proof

Submitted by "Keithsa" on 9/24/2018

New Review Submitted for on 9/24/2018
I have been through a number of scam handicappers and I have to say, Johnny is one of the most sincere guys out. When he wins, he doesnt brag, when he looses he is extremely humble. His daily emails and weekly status updates keep me informed and i am at 63.4% Wins as of this month. Great guy, Great service.

Submitted by "JoeyBets516" on 9/24/2018

New Review Submitted for on 9/15/2018
Guys have had solid picks on twitter for awhile can't wait to get on board here

Submitted by "TomStanlos" on 9/15/2018

New Review Submitted for on 9/12/2018
I've got some experience with handicappers and with Wunderdog Sports. I had him last year for pro and college foots and I was definitely impressed. The picks always came in on time and the picks always had intelligent and thought-out articles accompanying each pick. His picks newsletters look very professional and I also liked his video picks. No handicapper can win every game, and I lost my fair share with wunderdog, but he always seemed honest and transparent with all wins and losses. Although I didn't have to use his guarantee (my seasons both won) I think it's cool that a tout is willing to stand behind his picks and systems. I didn't buy his package this year, only because I am not playing this season, but if I was I would use his service again and recommend him to tohers.

Submitted by "KalcUlator" on 9/12/2018

New Review Submitted for on 9/7/2018
Joined this service in June after reading positive reviews here and I only have good things to say about this service after 3 months. I was skeptical about bankroll doubling in 2.5 months but it did double in less than two months of using their picks and money management. I would recommend that money management even if you are not using their picks. After all it can be read free on their site at

Submitted by "tingzu" on 9/7/2018

New Review Submitted for on 8/23/2018
This guy is terrible

Submitted by "drotox420" on 8/23/2018

New Complaint Reported for on 8/22/2018
This guy/girl/child sucks. My 3 year old had better picks throwing darts at todays schedule. Definately a broke ass scammer.

Submitted by "MassimoB" on 8/22/2018

New Review Submitted for on 8/16/2018
I have been playing the opposite of this guys picks for years. It's a gold mine. Easily the worst baseball picks you could ever find. Almost as if he is trying to lose. I followed for a bit then realized he was awful. I got the losses back by fading. The best thing is I paid a small fee to start and now get them for free as they extend me until profit. The whole while I am making profit going oppo.

Submitted by "Jerseykid7" on 8/16/2018

New Review Submitted for on 8/10/2018
I've spent years with Brian as a customer and choose not to support him anymore.
He lost my respect when he started changing his released plays lines to favor his picks.
So called padding his play percentages.
For instance Brian would release Toledo-4 in a bowl game at 11 am bowl game started at 7pm. Well by 7 pm the line flipped to Toledo plus the points. Toledo lost straight up but either pushed or won with the flip, well good for me but bad for his %%%%.
A small bowl game, but to cheat is grade, and he did it at least 4 times over the years.
It is frustrating to lose or push on a play he released, than to have him change his line on his site that he released is infuriating.

Submitted by "Elmo1957" on 8/10/2018

New Review Submitted for on 8/7/2018
Was hesitant because of the reviews about the staff, but so far they have been very nice and I've won over $6,200 betting $50 units. Plus I get my picks texted so I don't have to talk to anyone anyway.

Submitted by "MOsesMoney" on 8/7/2018

New Review Submitted for on 8/2/2018
Maybe it is just beginners luck, but I have yet to have a losing week with them (5 weeks). If football does as well as baseball, I'm obviously looking to become a long term client.

Submitted by "allenmichaelwoodleyjr" on 8/2/2018

New Review Submitted for on 8/7/2018
Very confusing name for this company. There is another company called Paramount Sports that I have dealt with in the past.

Submitted by "Owens602" on 8/7/2018

New Review Submitted for on 7/21/2018
I came in for a 2 week special for the ATS picks. The picks have done pretty well, but the constant pressure to get in for the rest of the season has been annoying as hell. The personal side of me wants me to tell them to fuck off, but as long as I can win, I'm sticking with them.

