Seeds for March Madness 2023: Breaking Down the Top 16 Teams

Thu, Mar 2, 2023
by CapperTek

Photo Credit to KeithJJ from Pixbay 

With Selection Sunday for the 2023 men's NCAA tournament fast approaching, tension is rising. Out of the 68 teams in the NCAA tournament, each team will get a numerical ranking from 1 to 16, called the seed. This ranking will determine where each team will be placed in the region.

The selection committee determines the seeds for the 2023 March Madness based on various factors, like the team's record. The top 16 teams are assigned seeds 1 through 4 in each region, whereas the remaining 48 are assigned seeds 5 through 16 based on their overall ranking.

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South region (Louisville)

Hailing from the South region, Alabama, with the No. 1 seed, is the most efficient team in the country by a wide margin. Baylor was graced with the No. 2 seed spot considering their performance against Kansas.

Assigned the No. 3 spot is the Virginias from the ACC, featuring two-possession games in the season. While the No. 4 seed spot in the Big Ten championship is Indiana, even though they might not be the competition winner, it plays like the best team in the country.

Midwest Region (Kansas City)

In the Midwest, Huston gets the No. 1 seed considering their sweet victory against the Cougar in the AAC championship. The No. 2 seed is one of the toughest teams in the country from the Big 12 championship, Texas. Texas ranks this well due to its impressive defense and high likelihood of reaching the national championship ceiling.

Going into the SEC championship is Tennessee with the No 3. Seed due to their overall resume of fantastic wins against Kansas, Maryland, Texas, and Alabama. Furthermore, Xavier from the Big East leagues got the No. 4 seed, perhaps due to their double-digit Quad 1 or 3 victories.

West region (Las Vegas)

Topping the list in the Western region is Kansas from the Big 12 leagues. Assigned the No. 1 seed is Kansas which makes a lot of sense as no team has more Quad 1 wins than Kansas. Next on the list is Arizona from the Pac-12 Conference with the No. 2 seed.

Kansas State from the Big 12 championship gets the No. 3 seed as they are prominent for their top-notch coach Jerome Tang and the college basketball best duos, Keyontae Johnson and Marquis Nowell. The No. 4 seed is Gonzaga from the WCC championship, with only three Quad 1 wins which may be why they are not a bit higher.

East region (New York City)

From the Eastern region, Purdue is topping the list with the No. 1 seed because it has been a beacon of consistency from 2022 to 2023. Next on the list is UCLA from the Pac-12 Conference with the No. 2 seed, ranking first regarding defensive efficiency in 2022 March Madness.

Going further, Iowa State from the Big 12 leagues gets the No. 3 seed despite its loss to Texas and Temple in the preseason; they keep finding ways to exceed expectations. And with the No. 4 seed in Marquette from the Big East championship as they close in on an improbable championship after coming ninth in the preseason poll.


The 2023 NCAA Selection Sunday is on March 12th, and the complete 68 team fields will be revealed during the broadcast. And the sweet 16 will begin their games in New York and Las Vegas on March 23rd and conclude in Louisville and Kansas City on March 24th. Before then, take advantage of these top 16 teams for the 2023 March Madness to make more accurate predictions.