Boosting in computer games – is it cheating or a great helper in the game?

Mon, Oct 30, 2023
by CapperTek

Many members of the gaming community all around the world are willing to pay a lot of money to purchase virtual items that can help them become better within a particular gaming universe. Boosting is especially popular in games like World of Warcraft in its famous dungeons and other MMORPGs. But the service is also in demand among players of other games: shooters like Destiny 2, or action/RPGs like Diablo 4.

Not all players can enjoy their favorite game to the fullest. After all, to level up in the most popular games you need not only to have an account but also to devote a lot of time to its development. If the need to play at a high level continues, then you need to use the account boosting service with the help of professional boosters. Let's figure out what it is.

What is Boosting?

Boosters are professional players, they use their skills and upgrade the accounts of beginners in a short time to the required level. They can work privately, however, it is better to use the services of specialized companies like Boosthive that operate officially for this purpose. They have a website, a team of professionals, and a support service. Company employees are ready to answer any questions the gamer may have and upgrade your account within the required time frame. Companies provide boosting for a huge number of games of various genres, in contrast to single boosters, which usually specialize in only 1-2 games.


In what cases is boosting useful?

The main reason for the popularity of boosting is saving time using boosting in games. Account boosting is justified in those games where other methods of accelerated leveling do not work. These are the most popular games that earn so much that they can maintain game balance without introducing paid characters, amulets, and other objects that provide gaming superiority for real money. With reservations, such games include WoW Classic, League of Legends, Dota 2, and some others.


Any best-selling game can be boosted. For example, take the game Lost Ark - it is cool but difficult for beginners. Without understanding it, they can quit it simply because it’s too hard at the beginning. And they will lose the opportunity to find out why this game is popular. Boosting companies will help you pass difficult raids, get gold, or improve your rating.


The new part of Diablo, released in 2023, collected $666 million in five days after its release and took the top-selling title for Blizzard games. But any player knows that to become excellent in this game, you need to put together the right build and upgrade your hero. A boosting company can handle this too. This service is available even for older parts of the game like Diablo 3.


Apex Legends updated the online record on Steam in February 2023 and gathered more than 610 thousand players online. But to compete with them all, you need to either be a professional or upgrade your account through boosting. Many Apex players with upgraded accounts become streamers and also make money from their favorite hobby.


At the same time, boosting is possible not only for computer games but also for games on smartphones, for example, Mobile Legends. Therefore, the service is available to players on all platforms. It is only important to install the last update, and select the desired service - be it unlocking new characters or obtaining a specific rating.


In some games, purchasing currency and items is especially popular (for example, in Path of Exile), and in others, for example, purchasing cool skins for weapons - like Call of Duty. In other games like New World, it is important to study the mechanics and content on your own first, and then order a boost to understand what resources or equipment your character needs and in what direction you want to develop him for a successful game. However, a boosting company will help you deal with these issues, because they are engaged in competent leveling. Many players who improve their accounts on their own may not immediately understand the nuances and take the wrong path of development.


The services of boosters are now used by a lot of people, from raiders who need to quickly gear up a character, to people who don’t care about winning, but they simply can’t continue playing without another beautiful skin. Some people consider boosting to be cheating, but it is more of a service that saves time for players who value real life. No matter how much the opponents of boosting would like to, it still won’t be possible to get rid of it completely. Still, a game is a game, a place for pleasure and relaxation, and boosting helps you enjoy the gameplay.