How does a sports bookie make money?

Wed, Jun 17, 2020
by CapperTek

The never-ending questions – how to become a sports bookie, why setting up a sportsbook is best with a PPH service? Over the last ten years, the online sportsbook industry has exploded, and bookies have popped up all across the United States. The demand for bookies has increased 10, 20 and even 30-fold. Gamblers are gambling and this is a great thing for anybody interested in throwing their hat in the ring as a bookie. The bookie business is fun, it can be fast-paced, and it can also be rewarding. You must position yourself correctly to make money and most of all, you must be willing to take some helpful advice from folks who have been there and done it. Here are a few friendly tips to help you get started.


Check out some football tipsters



· It does not matter how big or how small your sportsbook may be and in fact, you may laugh when you hear the term “sportsbook”. You may be saying to yourself “sportsbook, what does that mean”? No matter what kind of volume you are pushing or what kind of bottom-line you are seeing at the end of the week – it could be $10, or it could be several thousand… if you are taking one bet, even from your best friend – you are a bookie. The question is, how do you make money?



Find an Online Presence—


· Again, it matters not if you have one client or 600. What matters is this – are you appealing to your base? Are you keeping them honest? NUMBER 1 CROSS-ACTION you must have it. You cannot and will not make any money gambling with a player or two. That’s what you are doing, and you must understand this. There isn’t a bookie on the planet that can afford to gamble with his clients. You MAKE MONEY ON THE JUICE. The juice is there for a reason and you must utilize it. The only way to do this is through cross-action.


  • How do you get cross-action? You must build your base. You may be the bookie that we have mentioned a couple of times, you know, the guy with a client or two and they happen to be your buddies. You cannot get ahead, gambling with your buddies. Sooner or later, they are going to smoke you and then where will you be? Hopefully, you have a handful of clients now and you can use them for a starting point. If not, then you must start networking. Find clients at the local watering hole, work, social clubs, the gym, wherever you find yourself  - get clients on the hook.


The Juice—

· As mentioned, the juice is how you are going to earn big profits and you must set the line correctly. You must set them daily and you had better have a great idea as to what you are doing.

· You are probably not a line mover or an experienced oddsmaker. That’s ok, you don’t have to be.

 The PPH Provider—

· Get a good one. Find one right now and you will be shocked at the turnaround. Your bottom line will never be the same sop start preparing yourself for a six-figure income.

  • The pay per head is your line mover, they set the lines and odds for you daily and they are experienced. Of course, you will have the power to change any line at any time. This will be your sportsbook.
  • The PPH does everything for you. They custom-build your online sportsbook within a day or two of you making the call. The best part; FREE! They do it all free of charge. You do not have to be a programmer or know code, have site-building experience. All you need o do is hit the power button on your PC or mobile device and have the ability to click a mouse.

Find the best PPH provider for your buck and get moving today. You can expect to pay around $7 per head, per week. You pay if your clients play and they can play unlimited. There is simply not a better way to make money as a bookie then with a pay per head.

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