Submitted by "GeorgeTheAnimal" on 7/21/2018

New Review Submitted for on 7/13/2018
It took me a good 6 months to do anything other than play free picks from ATS. The reviews were a real turn off. I finally took the time to discuss them with a rep. He asked me to search for any reviews of people who had their lock club program within the past few years. I quickly discovered why he asked me to do that. The negative reviews were all from people who received free picks or were involved for very short periods of time. Long story short. I gave them a shot and now they are the only service that I will use.

Submitted by "MoneyMan2K" on 7/13/2018

New Review Submitted for on 7/2/2018
I joined for a weekend of ATS' baseball picks. I lost 4 units which cost me over $800 + the $300 that I spent. The guy I spoke to Mark Stevens said that they would stand by their picks and give me the following two weeks for free. He apologized and said that the picks can't win every weekend. If the picks aren't going to win, why sell them? I'll pass on the two weeks of picks and I'll find a firm that can win. If I'm paying, I NEED to win. Period. BUMS

Submitted by "flimflamman" on 7/2/2018

New Review Submitted for on 6/21/2018
FULL DISCLOSURE: I am a current customer for the past 4 years. I am not a shill or a troll (or whatever people like to call it these days). This should be read fully knowing that I have a bias towards ATS. I apologize in advance for the long review. I'm a review addict (good reviews and bad) and always leave "probably too" long reviews.

QUICK BACKGROUND ABOUT ME: I am a restaurant owner in the competitive Austin, Texas restaurant scene and I know firsthand just how one single bad review can do irreversible damage. And how people can in fact have a negative experience, but then brush you with one big stroke and label you as something other than what you are. For example, I recently had a customer receive a filet mignon that was ordered medium, but they felt was served closer to medium plus (no excuses, the customer wasn't happy, the steak was replaced). The new filet was approved before my manager left the table, along with leaving our guest a complimentary glass of chateau. This (repeat) customer seemed satisfied but when he left his review the next day, we "served an overcooked piece of crap meat, and they would never eat at my restaurant again because we're unreliable." I understood this customer's frustration but my meat is in fact PCO (organic) certified 100% grass-fed beef. Not crap by any means. Unreliable? While a true medium can be subjective, this was an extremely rare incident and not common place. We owned it immediately. But to people that have never been to my restaurant who are reading that review, they could easily pass us by because they think we serve "crap meat all the time." And that's just not the case. With that said, I'm posting this because some of the reviews I read about ATS remind me of that situation and all it takes is one to have an effect. So here's my story.

I had been a sports bettor for about 10 years, mainly focusing on football and March Madness. I had some decent years, but most were not that great. Just lots of ups and downs like I would imagine most sports bettors experience. I frequently visited the big sports betting sites like scoresandodds, winnersandwhiners and covers to collect my data and would see ATS quite often advertising on them. I probably requested some free picks by email from them which is how I got on their list. I would get emails from them advertising small packages for around $5 to $25, along with other emails about their top picks in their Lock Club. I had heard many really good things about ATS online, but also read some very bothersome things (which is why I held off from buying for so long). But considering they'd been around for about 20 years (at the time), I decided I would try them out one Sunday night for a parlay they offered. I figured, "it's $7 and I don't have to bet much on the parlay." It split and I lost my $100 parlay bet.

They subsequently sent me replacement picks for the next 5 days at no charge, which was a nice gesture. Those picks went 3-2 (nothing impressive at all but at least I picked up few bucks). It's also worth mentioning that I kept getting a daily text from one of their reps wanting to speak with me to tell me more about ATS and wanting to know what my intentions with betting were. And if I bet for fun or was making money my number one priority. Note: It was done in a classy way and wasn't pushy at all.

To some people (in other reviews I read), having different levels really bothered them and I'm not sure why. They clearly explained in their emails (and on their website) that they have daily internet specials and they have a top program called Lock Club. They also explained the difference in the two, as well as justified the cost. The main difference (explained in these emails and on their website) was that the Lock Club consisted of their information-based games (hence the high overhead and associated costs) and the other picks were all done by their in-house handicappers. Overall, they explained the percentages to be upper 50s to low 60sfrom their handicappers, while the Lock Club would hit higher 60s to low 70s. Bottom line, I knew I wasn't getting the best games when I made that purchase. To hear people call them a scam or rip-off because they want you to play their bigger games after you come in is ludicrous (it might feel "dirty" and I get that, but that's different than running a scam). It's like when I hand out a free appetizer or cocktail voucher to a patron, we all know the reason is to bring them back in so they dine in and order lobster or filet, or order a bottle of wine (as well as take care of them). Every business has a similar model (free trial, discounted first year, buy X get X off, etc, etc) so to cry scam and rip-off really bothers me. Throwing those words around are very serious accusations.

