2024 NFL Season: A Look at Each Team's Opponents Game by Game

Thu, Feb 1, 2024
by CapperTek

In 2024, the National Football League (NFL) season promises to bring excitement and anticipation to fans across the nation. As football enthusiasts eagerly seek NFL tickets 2024, it's essential to explore the upcoming season's highlights, matchups, and key games. This piece will look at the 2024 NFL season, taking an in-depth look at each team's opponents game by game, helping you plan your football calendar and secure those coveted NFL tickets.

Types of NFL Games in the 2024 Season

The 2024 NFL season offers a diverse range of matchups, from divisional rivalries to inter-conference clashes. Understanding the different types of games can help fans tailor their NFL ticket purchases and game-day experiences accordingly. Here are the main types of NFL games you can expect:

Divisional Games

     These matchups pit teams from the same division against each other.

     Divisional games often carry added significance as they can greatly impact playoff standings.

Inter-Divisional Games

     Teams face opponents from different divisions within their conference.

     These games offer a chance to measure a team's strength against a variety of opponents.

Inter-Conference Games

     In inter-conference games, teams from the AFC face off against NFC teams (and vice versa).

     These matchups provide a glimpse of how teams from different conferences stack up.

Team-by-Team Analysis: AFC

Now, let's delve into the 2024 NFL season's team-by-team analysis, starting with the American Football Conference (AFC). Understanding each AFC team's opponents game by game is crucial for fans aiming to secure NFL tickets for 2024 and follow their favorite teams throughout the season. We'll provide insights into the matchups, key rivalries, and anticipated showdowns for each AFC team.

AFC East

     Buffalo Bills: The Bills are looking to build on their recent success, and their matchups against divisional rivals like the New England Patriots and Miami Dolphins will be pivotal. Keep an eye on their games as they aim for another deep playoff run.

     New England Patriots: With Bill Belichick at the helm, the Patriots remain a force to be reckoned with. Their clashes against the Buffalo Bills and other AFC East teams will determine their playoff hopes.

     Miami Dolphins: The Dolphins are a team on the rise, and their games against the Buffalo Bills and New England Patriots are bound to be exciting as they vie for supremacy in the division.

     New York Jets: Young quarterback talent and a renewed sense of optimism make the Jets a team to watch. Their matchups against divisional rivals will showcase their potential.

AFC North

     Baltimore Ravens: Led by Lamar Jackson, the Ravens are a perennial playoff contender. Games against the Pittsburgh Steelers and Cleveland Browns will be fierce battles with playoff implications.

     Pittsburgh Steelers: Big Ben's last hurrah? The Steelers aim to make it count, especially in their rivalry matchups against the Baltimore Ravens.

     Cleveland Browns: With a talented roster, the Browns have their sights set on a deep playoff run. Watch out for their games against divisional foes like the Ravens and Steelers.

     Cincinnati Bengals: Joe Burrow and the Bengals are a team on the rise. Their divisional games will be a test of their progress.

AFC South

     Indianapolis Colts: Led by a veteran quarterback, the Colts are aiming for a division title. Key games against the Tennessee Titans and Houston Texans will determine their fate.

     Tennessee Titans: Derrick Henry and the Titans are a force in the AFC South. Their battles with the Colts and other divisional rivals will shape the playoff picture.

     Houston Texans: The Texans are rebuilding and face a tough division. Their games will reveal the progress they've made.

     Jacksonville Jaguars: With a new quarterback and fresh hope, the Jaguars are looking to surprise. Their divisional matchups will be exciting to watch.

AFC West 

     Kansas City Chiefs: Patrick Mahomes leads the Chiefs into another season with Super Bowl aspirations. Games against the Denver Broncos and Las Vegas Raiders are must-see events.

     Denver Broncos: The Broncos have made some offseason moves to bolster their roster. Their clashes with the Chiefs and other divisional rivals will be intense.

     Las Vegas Raiders: The Raiders are a team with plenty of potential. Their divisional matchups will be crucial as they seek to make the playoffs.

     Los Angeles Chargers: Justin Herbert's growth will be on display in games against divisional rivals like the Chiefs and Raiders.


In the world of sports, it's these matchups that become the stuff of legends, the games that fans talk about for years to come. The intense showdowns between traditional rivals like the Ravens and Steelers, the rising stars in the AFC West like Patrick Mahomes and Justin Herbert facing off, or the surprises that the underdog teams may have in store, each game has its unique story to tell.

Stay tuned as we embark on a journey through each AFC team's schedule, where we will uncover not only the marquee matchups and key rivalries but also the defining moments that will shape the 2024 NFL season. These are the games that will keep you on the edge of your seat, eagerly anticipating the kickoff and cherishing every touchdown, interception, and incredible play.