10 Super Bowl Traditions That Everyone Should Follow

Fri, Feb 3, 2023
by CapperTek

To get ready for the Super Bowl, you need to follow a few traditions. That could include inviting over family and friends to watch the game with as well as putting a bet on as it is estimated that $99m of legal bets are placed on each Super Bowl. To get involved, head to the FanDuel Super Bowl page for the latest betting odds on the big game. From the MVP to Any Time Touchdown Scorer, there are Game Specials and wagers galore to choose from. 

That’s just one Super Bowl tradition but there are many others. 

Tailgate Party

Instead of heading to a parking lot for a gathering, bring the Tailgate Party to you. For Super Bowl LVII, get out the barbecue or arrange a potluck. Make sure there is plenty of grilled meat but also salads for vegetarians and a few dishes that can be rolled out during the game.

The Food

For a lot of people, the big game is a sideshow to the food, primarily pizza and snacks. Whether that’s chicken wings, chips and dip, popcorn, or a few pizzas. For those in Northern states, the tradition may extend to a pot of chili and cornbread. Feel free to indulge yourself as you may need the calories to get through to the end of the game.

The Half-Time Show

If there is an ideal time to go to the restroom, it is in the immediate few minutes at the end of the second quarter. You know what’s coming, The Half-Time Show is one of the main reasons that millions of people tune into the Super Bowl. Previous performers include Michael Jackson, Lady Gaga, Prince, and Katy Perry so make sure you are sat down and primed. 

The Million Dollar Commercial Spots

While you may be tempted to skip through the commercials or leave the room, stay put during the Super Bowl. This is the ideal, and most expensive, time for a huge corporation to spend the big bucks. Expect special effects, catchy tunes, and perhaps the odd blockbuster film trailer. Some of the best commercial spots of all time have been premiered during the Super Bowl so pay attention and enjoy them.


For those aged 21 and up, one of the most thrilling aspects of the Super Bowl is creating team-specific cocktails. The colors are telling as you can match them up for both teams, perhaps a fresh Strawberry Daiquiri for the Kansas City Chiefs or a minty Grasshopper for the Philadelphia Eagles. For the designated drivers, create a range of mocktails to make sure they are not left out.

The Pre-Game Show

The big game starts a couple of hours before the coin toss. This is the ideal time to catch up with friends and family while scooping the fresh guacamole over chips and trying to swot up. For those who only watch one football game a year, this is the chance to pay attention to the predictions and place a well-researched bet. Then stand up for the national anthem of course. 

Puppy Bowl

Before the players take to the field, the dogs get a go first for Puppy Bowl. The tradition celebrates everything canine-related with a parade of dogs with their own inspiring adoption stories. Whether you back Team Fluff or Team Ruff, you should be left supporting the animal shelters and rescue programs. You may also want to see who in the room backs the successful team before they lift the Lombarky Trophy or set up your own obstacle course for your own dogs. 

DIY Decor

Just like the holidays, embark on some DIY decor and get the crafting equipment out. Make your own cute decorations and deck the place out. Pick a team and create a theme based on their colors, red or green for the football cups. Make sure that your viewing space is suitably decorated but that nothing dangles and obscures anyone’s view. 

A Game Of Touch Football

If the weather suits, play a game of touch football to get yourself in the mood for the big game. With a sizable group, you can split up into two teams, find some grass and run around for a few minutes. Get your sweat on and then enjoy a well-earned rest in front of the television set. You could even create your own trophy for the winning team to parade before a set of guests.

Football Bake Off

Though one of the great traditions about the Super Bowl is simply centered around potluck, pizza, and snacks, there’s always room for baked goods. Perhaps make a competition of it with a Football Bake Off where the viewing party judges the winning entry. That could involve colored cookies clad in the colors of each team, football-shaped treats, and even a showstopping cake.


A lot of Super Bowl traditions have been continuing for generations including the Half-Time Show and the Pre-Game Show. While it is easier to place a bet while sitting at home in front of the television set, bet responsibly and make sure that you do your research beforehand. Once you have placed your bets, sit back and enjoy the game with some great food, baked snacks, and perhaps a few cocktails. Even for those who avoid football for the rest of the year, they can still get involved with the Football Bake Off, DIY decor, touch football, and the commercial spots.

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