NHL Players With the Most MVP Awards In History

Wed, Jun 1, 2022
by CapperTek

The NHL is one of the most intense championships to contribute to hockey. Ever since it started, players have demonstrated a huge capacity for success. As a result, there have been a huge amount of record breaks consistently happening within the NHL. 

It is highly recommended to check out the latest NHL lines in order to see which players have the potential to set new records and achieve huge things in the future. The following players have the most MVP awards in the history of the NHL. 

Wayne Gretzky – 9

Firstly, Wayne Gretzky is a champion who achieved Olympic gold medals in addition to a huge amount of recognition within the NHL. He started skating at just three-years old, and his very first pair of ice skates are on display in the Hockey Hall of Fame. 

Gretzky orchestrated a rule change within professional hockey, and has the highest number of MVP awards in NHL history. The Hart Memorial Trophy was presented to Gretzky nine times during his career as a professional hockey player, and this record still stands today as the highest number of MVP awards to a single player. 

Gretzky certainly left an impression on the NHL, and the world of hockey in general, and his MVP award record is highly impressive. 

Gordie Howe – 6

As a right wing, Gordie Howe was an essential member of the Detroit Red Wings. On the ice, Howe demonstrated a huge capacity for scoring and power. In addition to an impressive career length, Howe is known for redefining the key qualities of a forward. 

Howe played professional hockey for five decades, which is one of the longest in the NHL. As a result, Howe received the NHL Lifetime Achievement Award. Many consider Howe to be an icon in the history of hockey, and his six MVP awards are just a fraction of the widespread honors this player has received. 

Eddie Shore – 4

Another player who is widely considered to be an icon within the NHL history is Eddie Shore. His four MVP awards were presented across the span of four consecutive years, and his jersey has been retired by the Boston Bruins. 

Shore holds a range of NHL records, including the most Hart Memorial Trophy awards by a defenceman. His contributions to hockey were also honored in 1970 with the Lester B. Patrick Award.  

Alex Ovechkin – 3

There are five members of the NHL who have a record of three MVP awards. One of these in Alex Ovechkin, who achieved enormous success as a left wing with the Washington Capitals. Not only that, but the Russian player has seen a great deal of international success. 

Ovechkin was a member of the Russian Olympic team twice, and is certainly a force to be reckoned with. As well as being a Stanley Cup Champion, Ovechkin earned the Hart Memorial Trophy three times. Not only that, but he was given the Art Ross Trophy, and Conn Smythe Trophy as a celebration of his achievements. 

Mario Lemieux – 3

Another NHL player who has three MVP awards is Mario Lemieux, who has a statue in his honor outside the Console Energy Center in Pittsburgh. He is the only player to score more than thirty power-play goals in two different seasons. 

Lemieux also shares Gretzky’s position as one of the top ten NHL scorers for points and assists in a season. The center player also set a range of records for the Pittsburgh Penguins. These include the most goals made within a player’s career, the longest streak for scoring goals at twelve games, and the most points in a single season. 

Bobby Clarke – 3

For fifteen years, Bobby Clarke was a key player in the NHL for the Philadelphia Flyers. Many considered the toothless grin photographed with the Stanley Cup as one of the most iconic pictures out there. 

Among many other records, Clarke had three MVP awards during his career. Even as an alum player, Clarke maintained a highly impressive record as a high achieving, all-round player. 

Bobby Orr – 3

Bobby Orr was another player who retired with a respectable record of three Hart Memorial Trophy wins during his career. Orr was a key reason why the Boston Bruins attracted sell-out attendance. He was inducted into the Ontario Sports Hall of Fame in 1970. 

Howie Morenz - 3

Finally, Howie Morenz was a key part of the Montreal Canadians. He led them to three Stanley Cup successes, and earned the Hart Memorial Trophy three times during his career as a professional hockey player. Following his tragic passing, Morenz’ number was retired by the NHL in honor of the high achieving player. 


There are a number of players who have shaped the NHL into what it is today. Some of these have been recognized with MVP honors and the Hart Memorial Trophy. Each player has achieved huge things during their careers as professional hockey players, and they share an excellent natural talent on the ice. This allows them to think quickly when they need to, and to defend their position as necessary.