Ranking The Top Rookies For The 2022 NFL Season

Tue, May 17, 2022
by CapperTek

Draft picks are technically considered as rookies now. These rookies will influence the NFL spread in the upcoming season, but what we want to know is which of these rookies have the potential to be game-changing players. 

We’ve seen it before, and it could always happen again. We think the odds are solid, then suddenly a rookie changes everything, such utter skill, unbridled like a wild stallion comes out of nowhere, and a team who were just okay before are not top dogs. 

It sounds like wishful thinking, but it could happen, and it has happened before. 

So, with our eye ever on the newest blood in the NFL after the 2022 draft, who are our most likely top rookies for this season? 

2022 Hopeful Rookies

Last year we saw a rookie Micah Parsons become an immediate menace, and Rashawn Slater blocked absolutely EVERYTHING! Ja’Marr Chase was sensational, and we never quite anticipated such legends to come so soon. 

So, perhaps we should consider it now. 

Who Are The Best Prospects?

So, we have chosen 5 new blood rookies that we think will be the best bets. However, not only are these picks skilled and likely to do wonders for their teams, but they also have a pretty good placement too! 

#1. Skyy Moore - Chiefs

First up we have Skyy Moore who has landed a place as a wide receiver with the Kansas City Chiefs. The Chiefs are already looking pretty hot to trot this season but with Moore, they might do even better! 

This was a pairing made by God. He was the 6th wideout to be picked in the 2nd round of the draft as well. His film was glorious, testing like a high-caliber legend, yet he doesn't even turn 22 until September 

Okay, there’s plenty of talent in the Chiefs already, but many are expecting Moore to stand out much like Mahomes did, as a favorite in the Chiefs already pretty stellar defensive lineup. 

The other receivers might have a more streamlined target path, but Moore is expected to make the biggest impact among this year's rookies. 

#2. Logan Hall - Buccaneers

Logan Hall is a rookie for the Buccaneers as a defensive tackle. The concept is that Hall with Vita Vea will be the inside of the defensive front of the Buc’s. One will advance as a penetrating pass-rusher and another as a block destroyer.

Hall has a pass-rush move that is something of heavenly, you’d think he was a top-tier defensive tackle pro at this point. It shallows out his professional learning curve, however. 

He isquite an amazing specimen as well, standing 6ft6 and weighing 283 lbs, but having enough flexibility to squeeze through the gaps and cause enough damage to the offense. 

He is a genius at disrupting the pocket, it's what he did in his college career and what he's been selected to do in his professional career too

#3. Aidan Hutchinson - Lions

Then we have Hutchinson, as an edge with the Detroit Lions. He was the 2nd overall pick to a team that is in absolute desperate need of some good edge-rushing skill. 

Aside from this, they also needed to find a high-energy defender who had the ability to lead as well. 

Hutchinson was a perfect fit, and they are dead certain he will bring all this and more to the field in the game of play. He shows amazing power and speed and is maddeningly flexible at 6ft7 and 260 lbs. 

They are certain he has got exactly what they are looking for to improve their team right now. 

#4. Zion Johnson - Chargers

Johnson is playing offensive guard with the Chargers now. We do not always think of ‘offensive guard’ when we consider a player that will have an instantaneous impact on the game. However, there are many positions that can impact a team, it depends on the skill. 

Sometimes when we watch a game, it can be the offensive line that just lets things down, one slip up from the offensive line and the game can be in the trash. 

Johnson is the pick me up the team needs and could bring that creative and skill juice they need to get back on track. His steady play could actually lead to Herbert taking another jump this year, which would send him to superstar status. 

Maybe that is just what the Chargers need.

#5. Christian Watson - Packers

Finally, we have a lot of hope for Watson as well. The Packers have had to replace 248 targets from the last season, and the room for a receiver is not rightly brimming with confidence at the moment. 

They traded 2 2nd round-picks in their division, to the Vikings, and when they landed Watson as a 34th overall pick. He was not exactly cheap. 

However, he is 64 with a 4.36 speed, he does have the physical attributes to be one hell of a big player. 

He is raw to the core with his route and doesn’t exactly bounce off of tackles, but his athleticism is brimming. 

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