About a few days later I decided to actually call in to speak with one of their guys to get a feel for how they did things. The agent spent a solid hour with me. Never rushed. Not pushy at all. He answered every question I had in detail (and I had many) and calmed many of my concerns. I mentioned several negative reviews that I had read online about losing and honesty and transparency and he made it a point to state that "showing a substantial profit 16 years of the past 20 years with one break even, was the same thing as saying that they have lost 3 years in the past 20." His point, which he clarified for me, was that he was confident that many new customers had probably signed up on one of those losing stretches. In that case, he said ATS would always extend service to for an unlimited amount of time to make sure those losses were evened out and an actual profit was made (including the investment made). Nobody wins for 20 straight years without losing and if someone says that, they're lying! Period. Point is, for some clients yes, they may have only won 45% of their picks that they paid for. A huge and frustrating letdown to say the least and a review stating that is warranted. Does that mean they're a terrible service and everyone should bet opposite? Yes, they were terrible for that customer and during that stretch. But to say their 20 years record is irrelevant is where I have the issue. Another thing that really struck me as a "wow" moment was when the agent asked me how many negative reviews I had seen. He then asked me how many clients I thought ATS had dealt with over their 20 years. I figured several thousand? He informed me the actual number was over 30,000. So yeah, I guess any company that deals with 30,000 clients is bound to have some unhappy clients. Heck, Apple has thousands of terrible reviews. But I asked why there's very little positive reviews. He said, "Do you really think people are going to brag about winning 10's of thousands of dollars from a bookie they're not paying taxes only to bring on new bettors to over-bet the picks and jack the lines." I really didn't have an answer for that, even if this was just a line he told everyone. It made sense to me.

Bottom line, it came down to me having to take that leap of faith or walking away. I decided to try out a month of the Lock Club (because I only wanted their best games) and I was told that if I failed to show a profit that they would extend my service until I made enough to cover my investment "and some." My agent agreed to text and email me my picks everyday with unit ratings. If my line was ever off I would text back and he would advise me if the game was still good and if I should adjust my bet size. At the end of the month we sat down and reviewed the results. I had made about $3,500 (betting $50 per unit). With the profit I made I decided to do the rest of the season which also showed a nice profit and enough money to continue on playing all sports (football, basketball, baseball and hockey).

Fast forward 4 years and here's my thoughts on their picks and what I've learned about being a disciplined bettor. Priority #1: Remove all emotions from betting. Emotions should never be a factor in investing. There's times when the ATS Lock Club would go on a 100 unit run and win for 7 of 8 weeks and you think the run will never end. Well, it will. It's impossible to sustain an 80% win rate like that. After big runs like that they would hit the skids and you'd have some very bad weeks negating some of the profit. And it happens quick. You think, they've lost 2 of 3 weeks and on top of that some big games lose and you think how could they pick games aren't even close to covering? What's wrong with them? How can they go from being so good to so bad? The truth is, THAT'S BETTING!

For example, hitting 69% for a season also means losing 31% of the time. Trying to time that 31% is impossible so you have to play consistent and take the bad with the good. At the end, if the percentages are there, that's all that matters. But it took me a while to look at things that way. I would win one night and thing I was the king of the world and then after a bad night I would get disgusted and in be in a bad mood and it would affect my personality very negatively. This was all on a game to game, day to day basis. Now, I look at it like my investments in the stock market. I get my statements each month, look to see how I'm doing, and then file the statement away and move on with my life. Most of the time I'm up, but I might be down. I get it. As long as the ROI is there over the long haul that's all that matters.

