Does the Entire NFL Offseason Hinge on the Bear's Draft Pick?

Mon, Mar 11, 2024
by CapperTek

The upcoming NFL draft in the offseason is fast approaching, and one of the central hinge points of the entire NFL offseason depends on what the Chicago Bears do with the first pick in the draft.

Let's dive straight in to discover why their pick matters and reveal which free agency moves they could potentially make that will alter the other teams' trajectories.

What are the three options the Chicago Bears have with their number one overall pick?

The Chicago Bears could make one of three moves. Based on what they decide to do with their first pick can massively impact every other team's draft pick options. The three most likely options for the bears are the following:

  1. The Bears will keep quarterback Justin Fields and draft quarterback Caleb Williams, the top quarterback in the class
  2. The Bears can keep hold of Fields and then trade the pick
  3. The Bears can trade Fields and take Caleb Williams

If they are considering building their team, the first option to keep quarterback Justin Fields and draft quarterback Caleb Williams would be the more logical option.

It would then give them two chances on the franchise quarterback wheel of fortune or enable Williams to function behind the scenes until a point where he's ready to replace Fields as the starter.

It all sounds relatively simple and uncomplicated, but then you need to factor in other key elements, including agents, contracts, and emotions.

If the Bears decide to go for Caleb Williams, they must devise an entirely new schedule and find ways to obtain optimal value from Fields in a down year for available quarterbacks.

If they hedge their bets on Williams instead of choosing from the available selection of top players, they will need to adopt the mindset of winning now.

This time last year, the Bears opted for a treasure trove of picks and gave away the top pick, one of which was the player who ended up being number one in this year's class.

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There are plenty of possibilities, and each outcome will send other teams on different routes, which is why the NFL offseason will hinge greatly on the Chicago Bears draft pick strategy.

Some sources have pointed out that if they decide to go down the Williams path, they will need to come to some kind of early arrangement rather than leaving things too late. They would have to trade Fields before March 13, when free agency opens.

Who will win the 2024/25 NFL Super Bowl?

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        NFL team: Kansas City Chiefs (second odds-on favourites to win Super Bowl LIX). Decimal odds: 7.5. American/moneyline odds: +650. Fractional odds: 13/2. Implied probability rate (IPR): 13.3%

        NFL team: Baltimore Ravens. Decimal odds: 11.00. American/moneyline odds: +1000. Fractional odds: 10/1. Implied probability rate (IPR): 9.1%

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Final thoughts

The upcoming NFL draft is scheduled to run from Thursday, April 25, until Saturday 27, 2024. It serves as the most common source of player recruitment.

Don't forget that undrafted rookies may also sign a contract with any team in the league after the draft has taken place.

Until then, any predictions for next year's National Football League season remain guesswork, so we'll just have to wait and see the outcome of this year's draft to better understand what might happen in the 2024/25 NFL season.