2024 Premier League: Who Will Come Out Ahead?

Fri, Mar 22, 2024
by CapperTek

There’s a reason that European football is so popular around the world - it simply keeps going. We’ll break down everything to expect and what you should know for the 2023-24 Premier League, including what to look forward to and who has the best odds of winning.

How The Premier League Format Works

If this is your first season with the top tier of England’s football pyramid, allow us to quickly sort out how it works. 

Between August and May of each year, each team plays against each other in home and away games for a total of 380 match-ups. A team earns three points for a win, one for a draw, and none if they are defeated, and those with the most points at the end will win the title for the season. If there’s a tie, then it comes down to the goal difference, or how many goals were scored if that is also a tie. 

You might hear experts talk about “losing points,” but points are never subtracted from the total - rather, this refers to the loss of potential points that could have been earned in a matchup.

Teams who finish in the bottom three then end up in the second tier of English football, the Championship, and they are replaced by the top three teams currently in the Championship.

What To Expect In The 2024 Premier League

The season began on 11 August 2023, and the competition has been absolutely fierce since then. For that exact reason, it’s usually pointless to look at the Premier League table too early in the season, but the time has finally come to put on your analyst hat and look at all the fine details. 

This year’s title race is bound to be a remarkable event as experts on sportsbooks that accept credit cards on platforms from BettingNonGamStop.com are all converging on three strong probabilities: Arsenal, Liverpool, and Manchester City. Truly, it is a tight race, which makes it crucial to look very closely at each matchup.

Man City are the reigning champions and have brought their very best to the table, though they currently sit at third. Liverpool is even on points with the rising Arsenal but their roster has taken quite a hit with injuries; Trent Alexander-Arnold is expected to return in time for the match against Man Utd, but the team stands to struggle in the meanwhile. 

Here’s how things look the way they are right now: 

  • Arsenal - The current front-runners have racked up a total of 64 points (+46 goal difference), but they have a few tricky games ahead of them, including an away match against both Man City and Man Utd still on the list. Arsenal is performing swimmingly lately, but they cannot afford to drop points for more than a game or two over the next ten - and that could be too tall an order.

  • Liverpool - Tied at 64 points (+39 goal difference), the injury-laden Liverpool may actually be in the least precarious position of all three. As long as the roster stops thinning out, the team only likely stands a chance of losing points against Man Utd and Tottenham. That said, it will probably come down to the wire, and one that Jurgen Klopp will undoubtedly look to put his best behind before leaving.

  • Man City - The defending champions are true juggernauts, even eyeing a double-treble. But their position does not look ideal from this point forward, and Man City are looking ripe for a few draws over their next few games. Once they drop points against Liverpool, they still must face the front-runners followed by Brighton and Aston Villa - and that’s not a trio to scoff at. 

Truly, the 31 March match between Arsenal and Man City will be a pivotal one, and it’s one you won’t want to miss. 

Taking a deep look into each of the top three’s positions makes everything look good for Liverpool this year. Three reasons stand out in particular: 

  1. Mohamed Salah is back from the injury list and should be properly warmed up in time for the rest of the matchups.

  2. Liverpool’s remaining schedule is by far the easiest.

  3. Jurgen Klopp will be leaving, and he will undoubtedly push to make his final games incredible ones.

That said, Liverpool’s injury list is still larger than they’d like, and the team is still in three competitions. Can they get past Arsenal and keep ahead of Manchester City with their current squad? Perhaps - both Arsenal and City are still in the Champions league, and that will certainly impact their last few months. 

Like we said, it’s a tight race - so keep a close eye on the details and listen to betting podcasts to ensure you’re always kept up to date.