How New Technology Has Changed the Online Gambling World

Mon, Nov 28, 2022
by CapperTek

Technology is constantly changing and heading in new directions, and these advances are widespread across recreational platforms as much as they are industrial ones. The online gambling world is one of the core industries to have been positively influenced by modern technology. This post details the ways that online casinos have been improved and why this is something to be embraced.

Financial Protection

Online casinos deal in money – that is their main business. You, the client, deposit money into your online account and spend it on games and such. This money is then either returned to you or lost. If you win a sum, it is deposited back into your bank account. So, with all these dealings in personal financial information, there is a pressing need for casinos to have the correct security measures in place to avoid hacking and loss of private banking data. SSL encryption is the most common technology used across online platforms.

Player Protection

It has also become far easier to verify age and identity, which protects underage players from being exposed to illicit activities. But age is not the only thing that needs to be checked and confirmed, and this is by far not the only route taken by online casinos to ensure player safety. Other measures taken include a selection or all of the following.

·         Weekly Deposit Limits: Platforms like this allow for money from a personal bank account to be deposited into your e-gambling account. To regulate this, most legitimate and registered sites impose deposit limits which can be set by yourself as long as they are within the site’s limits. What this limit is, depends on the country of origin and their gambling laws. Restrictions like this are in place to encourage healthy gambling and to move away from detrimental toxic behavior's taking hold. Vice activity such as this can become quickly addictive and therefore, it is the responsibility of the industry to regulate player access in a safe manner.

·         Weekly Withdrawal Limits: The flip side of this, in place to protect the site and the client, is a limit imposed on how much money can be withdrawn. This money is winnings from games played. This differs between outlets but is usually dictated to on a weekly fund allowance.

·         Promoting Safe Gambling Habits: Most countries now enforce that casinos, especially online ones, must promote healthy gambling habits and promote the dangers of over-indulging. Addiction is a very real issue in society that leads to a variety of downslide style problems and can lead to financial ruin in this context. Though this has not always been the law, it now is and the power of positive advertising thanks to technology shines through.

Improved Graphics

Of course, one of the main perks is the almost constant influx of new and improved graphics. Not only is there a stream of new games to pick from, but these games also look better all the time. In addition to this, there are also new casino sites popping up at a constant pace, as you can see here through these lists from Online Casinos which are up to date with current information. The improved visual effects only make them that much more enticing, and the reduction in eye strain generally is worth noting. This is especially true for players who spend more time on the platform than others.

App Development

The ability to move games and features onto a mobile device system is also a recent development. Apps, while not brand new, are still new-ish and are concurrent with recent smartphone technology developments. Therefore, not all casino sites will have an app instead of opting for a mobile-friendly website, but some do! An app means that they can reach a wider number of players and that these players are more able to engage freely with a higher degree of flexibility overall.

People are inclined towards using their mobile phones more regularly than, say, their desktops, and even when browsing on a computer may still pick up their phone at the same time. That is just an undeniable factor of this modern society we all live in, so it makes sense ultimately for companies to engage with such movements in order to keep people signed up and interested.

Currency Shifts

If you haven’t heard of digital currency, let this be a brief introduction. Digital currencies, such as bitcoin, are a branch of money known as e-currency that is growing in both credibility and traction with people across the globe. It is a completely online monetary faction that can be used on select casino sites. Everything is digital and there are no physical representations of the money - not everyone uses it, but those who do often spend it on arenas such as this.


AI, or artificial intelligence, is another milestone achievement for humankind. How this translates into online casinos is through the use of bots and computer based team players. It allows the option to play against a computer generated set of commands and is a useful tool for practicing and for when being social just isn’t on the table.


Webcam technology allows for a much more social and interactive experience while playing online. Of course, this is not in everyone’s remit of comfort; however, in certain games it makes the experience function better. The ability to have a real-life host there for everyone to see through a webcam feed means players stay more engaged, feel more is at stake and ultimately play harder for their potential winnings.

The online gambling world has arguably been improved by modern technology. In fact, it is easy to go as far as to say that casinos based solely on the internet would not even be a possibility were it not for modern advances. The player experience is definitely enhanced by ever improving graphic abilities and software and the added peace of mind that data and confidential financial assets are completely protected through secure encryption only makes the experience more credible as well.