Regarding their picks. I noticed the first season I was with them, their college football and college basketball were better than the NFL and NBA (which still did well). The next year I asked my rep if I should bet less on the pros and more on college. His response was no. He went on to say that league results are always changing. For example, one year the pros might do better than college. Or 6 and 7 unit picks might win more than the 8 unit picks. Or late games do better than early. But then all flip flop from one year to the next. The point was to make sure you play everything consistent, by the unit rating given, and let the percentages all work themselves out as they have always done. And of course he was right. The next season pros did in fact od better than college (which still won). Baseball was profitable but I felt they picked too many favorites which as you know the juice can take its toll. Truth be told, NHL is their highest winning sport and they don't play big favorites. Overall, of the 16 seasons of sports I played, I lost 3 and broke about even in 3 and have shown a very nice profit. But let me be clear about something. Sports betting is a grind. Anyone that thinks that someone has a magical formula where you just win win win and never experience losers is out of their minds.

Also worth mentioning. The basketball Lock Club recently just came off a stretch of winning 11 of 14 weeks. My rep (who knows I'm obsessed with reviews) asked me to find him one review anywhere online about the current run. He was right. I couldn't find one. But I told him, there will be at least one -mine.

By the way, if someone has questions and would like to text or call me directly, I stand behind every single thing I have said.

Kirk ###-###-#### (Phone number removed by CapperTek)

Submitted by "LobsterKirk" on 6/21/2018

New Review Submitted for on 4/1/2018
I had a friend who knows ATS and had been playing their lock club picks for years now. I'm honored to now be a part of it. I know results are measured long term but so far out of the gate they have not let me down. Keep the winning up and I'm pumped for football.

Submitted by "JosephSacco02" on 4/1/2018

New Review Submitted for on 2/25/2018
I wanted to say that on top of being in a league all of their own, my rep Dave Stern is a true gentleman. This is the company you want to be aligned with.

Submitted by "Cashcallpj" on 2/25/2018

New Review Submitted for on 11/4/2017
Total scamdicapper lure you in for a small package and try to make you pay more for better games. NEXT!

Submitted by "minthepin" on 11/4/2017

New Review Submitted for on 9/19/2017
I've been with ATS since the 90s. Saw them in a magazine and called up. My first rep was Bill, but he retired or something. Now I talk to Bruce, and he's been great. ATS wins a lot, but you have to be ready to go into slumps sometimes. That's ok, just stick with them because in the end, ATS comes out on top!

Thanks Guys! Can't wait until Baseball.

Submitted by "ecrawfordcali" on 9/19/2017

New Review Submitted for on 8/13/2017
Jackpot! Since deciding to take a shot with ATS' picks in baseball, I have been able to pay for my investment many times over. I absolutely can't wait until football.

Submitted by "StuShin99fluent" on 8/13/2017

New Review Submitted for on 7/11/2017
If the cheap picks didn't win, why would I possibly buy more expensive picks? No thanks, ATS. I'll take my business elsewhere.

Submitted by "MarkeyMark2" on 7/11/2017

New Review Submitted for on 6/1/2017
WE WON THE KENTUCKY DERBY!!! Way to go Always Dreaming! Way to Go ATS. Way to go Bruce!!!

Submitted by "BJenMex" on 6/1/2017

New Review Submitted for on 5/14/2017
This is truly meant as a positive review, so I hope that it comes across that way. I bought the ATS Wins Insiders picks near the end of the basketball season and paid $149. I lost a small amount on the picks. The firm immediately made good on their money back guarantee and returned my money. The rep did tell me that they liked those picks, but they weren't the best picks, but the best picks were out of my budget. Despite losing over a relatively short period of time, the way that I was treated with honesty and respect has definitely won me over for next year. I would like to find a way to play their stronger picks.

Submitted by "tshirtguy4ever" on 5/14/2017

New Review Submitted for on 3/29/2017
This is my first time writing any sort of review. I'm just sick of reading some of the b.s. I've been a client of ATSWins for over 15 years. I play every sport with them. I have had losing seasons in EVERY sport. Winning all of the time is just not possible. Yet, despite having losing seasons at times in every sport, I have NEVER had a losing year. I'm not going to quit my day job, but as long as they keep putting $50,000-$100,000 in my pocket every year, I'm a client for life.

