NBA Commissioner Adam Silver: 'The Laws on Sports Betting Should be Changed'

Fri, Nov 14, 2014
by CapperTek

Writing an opt-in piece for the New York Times, NBA Commissioner Adam Silver says he wants sports betting legalized at the state level.  This comes just one week before  U.S. District Court Judge Michael Shipp will hear oral argument on whether to issue an injunction that continues to bar Monmouth Park from offering sports betting.

The National Basketball Association is also one of the parties that has sued New Jersey to prevent the Garden State from offering legalized sports betting.

So what gives?

Silver’s comments will most certainly raise some eyebrows.

“In light of these domestic and global trends, the laws on sports betting should be changed. Congress should adopt a federal framework that allows states to authorize betting on professional sports, subject to strict regulatory requirements and technological safeguards.”

John Brennan of the Bergen Record was quick to elicit responses from leading sports law attorneys.

from Fordham’s Mark Conrad: “John, I think this is a big deal. Imagine the revenues going to gov’t coffers! Could lead to bipartisan support for repealing PASPA.”

from University of New Hampshire’s Michael McCann: “Adam Silver recommending new laws to let states legalize sports betting doesn’t undermine NBA’s legal case that NJ is violating current law.”

Sports law professor Ryan Rodenberg: “As I said 2+ years ago, the NCAA/NBA/NFL/NHL/MLB v. NJ litigation isn’t about sports wagering. It is about control.”

and from Griffin Finan at Ifrah Sports Law in Washington, DC: “Congress is at all time record levels of inefficiency, not sure If there is much traction for #sportsbetting legislation at this point.”

from sports law attorney Daniel Wallach of Becker Poliakoff: “Won’t help NJ next wk (or on appeal), but Adam Silver favors legalization and regulation of sports betting. ETA=2016?”

and “Reason why Adam Silver op-ed won’t impact current case: irreparable harm may be presumed thru NJ law’s violation of PASPA & Supremacy Clause”


“Adam Silver op-ed makes clear that “unregulated” sports betting (what NJ proposes) would affect integrity of games & cause irreparable harm”