NFL Greatest Moments: The Mile High Miracle

Tue, Jul 5, 2022
by CapperTek

In 2012 one of the most cinematic moments of NFL history was created. It was the AFC Divisional playoffs, which meant a season of gameplay was already underway before this moment of glory. Come January 12th, 2013 a game-changing touchdown acted like a spanner in clockwork, forcing a tie and allowing the game to carry on.

Statistically, the game shouldn’t have ended how it did. Like movie magic, the heroes felt lost until the final minute of play, and then everything changed. Beating the NFL betting odds, and forcing bookies back and forth on the money, there won’t be another game like it in a generation.

A Movie Magic Summary

This game became known as the Mile High Miracle, as the playoff was set in Mile High Denver and only the divine could have predicted the ending.

With just a minute left on the clock, the Denver Broncos were in the lead but not by much. Despite the Baltimore Ravens beating the Indianapolis Colts just 6 days before, the Broncos were considered the favorites for this game.

The commentators were discussing how the Ravens put up a great fight, but in the end, the Broncos were always going to win. But Baltimore wasn’t going to let that happen.

With one minute left on the clock, quarterback Joe Flacco passed a 70-yard touchdown to Jacoby Jones forcing the game to continue. They had a second chance to stay in the championship.

The crowd was cheering and the camera pans to rookie kicker Justin Tucker. Just like a classic movie moment, this young lad had the world on his shoulders, and he managed to kick a 47-yard field goal as the nation watched.

That kick was enough to push the Ravens into the lead with a 38 to 35 finish.

Not only did this game put everyone on their feet, but it also grabbed the record as the 4th longest NFL game in all history. And without a doubt, it was one of the best games of all time.

The Baltimore Ravens 2012 Season

In December, the Baltimore Ravens were up against the Denver Broncos for a postseason match.

It was a match that, looking back, created great parallels for the game to come. Initially, Denver took a 10-point lead, starting off the first quarter strong. In the late second half, the Ravens fought their way forward but the touchdown caused some questions.

In the end, the referee dismissed the touchdown, citing that Joe Flacco, our spanner throwing savior of the future, threw a red zone pass to Chris Harris.

From this rejection, the Raven allowed the failure to defeat them. Ending the game at 34 to 17.

After that failure, the Ravens were guaranteed a place in the playoffs, but Joe Flacco was criticized by fans and commentators alike. They continued on a 3-game losing streak, further cementing the feeling of failure. 

Their star linebacker, Ray Lewis, chose this time to announce his retirement. This last crushing blow forced Baltimore into fighting back. With a fury of rejection, the Ravens became the divisional champions earning a 10 to 6 record.

The Denver Broncos 2012 Season

The Denver Broncos started the 2012 season slowly. They had just signed in a new star, Peyton Manning, but the payoff for such a player didn’t begin right away. Out of their first 5 games, 3 were lost. 

Manning in particular couldn’t find his feet in this new team. This was most evident in the Monday Night Football game, where his passes were intercepted 3 times, just in the first quarter. 

But when the team finally won against the New England Patriots, a new rhythm was formed allowing the Broncos to band together. For the rest of the regular season, the Broncos wouldn’t lose. On an 11-game winning streak, their betting odds were constantly in their favor.

One of their multiple wins was against the Baltimore Ravens. But for them, this team was just one of the 11 they defeated.

By the time the Ravens and the Broncos would meet again, the Ravens were fresh into the feeling of success, while the Broncos were the season heroes.

Final Thoughts

From every angle, this rise to victory for the Ravens was a cinematic moment. The game itself was tense, talented, and filled with drama, but the lead-up was just as emotional. 

The slow rise to stability only to be pushed down near the end of the journey, allowing the last minute redemption arc for Flacco. What more could we have asked for.