Spice Up Your Super Bowl Party With Betting

Sat, Feb 12, 2022
by CapperTek

By Doug Upstone of Docsports.com

Let’s be honest, the Super Bowl is a national holiday of sorts. Oh sure, it doesn’t have a government designation like President’s Day (where all mattresses are 40 percent off) or fake holidays like Bosses Day, but what it does have is the ability to capture people's attention.

Many people that don’t watch football all year will watch the Super Bowl, but with the commercials and halftime show, there is entertainment beyond football.

That leads to adding some spice to your Super Bowl party or attending one. Football betting in this setting can be fun if done properly and here is what we mean. You start with everyone paying a set amount of possibly $5 or $10 depending on the size of the crowd or what the tastes are of the crowd.

Here is a list of potential “bets” everyone can make that only require a simple answer so everyone can participate.

Length of National Anthem – Over/Under 1:38

Coin Toss

What Team Wins the Game?

Will Either Quarterback Have an Interception?

Will the Game End on an Even or Odd Number?

Once the Game Starts, What Coach Will be Shown First?

What Team Will Score First?

Will The First Score be Field Goal or Touchdown?

Will There Be a Missed Field Goal?

Will There Be a Missed Extra Point?

Will Either Team Try a Two-Point Conversion?

What Team Will Lead at Half Time? Or Will the Game Be Tied?

How Many Songs Will Be Played at Halftime? Over/Under 9.5

Will The Team Leading at Halftime Win the Game? (More fun to ask at halftime)

What Team Will Score First After Halftime?

What Team Will Score Last?

What Will the Color of the Gatorade Bath be for the Winning Team?

To set this up, you should designate someone who can ask the questions and keep track of everyone’s answers so this all goes more smoothly. Also, as the game unfolds, others may come up with situations that they would like to see added.

If you have a more football-centric crowd, you can get a printout from various sportsbooks and go into more, somewhat in-depth questions.

For example: Who Will Win the Super Bowl MVP?

What Quarterback Will Have the Most Passing Yards?

What Running Back Will Have the Most Rushing Yards?

Who Will Have More Receiving Yards: Cooper Kupp or Ja’Marr Chase?

Going this direction, the possibilities are limited by your imagination or what you print out to find that makes the most sense.

In the end, whether the game is memorable or not, if you do something like this that adds to everyone’s enjoyment of the day, your party or idea will be the real winner.

Doug Upstone of Doc’s Sports was in the golf business for over 20+ years and understands the ins and outs of what it takes to find winners on the Tour. In the past month, Doug has had a profit of +1,040 of profit. 

Doug Upstone of Doc’s Sports has - 23 Documented No. 1 Titles - 96 Documented Top 10 Finishes - 2 Handicapper of the Month Awards. (Latest: MLB September 2021) Doug as a professional handicapper/writer has written for various well-known sports betting websites and several football newsletters.