How to bet on over under in American football?

Thu, Aug 18, 2022
by CapperTek

Access a full breakdown of what over under betting is in American football, how to make the bets, and top points to consider when betting on over under.

American football is beginning to gain a lot of prominence in sports betting. Punters are beginning to explore the available betting markets. The moneyline bets, spread betting, over/under, and handicap bets are the most popular.

Right here, how to bet on over under in American football will be discussed. You’ll be given the directions to find the best bookies and betting sites. The most popular football league is the NFL in the United States. Bettors have problems with finding top sportsbooks in their region that they can wager on.

Caesars sportsbook is the best NFL betting site and also its official betting partner. If you reside in other parts of the world, there are top bookmakers in your region. For example, Betway, 1XBET, and Soccabet are some of the best betting companies in Ghana. Experts are the only ones who can give you the best tips and predictions on NFL football.

The tipsters do analysis and post the NFL bets like the NFL futures, NFL over under, NFL betting lines, prop bets and more. Team statistics, team news, head-to-head record, win/lose streak and betting odds to analyse the tips.

Everything confusing about how the over/under betting market works in the NFL will be demystified in the next subtopic. Let’s carry on!

What is an over under bet in American football?

Let’s start from the head, the over/under bet is a wager on the total points scored by teams in a sports match. This is entirely different from match betting or point spread where the bet is dependent on the winner or loser of the match. Over under in American Football is a bet on the number of points both teams will score in the NFL game.

Example: The Dallas Cowboys vs Denver Broncos with the over under at 43.5 with the games ending 16-30. The NFL total is 46 points. Anyone that wagers on over 43.5 will win the bet because the game ended with 44 or more points. A bet on under 43.5 will lose because both teams scored more points.

The NFL odds are not constant and the bookies regulate them. It changes from time to time. There are other forms of bet in over under betting: Individual over/under, half over/under and quarter over/under.

Individual over under: This is the total points scored by a single team in an NFL game. In the example cited above, the Broncos alone had 30 points. If the line is 27.5 points and you bet on over 27.5 points, you win because they scored at least 28 points.

Before explaining the second part, there is a type of bet called Prop bets. These bets are in-game bets that are independent of the final score or outcome of the match. Half/quarter over/under falls under prop bets. A half over under bet is a bet on the total points at halftime or in the second half of a match. 

There are basically two halves, the first and second half. The quarter over under is a prediction of the points total at the end of any quarter selected. There are four quarters in NFL football. Pick one of them when doing this bet.

Live betting is making a wager while the game is in-play. The over under betting market doesn’t close at the start of the NFL game. If you’re a bettor that is accustomed to live betting, then you’re not left out of this.

How to place an over/under bet on American football?

Having at your fingertips the best bookies and betting sites is your best shot at a successful bet. They cover the football events and post the NFL odds. As stated at the beginning of this article, Caesars sportsbook is the best NFL betting site but if it isn’t accessible due to your location, no problem.

First, you search for online sports platforms on the internet. There are many of them, filter the best ones and select one. The next thing is to have an account with them. Without an account, you cannot make any bet. 

Click the sign-up button and register. You’ll be required to enter your details name, age to verify etc. After you’ve signed up, make a deposit. The deposit is the money that you’ll use to bet.

Check for the sports, this time, you look for “American football”. Click on the NFL and look out for the game you want to bet on. After this, there will be a page full of the available betting markets. Search for the over under and place the bet.

Top points to consider when doing over under bets on american football

Team offence/defence give insights on what type of predictions to make. When you’re going through these stats, ignore their wins/losses. Look at the number of points the team has averaged per game. With this, it is possible to know whether it is over bet or under bet to go with. A team might be winning games but at the same time not scoring a high number of points. This means their defence is the one carrying them in the games.

Home advantage: This is a factor that affects certain teams in the NFL. When some teams are playing at home, their performance goes above the bar due to the home court advantage. Also, certain teams struggle in some stadiums. This is why it's better to check their head-to-head record and see how the opponents have done when home and away.

H2h statistics: This is a record that shows the results of the previous meetings of both teams. Because of the type of bet we are making, what we are picking out is the total points between the teams. Preferably their last five meetings and divide the points to know the average.

Team/player news: News gives a report of everything around a team or player in NFL football. For players, you know who is injured or unavailable for the game. While for the team, you know the changes that are made by the officials. Before an NFL game starts, know the players that are available. If the team’s best players are unavailable, then you will be able to make adjustments.

Make early bets: the betting odds are always changing. Making your wager in advance before the match is almost starting is better because this time the odds will be high and favourable. There will be enough time to compare the sportsbooks and get the best.


American football has a lot of betting markets to explore asides from over under bets. NFL future is common, you can bet on the team to win the Super Bowl. There’s a ladder for outrights like NFL MVP, teams to make NFL playoffs, who will be the top prospect in the NFL draft from college basketball etc. A piece of advice: subscribe to football experts. Make sure you understand each of the betting options you want to bet on. Also know how the odds are written, American, fractional and decimal. Keep a track of all the bets.