Has A Home Team Ever Won The Super Bowl?

Wed, Oct 12, 2022
by CapperTek

When it comes to the Super Bowl, every team wants a win. However, when it comes to playing a home game, teams tend to lose their spirit. Home games come with a bit of a problem. 

You see, the Odds to Win Super Bowl tend not to lean in favor of the home team, because the home team very rarely wins. This phenomenon is often known as the Super Bowl curse. 

That being said, it would seem, the last two years, the curse has been broken. 

Back in 2020, it seems that Tom Brady decided to break that curse with Tampa Bay! 

So, has a home team ever won the Super Bowl? Yes, they have! 

The Last 2 Years

Back in 2020-2021 the Buccaneers became the first team to make history and win the Super Bowl on their own turf, and then in 2021-2022, the Rams went all in and repeated history, winning on their own turf as well. 

Not many teams have the ability to say that they managed to win a Super Bowl in their home stadium. Until February 2022, no one aside from the Tampa Bay Buccaneers have managed to win a Super Bowl in their own hometown. 

Tampa Bay, armed with Tom Brady, managed to become the first ever team to win a Super Bowl on their home turf. Until then, the Super Bowl curse was wreaking havoc for everyone, and any team playing the Super Bowl at home knew they just would not get a win. 

Super Bowl Curse

The Super Bowl curse is also known as the Super Bowl hangover, basically refers to the phenomenon that there is a home field advantage curse, so that the team who hosts the Super Bowl will usually miss the playoffs or face elimination early in the postseason. 

Then there is also the Super Bowl curse that rarely sees wins on consecutive Super Bowls in comparison to other leagues. 

And of course, the last curse is that the loser of the previous Super Bowl will typically have a less successful season after the year of their win. 

Tampa Bay

The first team to beat the Super Bowl curse was the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, led by Tom Brady. In the 2020-2021 Super Bowl, Brady had only just switched to the Buccaneers, and left behind the Pats. 

While everyone knew Brady was like a lucky charm, no one was entirely sure if he would bring them the luck they needed to change the game and their fate. 

However, he really did. We cannot solely say it was on Brady, mind you, but it was still impressive and, coincidental when it turned out that in his first year with the Buccaneers, they won the Super Bowl, and they won it in their home stadium. 

They were also the first team to play the Super Bowl in their home stadium as well. 

They had managed to defeat the defending champions, which were the Kansas City Chiefs at 31-9,  an extremely impressive margin. 

While the NFL maintained the neutrality of not allowing their infamous cannons to fire during the game, they were sure fired quite a bit afterwards.

Since the Super Bowl time in ‘67, not a single team has even managed to play in their own home stadium. But, for the Bucc’s, even in the height of a Pandemic, they were not going small, they would not settle for simply playing a game in their home stadium, they wanted a win. 

That is Brady’s attitude though, and with his partner in crime Rob Gronkowski in tow, it was kind of a guarantee. They had to win, and they had to change history, taking a new record and being the first to beat the age old NFL curse. 

Most teams never even get a chance to play a Super Bowl in their own home stadium. It was a goal of theirs to start out that season with that aim in mind. 

Yet, the goal was not just to get to the Super Bowl, it was to win it as well. 

Brady, Gronk, their coach Arians, and the rest of the team entered the 2020-2021 season with winning the Super Bowl in mind. 

They did it, and broke 2 courses in the process. It was a shame they did not perform as well in the 2021-2022 season, or they could have broken all three. 

The Rams

The Rams were a favorite to win last year, and they did, becoming the 2nd team to ever play and win on their home turf. 

But, in spite of how the odds were stacked up in their favor, we aren’t entirely sure anyone really expected them to repeat what the Buccaneers had managed to do only a year prior. 

It is not exactly a phenomenon you expect to happen two times in a row. 

Prior to this Super Bowl victory, they had played many good games, and got close to pulling this off, much like some other teams, but they had never done quite so well. It does not happen often, but 2 times in two years, is quite the feat!