Submitted by "wyattsangelomith" on 3/29/2017

New Review Submitted for on 2/22/2017
I've seen negative reviews about ATS but decided to try them anyway because they have been around so long (can a company be around for 25 years if they lose all the time??) I decided i would bet small and see how it goes. Overall I played 1 year and won a few grand.Nothing great but beats losing. The takeaway is that yes they can be aggressive with wanting you to play lock picks but they did win more than they lost. I plan on playing another year and betting bigger this time so I'll update at a later date.

Submitted by "Jimmy2Jimmy" on 2/22/2017

New Review Submitted for on 1/15/2017
I usually don't post reviews but this is for bettors who know about betting lots of games. I love ATS' philosophy of focusing your money on the top games instead of betting on 10-15 games and trying to just win more than you lose. It just make so much sense. And the juice kills you when you bet so many games too.

Submitted by "bobafetX37" on 1/15/2017

New Review Submitted for on 12/3/2016
I have been looking for years for a site that wins consistently. It's nice to have found a home with ATS Wins. The sales staff definitely pushes you to sign up for their Lock Club a little too hard though. But I get it because it does well.Highly recommend.

Submitted by "LannyLanny123" on 12/3/2016

New Review Submitted for on 11/22/2016
Bought a month of picks from ATS. No idea what the hype is about. My pet monkey can prob do bettter.

Submitted by "Albnice" on 11/22/2016

New Review Submitted for on 9/30/2015
I had hesitated for years to use ATSwins, but I finally relented one Monday night and bought one of their games for $14. It lost, so I figured no big deal and I'll try another company on Thursday. A guy from the company (Seth) called and texted me the next day and said he'd give me a winner Thursday and Friday to try to make up for it, and lo and behold, they won both games, easily. I tried his "weekend package" as he called it for the next few days, and they did OK, not great, but I liked the way I was being treated. Don't get me wrong, he was trying to sell me something for the season, but it wasn't high pressure. Long story somewhat short, they won big the next week and I became a member of the Lock Club, and have been ever since for Football and Basketball only. They don't win every week (no one does), but they're pretty consistent and don't bother you to buy new things every week (that's a key for me). I get texted the games daily, and don't have to worry about calling in each day. Glad I finally joined and plan on being a client for life.

Submitted by "ThunderRolls45" on 9/30/2015

New Review Submitted for on 3/11/2015
I bought their Lock of the Year and it lost. That sucked and I called up and gave them shit for it. The guy said no one wins every game, and blah blah blah. So I left it alone. Same guy calls me back a week later and asked me to give them another shot, they've been in business 25 years and win consistently just not every game. I took another game and they lost again. Dude calls me again and tried to give me another game, but I didn't take it. The guy promised to leave me alone and didn't call me again. I called him a couple of months later and was going to buy a game, but he gave it to me for free and it won. I thought that was cool so I bought a few more games from him here and there. They won some, lost some, whatever. I'll probably buy more games at some point from ATS.

Submitted by "JoeyPTEWS" on 3/11/2015

New Review Submitted for on 1/3/2015
This company is not good at picking Football. I'm sorry Marshall is a nice guy he really is but they only won like 75 units for me and he told me they'd win close to 300. That's 25% of what they said. They really underperformed on what I was promised. He said he's going to give me a discount for the rest of Basketball. We'll see.

Submitted by "XXXJoseramirezXXX" on 1/3/2015

New Review Submitted for on 11/17/2014
I used ATS free picks for a long time and they won a few, but lost it seemed like more than they won. I finally bought a game for $7 and it lost. Most of the stuff I read online was how much they sucked but they sent me a few free games that won and I got an email about a big weekend of 10 games in college Basketball so I called and asked a guy. He was really cool to talk to and explained to me that people like to write negative stuff online and that they had been around for like 20 years and wouldn't be if they really sucked so bad, and I should try for myself. So I did it, and now I've been a Lock club member for the last 4 years.

Submitted by "robbieyoung2201" on 11/17/2014

New Review Submitted for on 10/14/2014
Too aggressive with trying to upgrade you to Lock Club. They play too many games per week. They were mid to upper 50% the 2 weeks I tried them. Why anyone would pay this company (especially the high fees they charge) is beyond comprehension.

Submitted by "TheTruthslayer2000" on 10/14/2014