Best of MMA betting strategy guide at 188BET online

Wed, Oct 19, 2022
by CapperTek

MMA betting strategy is essential because this is a sport that is receiving global attention and attractive betting prizes. Learn and apply MMA betting strategies to win big when betting at online bookies.

UFC MMA tournaments have reached their peak recently because it has been watched by more than 500 million people from television screens. And with the growing popularity, 188BET online bookie has also offered betting on this combat sport. And with that, the application of MMA betting strategies is essential that you will learn in the following article.

Basic information about MMA betting on 188BET online bookie

The bets for the official MMA tournament offered by 188BET bookie are mostly organized by the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC). Therefore, people often use UFC betting, or UFC / MMA to talk about MMA betting.

MMA betting is betting on the odds on MMA (Mixed Martial Arts) tournaments provided by 188BET at In an MMA match, the bookie usually sets the odds for the following common outcomes:

  • Match winner.
  • How to win: (win by knockout, technical knockout, opponent surrenders or is eliminated); or won by the referee's score; or the match ends in a draw.
  • Over/ Under the number of rounds played.
  • Does the match go through all the innings?
  • In which particular rounds did the opponents win?


And there are some other types of bets depending on the size of that MMA tournament.


Effectively applied MMA betting strategies

Learn UFC betting lines before betting on MMA

The different types of bets available to bet per match in the UFC may not be as big as sports like the NFL or NBA but there are still plenty of options that provide betting value.


The three most common bets people can make in a UFC fight are:

1.   The fighter's ability to win in the match

2.   Battle results

3.   Round bets


Let's break down each of these bets and the strategies that can be applied to each.

The fighter's ability to win in the fight

This is often referred to as a straight bet at the sportsbook because UFC cashflow betting involves you picking one fighter to win against the other.

Regarding the strategy for this form of bet, between the two fighters there will be differences in skills/talents and different styles. So the fighters who get the big “favorites” will have higher odds as they are less likely to lose.


But the nature of a fight can make UFC moneyline betting very volatile. Because there is no certainty of the probability of winning or losing between two boxers. Even the most loved ones lose in the end.


Therefore, you need to spend a lot of time learning about the upcoming MMA fighter. This is a basic strategy, but has been found to be very effective.

MMA bets by battle results

When selecting MMA bets through “fight results” means that you have selected the correct winning method of the fighter. The odds will vary depending on variables such as individual fighting style; recent match history; weight class and match-specific details such as arm span length or reach.


To choose exactly one of these, the odds are usually paid plus money (+). For in any war, the method of victory can be unpredictable.


Therefore, the right strategy for this type of bet is that you should watch a lot and read the articles about the fighter you are about to bet on, to understand his strong moves.

Round bets

If you choose to bet on MMA through the “Round Bet” method, you are choosing to bet on a specific half that the match will end or how long the match will last. There are many variations on this bet, but the two most common are the “Exact Round” and the “Total Round”.


The best strategy for this type of bet is that you will need to research many factors such as fighting style and past results of each fighter before placing a bet on this betting ticket.


Mixed martial arts (MMA) is one of the fastest growing sports in the world. Therefore, applying the betting strategies for each type of bet shared above will help you participate in MMA betting more effectively on 188BET online bookie.