Governor Christie On Sports Betting: Leagues Are 'Not In Touch With Reality'

Wed, Nov 12, 2014
by CapperTek

About one month ago, the New Jersey Senate approved a sports-betting bill.

New Jersey Governor Chris Christie is headed to Atlantic City on Wednesday to try to push along that process.

“Well, we’ll talk about a number of things today about Atlantic City and plans that we have to continue to work to try to get the city to grow and evolve into just more, than just a gaming resort, and certainly sports gaming is part of that and we feel like we’ve got a good chance to ultimately win in court, ’cause just think it isn’t fair to allow other states to do this and to not allow folks in New Jersey to not enjoy the same opportunity.”
Governor Christie explained why he believes sports betting in New Jersey should happen.

“What we know is, is sports gaming is going on every day in New Jersey in the shadows,” Christie explained. “And why shouldn’t we allow our tracks and our casinos, if they want to do that, to be able to do that? Make it their decision, but if they want to take those bets, why shouldn’t they? Shouldn’t people feel a little bit more secure making bets in places like that?”

Gambling and fantasy sports are so prevalent in sports, especially in the NFL, but these leagues are against legalizing sports betting.

“I find it very funny that their just not in touch with the reality of what’s going on every day,” Christie said. “The idea that they have shows on every Sunday to talk about the point spread. What relevance does the point spread have to a NFL game if it’s not about gambling?

I think their argument about the harm that comes to their leagues is really kind of ridiculous and fact is, this is happening every day.”