Esports betting tips at the dealer Fun88

Thu, Jul 30, 2020
by CapperTek

Currently, in addition to the usual types of betting such as football betting, horse racing, etc, The Fun88 dealer also adds esports betting. The growth is so explosive that it is estimated that the global e-sport betting market will reach nearly $ 30 billion by 2020. So what makes esports so popular? Our team of experts have carefully prepared this guide to help ANYONE interested in e-sport betting. Let's read the following article of Fn88pro about esports as well as tips to play at esports.

About E-sport:

The term e-sport is an acronym for "electronic sports" and it refers to competitive video games. We are simply talking about people playing video games fighting each other in a match. It has been happening in our homes ever since the first computers and gaming consoles were born.

There was a time when the ONLY way to play video games against a "real" opponent was to sit in front of a gaming machine. However, today we can also play via the Internet. This means that from within our home, we can fight someone from anywhere in this world.



Betting tips and play tips:

Knowing how to bet on e-sport is one thing, but knowing how to MAKE MONEY from e-sport Fun888 betting is a completely different story. There are many things you need to know if you want to get ahead of the house and get total profits. You also need a lot of patience and you need to put in a lot of time and effort.

Are you ready for this challenge? Great! So we can definitely help you. Just remember that e-sport Fun88 betting is NOT BEST to make money. There is absolutely nothing wrong with betting for fun. Having established this point, we will talk about things we can help you with. The first thing to mention is that there is a LOT of similarities between e-sport and traditional sports betting. For this reason, there are a few articles in sports betting guides that we recommend reading. We have listed the articles below. Although they are geared towards traditional sports betting, the information and tips in this article will definitely help you when you are betting on e-sport.

Understand the odds and payout, Bankroll management, Find the value in odds.

Effective research & analysis. Information storage & performance analysis. Compare odds & lines

What does e-sport betting include:

There are several different ways to bet on e-sport. The following are the most common options.

Bet real money: This is the form of e-sport betting closest to traditional sports betting, the way betting is like you bet on a football match, boxing or a golf tournament. We bet real money at the accepted odds and we get paid if the correct selection is made.

Skin bet: Skin betting, also known as item betting, is a very popular form of betting among the e-sport fan community. Many modern video games have a virtual currency system and other items that can be transferred between players, assets hunted by avid gamers.

Social betting: Social betting is quite common in the E-sport community, friends or acquaintances online can bet happily with each other on the outcome of events. Bets are usually made with money, but usually, people bet on skins or other items. The terms are mutually agreed and settled upon by it.

Fantasy betting: Technically, this is not a bet because it is like everyday fantasy sports for traditional sports, but we will build the lineup with e-sport players.

Betting challenge: Also known as head-to-head betting, this is a form of betting where players compete against real money, items, or skins. Many gamers simply organize bets in groups. After that, they settled the reward after the competition. There are also sites that host slightly more formal competitions, where players and / or teams will pay entry fees to compete and the winner will be rewarded with money from that fee.


The Fun88 esports industry is still in its infancy and is growing at an amazing pace. Therefore, you need to keep abreast of what is happening if you wish to become a successful e-sport bookmaker. The more you know about the situation, the greater your chance of getting lucrative betting opportunities. That is why Fn88pro write this article to share with you. Wish success.

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