NFL odds: Deshaun Watson suspension impacts Browns' Super Bowl odds

Mon, Aug 1, 2022
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NFL odds: Deshaun Watson suspension impacts Browns' Super Bowl odds
Once the Browns traded for Deshaun Watson during the NFL offseason, bettors saw Cleveland's Super Bowl odds shorten at many sportsbooks.'

When Watson was acquired on March 18, the Browns' title odds jumped from 30-1 to 14-1 to win Super Bowl LVII at multiple sportsbooks. But once news broke of a looming suspension, oddsmakers pulled Cleveland's futures almost completely off the board, while some lengthened them out to 28-1 after various offseason adjustments.

But now that the three-time Pro Bowl quarterback has officially been suspended for 6 games, the Browns' AFC and Super Bowl odds have shifted once again for the upcoming season. Let's jump into the suspension's impact from a betting perspective.

Effective immediately, the suspension will sideline Watson until Week 7. During that span, the Browns will face the Panthers, Jets, Steelers, Falcons, Chargers, and Patriots.

Overall, six games might seem like a best-case scenario for the Browns and Watson. At times during the offseason, it seemed like the star quarterback could have potentially missed most or all of the season as the league was reportedly pushing for a full-year suspension.

After Monday's news, John Ewing of BetMGM shared the movement on Cleveland's Super Bowl, division and conference odds.

At BetMGM, the Browns' odds to hoist the Lombardi shortened from +3000 to +2000. To win the AFC North, the team's odds went from +300 to +225. To take the AFC, Cleveland's odds shortened from +1600 to +1100.'

Since the team's preferred QB1 will miss almost a third of the regular season and Baker Mayfield was traded to Carolina, the Browns must activate their backup plan in Jacoby Brissett or consider bringing Jimmy Garoppolo into the fold since the 49ers have moved on to Trey Lance.

According to AP Bet sports trader Daniel Montanari, Watson's six-game suspension was less severe than they expected.

"We shortened the Browns' Super Bowl odds at AP Bet to +2200 from +2800. We moved their odds to win the AFC to +1300 from +1600," Montanari explained. "But the NFL has three days to appeal, so we might see more movement."

Should bettors still back the Browns to make some noise next season? Head over to AP Bet to throw some money at Cleveland if you think the Browns will be competitive until Watson's return.

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