Online Casino Or Sports Betting: Where Are The Chances Of Winning Higher?

Wed, Aug 9, 2023
by CapperTek

The global online gambling market generated $231 billion in revenue in 2021. Online casinos and sports betting were major contributors to the trend. Online casinos feature a wide array of games - ranging from slots to poker and roulette. Winning these games is often based on luck. And casinos always have an edge. Meaning they are more likely to win.

But sports betting is where bettors predict the outcome of sports events. Unlike casino games, it involves skill and knowledge. Luck is also a factor. But informed bettors with a better understanding of teams and players have a better shot at winning.

The one question most gamblers have is online casinos or sports betting, which gives you a better chance of winning? Let’s find out.

Online Casinos: Do They Give You More Chances of Winning?

Virtual casinos are platforms where players get to seek thrill and fortune. Moreover, it is beneficial for the economy. Nonetheless, do they offer higher win probabilities than sports betting?

How Do Online Casinos Work?

Online casinos are traditional brick-and-mortar establishments’ virtual counterparts. These platforms rely on advanced software and technology to provide online gambling experiences. Players can indulge in a diverse game selection regardless of their geographical location. For example, slots and table games like blackjack, roulette, and poker. Some providers, like the ones in this list of online casinos Philippines, go to great lengths to offer live dealer experiences. To start gambling, users should register an account. Then they’ll deposit real money and start playing. Winnings can be withdrawn through the preferred payment channel.

Games With Better Winning Odds

In the gambling world, there is a phrase called “house edge.” The term refers to the fact that the odds generally favor the casinos. After all, they have to make profits and stay in business. Still, the good news is that a few games don’t rely on luck and can be won using strategy.

The games in casinos are classified into two categories:

     Games of chance

     Games of skill

Games of chance are based on luck. An example is slot machines. Here, outcomes are decided by random number generators. Games of skill include poker and blackjack. They demand strategic decision-making. Hence, players can win using an optimal strategy.

The Economic Impact of Virtual Casinos

Online casino benefits go beyond entertainment. Gambling markets worldwide, especially in developing countries like the Philippines, have witnessed massive growth. The revenue contributes to better public projects, greater job opportunities, and continuous technological innovations.

Does Sports Betting Allow You to Make a Fortune?

Sports betting requires strategic thinking. It works differently than gambling at casinos. Here’s how.

How Does Sports Betting Work?

Unlike casino games, wagering takes strategy and experience. Users place wagers on the sporting events’ outcomes. It is more like predicting which team may win. But doing so requires monitoring the game stats. Users should be passionate about sports. They should watch the many teams, players, their abilities, skills, history, etc.

To bet on a sport, you first choose a reliable sportsbook. Sportsbooks are platforms to wager on sports. They offer wagers for different outcomes. In addition, sportsbooks show the potential payout a bettor could receive for correct predictions. Higher odds indicate a lower likelihood of a particular outcome happening.

The sportsbook you choose should be secure. According to Hiraya Alonto, a professional content maker and senior advisor at Casino Philippines 10, “The site where you want to bet needs to be secure. We will check for the technologies used by the operator to ensure safety, and at the same time, we will check how new that system is. The goal here is that the bettor’s data must always be protected, and the account has to stay secure no matter what.”

After finding a sportsbook, pick an event you'd like to wager on. Most platforms offer bets on several sports. This includes motorsports, football, basketball, horse racing, etc. Once you place your bet (stake), wait for the outcome.

After an event, the bets are settled based on the actual outcome. If your prediction is correct, you receive a payout determined by the odds.

Strategies to Improve Your Chances of Winning

     Value Betting

Find bets where the odds underestimate the actual probability of an event occurring. You should identify situations where you think the odds are in your favor.

     Research and Analyze

Perform in-depth research to learn valuable information. Analyze team dynamics, head-to-head records, and recent forms. Also, consider external factors like weather and player motivation.

     Wager Responsibly

It is tempting to place large bets. But it is wise to avoid placing large bets on a single game to avoid huge losses. Set a budget, and stick to a predetermined wager to minimize risk.

     Focus On Specific Sports

Don’t spread yourself thin across multiple sports. Instead, focus on a few you are passionate about. In-depth knowledge of sport’s nuances and trends gives you an edge.

     Avoid Emotional Betting

Emotional decisions rarely lead to winning outcomes. Don’t bet on your favorite team unless there is a logical reason. Make informed choices.


Improving your chances of winning at online casinos involves identifying games with lower house edges. You need to play with a strategy to succeed in sports betting. Both gameplays have unique qualities. So, choosing a better platform boils down to your interests. Try your hand at both to see which one suits your taste better. You should also alternate between casino games and sports betting for an exciting experience.