Trend Finder

The Trend Finder scans the last 10 games for each team for an upcoming game and indentifies betting trends and betting streaks and alerts you when trends or streaks are developing for a certain situation. Situations include home and away records, favorite and underdog records, straight up records, against the spread records, and game total results.


Trend Finder Key Features

  • Available for Every Game on the Board
  • Alerts for Betting Trends
  • Alerts for Betting Streaks
  • Scans Home and Away Records
  • Scans Favorite and Underdog Records
  • Scans Home Favorite Records
  • Scans Home Underdog Records
  • Scans Away Favorite Records
  • Scans Away Underdog Records
  • Scans Straight Up Records
  • Scans Against the Spread Records
  • Scans Game Total Results


The Trend Finder uses historical data to show how a sports team performs in specific situations. This provides insights to sports bettors as to how a team performs against the spread at home or on the road, as well as a betting underdog or favorite.


Our Trend Finder handicapping tool is basically a magnifying glass for sports bettors, providing a closer look at sports betting trends and streaks to help simplify your sports betting experience and giving you an edge over the sportsbooks.


Skeptics may allege that short-term trends within a season are deceptive or "noisy" due to their small sample size, but by doing so, they're ignoring that short term trends, and sometimes "streaks", are often the best way to find early signals when large samples are nonexistent or unavailable.


Monitoring betting trends is one of the most vital sports betting tools used by successful expert and professional sports handicappers to find value within the sports bet marketplace.


The Trend Finder is usually available the day before or the morning of each game. The Trend Finder is available for NFL, NCAAF, NBA, NCAAB, MLB, NHL, and Soccer and is 100% free to use.