Gambling Dragon Tiger Strategy at 188Bet is effective

Mon, Jul 13, 2020
by CapperTek

The way to play the Dragon Tiger is quite simple but to have a reasonable strategy, it is not easy to win the battle. With the skillful experience, our 188BET website gambling would like to share with you the secret to win this game, and of course, increasing your chances of winning big bucks.



How To Choose The Door to Bet

The players in the game Dragon Tiger recommend that when placing a bet absolutely should not place a Tie. Simply put, the probability of a tie game is very low, only about 12.5%. Not only that, when placing a tie, if you lose, the player will lose 50% of his bet. This seems to be a trap in this game. If not alert, surely you will quickly lose money. Based on the rules of the hand to choose whether to place a Dragon or Tiger in the next hand. This requires you to observe meticulous observation, agility and intelligent judgment every time you place a bet at 88Betpro website.


Observe The Way Cards Are Dealt

Don't rush to bet when there is no tactic. Focus on observing the dealer's hand and the rules of the cards drawn. Carefully record the results of each game and familiarize yourself with the card buttons dealt by the dealer. At that time, you will definitely notice its rules and find a way to play for yourself, correctly guessing the outcome of the next game.


Look At The Picture and Guess The Result

If observant, you can easily recognize the rules of the game to win. Observe carefully and carefully the results of consecutive games. Based on that result, the next round of betting should be bet on Dragon or Tiger.

For example, in the first game, if the Dragon side is divided into a tree K and win, the second game also goes to K, Q or J and win. Then surely the next game the Tiger will win. If in game 3 the game loses, then the outcome of the Tiger will win in game 4. The trick for you to play is to bet on the 4th game to double the amount you bet on the 3rd game. The capital and interest will be back soon.


Capital Management and Planning

Having taken real money to play gambling at the business of gambling, it is necessary to have a stable mentality and know how to calculate. Online casinos are a big thing these days, and they offer limitless opportunities. From BTC Casinos to a great selection of games, there is something for everyone regardless of what payment method you prefer or what game you most enjoy playing.

The thing that you usually see in these tables of Dragon Tiger game is that people just come and go so fast as they don’t know how to control their budget when joining the game. Knowing rules is good, mastering the game and money is much more important.

Before you log in and play Dragon Tiger online , you need to manage the following capital to never lose or lose too much:

How much money you have: In online bookmakers, the amount of money in your account is clearly displayed, you can immediately know how much money you have in it.

How much do you intend to spend on this game: Maybe when you come in, you can play not only Dragon Tiger but also other attractive games. If you don’t set the right amount of money for this game, you won’t be able to count and to play other games. You need to know your money before knowing the game.



Perhaps in any game, when participating players must always maintain the most comfortable spirit. Players are prone to stress when losing continuously or winning but losing. This just makes yourself more chaotic, and tired. Therefore, always maintain the most comfortable spirit. Mental control has greatly increased your odds of winning.

Hopefully the experience shared above will help you always win the game Dragon Tiger at 188BET of