Promoting Responsible Gambling in the Age of US Sports Feeds

Thu, Apr 25, 2024
by CapperTek

Responsible Gambling in the World of Popular US Sports Feeds: Promoting Safe Wagering Habits

If you like betting on sports and keeping up to date with the scores and odds in real-time, then you likely watch a sports feed. It might be a mobile app or a sports television feed with a score ticker. Of course, many sports feeds showcase other types of gambling, like casino games. For instance, you may see a roulette tutorial that quickly explains something as basic as the roulette payout chart or as complex as a betting system. Still, most people follow popular US sports feeds for the scores and odds. 

With updated odds constantly scrolling before your eyes, it’s easy to suddenly get the urge to make a few bets. Some folks are more prone to this type of under-the-radar messaging than others. This is why it is so important to take a responsible approach to sports betting and other forms of gambling. It’s those sudden urges that often lead to impulse betting and other bad habits. Let’s go over a few of best ways to keep those urges under control and bet responsibly. 

Practice Responsible Bankroll Management

It doesn’t matter if you are a small-time recreational bettor or a heavy hitter, you have to manage your bankroll accordingly. This includes:

  • Establishing a bankroll that suits your financial capabilities. Never gamble any more than you can comfortably afford to part with.

  • Establishing a base unit size. Most responsible sports bettors scale their units to between 1% and 5% of their total bankroll.

  • Staying consistent. Keep you bet sizes more or less the same through hot streaks and cold streaks.

  • Setting a profit goal. Once you reach it, you can walk away a winner or consider reassessing your bet size. Conversely, you can dial it back if you are going through a dry spell.

  • Never borrow money from people for the purposes of gambling. Doing this is a strong indication of a gambling problem.

By heeding this advice, you’re gambling health will be strong and your bankroll will be able to withstand long losing streaks. As such, your bankroll will survive to play another day.

Responsible Gambling Tools

Online and retail sportsbooks offer a host of helpful resources to keep your gambling safe. If you bet online, then you should make a point of checking out the Responsible Gambling section of your online sportsbook account. You should start by taking a self-assessment test to get a sense of where you’re at in terms of gambling health. You can then set limits on spending and losses. It can be a daily limit, weekly limit, or monthly limit. Once you reach that limit, you won’t be able to play until the next cycle. This prevents players from going down that dark rabbit hole of overspending.

US sportsbooks also have loads of contact information for local and national gambling support entities like Gambler’s Anonymous. These services are free and confidential. 

Never Chase Losses

Chasing losses is a surefire method of flushing your bankroll down the toilet. While the prospect of a bounce-back bet is tempting, you are better off simply shutting it down and regrouping. Turn off the sports feed and do something constructive.


Sports fans are constantly inundated with the latest scores and betting information. Add the fact that placing online bets is so convenient, and it’s easy to see how some bettors can be tempted to overdo it. However, you need to bet responsibly if you want your sports betting to remain a fun long-term hobby.