Cons Of Supporting GamStop For Arsenal FC

Mon, Dec 25, 2023
by CapperTek

Set up in April 2018, GamStop is a non-profit organization that aims to reduce the ill effects of gambling in the UK. The organization promotes a self-exclusion scheme for punters to increase responsible gambling and restrict online betting activities. All punters in the UK have access to the scheme, and signing up is free, too, although many still prefer to bet on sports at without GamStop. After completion of the registration process, punters can choose the period of restriction, which could be six months, a year, or five years. Over 250,000 punters have chosen to self-exclude from online gambling till 2021. With more than 67,000 sign-ups in 2021, it saw a spike from 51,000 in 2020. Out of the total number of registrations, 228,000 are actively using the service. 

GamStop and Arsenal FC

GamStop only works for casinos holding a license from the UKGC. Responsible gambling and GamStop go hand in hand and have partnered with Arsenal FC. The Gunners being one of the most popular and successful teams in English football have millions of fans even outside the UK. Other partnerships with GamStop include Luton Town and Crystal Palace. However, the partnership with Arsenal will help GamStop reach a large audience and football fans enabling chances for more partnerships in the future. Partnerships do offer many benefits for punters and sports lovers but might hold certain cons as well. 

Drawbacks of The Partnership Between GamStop and Arsenal

Certain disadvantages of the GamStop and Arsenal FC partnership include:

Lack Of Gambling Sponsorships

The idea of GamStop does not explicitly go against Gambling but it does affect the income of the operators. GamStop mainly focuses on helping gambling addicts to suppress their obsessive gambling tendencies. GamStop also helps regular gamblers to gamble within their limits. The truth is that gambling company to gain more profit when punters bet excessively. Hence, this agenda might seem to be an unfavourable factor to them. Gambling operators refuse to agree to this but it is the truth. Since the UKGC has obliged licensed operators to promote self-exclusion and responsible gambling on their platforms, they lack a choice. This makes it quite obvious that gambling brands might not like gamblers to stay off gambling for months. 

Arsenal FC has an official betting partner currently, Sportsbet and they promote healthy gambling on their social media handles. Arsenal FC places betting advertisements for their gambling partner almost every week before a match day. Arsenal also has deals with Betsson, VBet, and Bo BingoBoom, and thus it is a difficult decision for them to promote a self-exclusion scheme. As long as the gambling company receives punters from the football club, the deal stands. Otherwise, they would withdraw the sponsorship. 

Lack Of Funds For FC Growth 

Football is the most popular sport across the globe and attracts certain major sponsorships as well. Apart from the popularity it holds, companies love to sponsor football clubs due to all the prestige it brings to them. A company sponsoring Arsenal FC would be seen as reputable and due to this, football clubs might lose while supporting a scheme like GamStop. 

The future of gambling in the UK and its impact on football is unclear. Betting companies are one of the biggest sponsors of football clubs and other competitions around the globe. Football clubs entertain such sponsorships as they need the funds for many of their activities which include the up-gradation of jerseys, and advertisements. Thus, they cannot reject offers from such companies as it helps the team to focus on performance and training which would help them perform excellently on the pitch. Both sponsors and football clubs gain massively from such partnerships. If Arsenal FC loses such a partnership with any gambling company, it will result in a lack of funds for the entire club. 

Need For Entertaining Sponsors 

If Arsenal FC lacks enough sponsors, it would cost the club a lot. It might result in a monetary crunch and things like funding activities or paying the staff would also become difficult. The team might have to sell all their valuable players to raise money. Filling up players for key roles in the team would be impossible as well. This will lead to a downfall. This applies to all clubs in the leagues and is the reason behind the acceptance of sponsorships from reputable brands. 


Arsenal FC is a strong club with one of the best win-loss rations, which is reflected in the Arsenal betting trends. Its sponsorships include Adidas in 2018 where the club agreed upon a 5-year deal worth $391 million. Emirates and Arsenal FC extended their partnership in 2018 for another 5 years and offered a deal worth $281 million. The club looped in Rwanda as their official tourism partner worth $40 million for a 3-year deal in 2018 as well. Thus, sponsorships are a part of every football club as they help a club improve and upscale its performance.