The impact of technology on modern casinos

Wed, Mar 22, 2023
by CapperTek

Technology is thriving in most sectors of world economies. Its advancement has caused changes in business and daily lives. Technology has specifically transformed the gaming industry. Casino operators and bettors have reaped big from modern technologies like augmented reality, virtual reality, blockchain networks, gaming software, etc. 


The most reliable casinos have embraced modern technologies, including Technology is a revolution we cannot wish away. It is here to stay. Casinos that look to excel should follow in the footsteps of fellow operators who have adopted modern technologies. Certain top technologies have simplified the casino business. We will reveal these next.


Explaining how modern technologies are changing online casinos 

Current technologies applicable in the casino business have improved the gambling world. Besides helping casinos earn more money, these technologies have automated various processes. Casinos can target, attract, and retain customers via present technologies. Here are the top technologies that are changing the casino business:

Augmented Reality (VR) 

Technology has allowed casinos to employ augmented reality in their gaming operations. AR gaming is happening in advanced casinos right now. AR enables a casino to connect its virtual gaming environment with the physical world of their customer. An AR game can sense a physical environment and put its audio and visual features on top with a live camera, GPS, or microphone. 


AR has not gone as far as enabling live feedback between virtual and physical worlds like extended reality has. However, AR gaming keeps you connected to your physical setting. You can play AR games on a smartphone or tablet and watch what is happening around you. 


Casinos that provide AR games allow bettors to be conscious of their surroundings when playing immersive games. Most bettors want to throng in such casinos, helping them make huge profits.

Virtual Reality

Virtual reality gaming is increasingly popular. Most casinos are turning to VR gaming because of its advantages. First, VR disconnects you from physical surroundings via advanced and dedicated headsets. Casino operators with VR games aim to make players’ gaming experiences more immersive. 


Players receive game visuals in 3D rather than two dimensions. They enter computer-simulated 3D environments that fill their minds with sensory sensations. Although the current VR headsets are expensive, casinos have embraced this technology fully. 


The international Data Corporation’s 2020 report showed that VR and AR profits reached twelve billion. This figure will grow to seventy-two-point-eight billion dollars by 2024. Eighty percent of this revenue came from casinos. Here is a list of VR games:

  • Catan VR

  • Beat Saber

  • Skyrim VR

  • Falcon Age

  • Superhot VR

3D Animation

Online casino games have advanced animations and graphics these days. Those who play video poker and blackjack have seen how 3D animation works. These thrilling games explain why some players like to go to live casinos. 


3D animation technology has changed how casinos present their games and other experiences. Hence, they can attract and retain customers with mind-boggling platforms and games. As a result, they can boost their revenues.


Who has not heard about cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Litecoin, and Ethereum? These make up the Blockchain technology, which modern casinos are chasing after. Blockchain is now among the universally accepted modes of payment. 


Casino sites that have adopted Blockchain technology allow their members to deposit and withdraw their earnings with it. Corrupting Blockchain transactions is impossible. The sender must send coins to the correct Blockchain network address to avoid losing them. 


Tracing Blockchain transactions to actual owners is impossible if someone sends crypto to the wrong address. Players who face surveillance from their governments when browsing the internet love casinos that accept cryptocurrency payments and withdrawals. 


They can carry out their transactions with complete anonymity and confidence. Casinos that offer this opportunity make more revenue from bettors facing strict gaming regulations in their countries.

Gaming software

One of your first considerations when finding a suitable online casino is its software providers. Casinos that provide gaming software from renowned developers attract many gamblers. Leading software providers include Microgaming, Inspired Gaming, NetEnt, Pragmatic Play, Big Time Gaming, Elk, Push Gaming, Habanero, Playtech, Play’n Go, etc.


Gaming software tools from these developers give players enough confidence to risk their money at an online casino. As a result, casinos make huge revenues from customers who opt-in.

Anonymity software 

Some bettors face strict internet usage laws in their countries. The only way to play at casinos outside their countries is to use a VPN. Visitors who tour such countries can only access their casino accounts via virtual private networks. 


Casinos can now get customers even from restricted regions because of these anonymity tools. These tools encrypt your network for safety purposes. It also replaces your actual internet protocol (IP) with another one located in another country. 


Thus, VPN technology ensures total anonymity when browsing the internet. It has enabled people to access websites they can only dream of. For casinos, this technology makes their business more lucrative.

Mobile gaming

Casinos can reach more customers by providing a mobile website or a downloadable mobile application. Customers will stick around when they learn they can access online casino games directly on their mobile devices. 


Modern casinos have created mobile apps and responsive websites that can suit any screen size. Hence, they attract customers who prefer to access gaming services on their smartphones and tablets from any place. Bettors no longer need to risk playing games on an office computer. 


Instead, they can download an app and install it on their phones, which are private devices. Casinos that can provide iOS, Android, Blackberry, and Windows platforms make bigger profits. Technologies that make app development and web design possible help casinos increase revenues.

Internet usage growth

Increased usage of the internet across the world is another reason casinos are thriving. Some third-world countries have improved internet connectivity and other features of the ICT sector. Some have rolled out 4G and 5G networks, allowing citizens to experience the fastest internet speeds. This has enabled their citizens to use the internet more.


Many new internet users want to do sports betting and casino gaming. The gaming industry benefits the most when developing countries embrace modern internet technologies. Technology growth can boost citizens’ disposable incomes too. Some of this extra income is likely to land in popular online casinos.

Technology Type


Mobile-based gaming

Different operating systems for mobile device users, including iOS, Android, and Windows

Internet usage increase

-4G and 5G internet networks allow fast browsing speeds

-Cloud-based games players can play without installing in their devices

- Interactions with other worldwide bettors during gaming.



Virtual reality

Immersive gaming without losing your real-world senses like touching, smelling, seeing, etc.

Augmented reality

A smartphone-based gaming taking bettors into a mixed reality world with virtual and physical senses

New business models

-Free to play

-Gaming as a Service(GaaS)


Casinos’ growth and expansion have a connection to technological advancements. Operators who have already adopted the technologies we have discussed above are performing well. They also benefit from bettors who use anonymity tools like VPNs to access their casinos online. 


The growth of internet technology and users has enabled casinos to expand their customer bases. Technologies will continue to transform casinos and the entire gambling industry in the future.