MLB Profiles: Minnesota Twins

Wed, May 3, 2023
by CapperTek

The odds of making the playoffs this year are super low for the Minnesota Twins. Sure they are doing well compared to the rest of AL Central, but that's only because the league is poor overall.

For the Twins to beat the odds, they need to focus on their main players. And if you plan on adding a Twin to your fantasy team, make sure you know which players to pick.

To help you narrow down the field, we will find the best batters, pitchers, and fielders based on their stats this season.

The Best Batters On The Minnesota Twins

A good batter has to have a high batting average, a large number of runs, hits, doubles and triples, and a high slugging average.

Starting simply, the player with the best batting average is second baseman Jorge Polanco with a solid 0.310. 

A professional baseball player should ideally have an average of 0.3 or higher. Knowing this, it’s shocking to see that second place doesn’t hit the mark. First baseman Donovan Solano only has an average of 0.292.

In third place is catcher Ryan Jeffers with 0.270. None of these players are the designated hitters of the group, so perhaps the averages don’t tell the whole story.

If we look at the total runs this season, DH Bryon Buxton takes the lead with 20. While in joint second place are left fielder Trevor Larnach and first baseman Joey Gallo both with 12.

Moving onto hits we are starting to see a pattern. Buxton comes in joint first place with 26 hits so far, sharing the titles with third baseman Jose Miranda. And third place goes to Larnach with 23.

We don’t need to look through the entire team to see who has the most doubles and triples. It’s our designated batsman Buxton with 6 and 1. Admittedly Buxton shares the triple title with 5 other players, but seeing as they each had 1, we can ignore it.

The last figure we need to consider is the slugging average. In first place is first baseman Joey Gallo with 0.661, second is right fielder Kyle Garlick with 0.571 and third is second baseman Jorge Polanco with 0.548.

A good slugging average is 0.4 or higher, and 8 members of the Twins have hit that achievement. At least the team is excelling somewhere.

So what does this mean for us? Well, Buxton is clearly the best hitter, but when it comes to accuracy Polanco and Gallo shouldn’t be ignored. Any one of them would be a great choice for your fantasy team.

The Best Pitchers On The Minnesota Twins

To find the best pitchers we need to see high winning figures, low losing figures, high saves, and high strikeouts.

Straight off the bat, we have a starting pitcher taking the lead. Joe Ryan has the most wins on the team with 5 to his name. Second, is SP Sonny Gray with 4, and third is SP Pablo Lopez with 2. Even better, all three of them haven’t received a loss yet!

The pitcher with the highest losses is Kenta Maeda taking 4 to their name.

But what about saves? Coming in first place is relief pitcher Jhoan Duran with 6, second is Jorge Lopez with 2 and third is starting pitcher Brent Headrick with 1. No other players have completed a save.

Now for the crowd-pleaser! Which players have created the most strikeouts? In first place is Pablo Lopez with 46, second is Joe Ryan with 43, and third is Sonny Gray with 41. 

Picking between the three is a hard choice as P Lopez, Ryan, and Gray are clearly the best pitchers on the team. Because Ryan comes second in the strikeouts and first in the “most wins”, we have to pick him as the best pitcher on the Minnesota Twins.

The Best Fielders On The Minnesota Twins

To catch the best fielders we need to study the putouts, assists, and caught stealing figures.

The best putouts figures come from catcher Christian Vazquez with 211, Joey Gallow with 119, and Donovan Solano with 100.

Most assists came from shortstop Carlos Correa with 52, Jose Miranda with 47, and Jorge Polanco with 26.

While only two people have managed to catch a steal, catcher Ryan Jeffers did it 5 times, and Vazquez did it twice. 

Christian Vazquez is the only player to show up in the stealing and the putout portion of our examination, so we have to label him as the best fielder on the Minnesota Twins.

Final Thoughts

In some ways, the Minnesota Twins are doing well so far in the season. Take the slugging average as an example. Most professional players aim to reach an average of 0.4, but 8 members of the team have already achieved that goal!

Knowing this information, you can beat gambling sites like Fanduel MLB, as you use the data they didn’t realize you had! Don’t bet on the team to win, bet on the players to reach a goal you know is achievable!
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