Top tips for playing Fortnite that may be useful for beginners

Wed, May 1, 2024
by CapperTek

Fortnite is a tactical battle royale shooter with a high degree of dynamics and unique combat mechanics with building elements.

The most interesting matches are rating ones, because for all your efforts on the battlefield, time of survival and killing enemies, you will receive a Fortnite boost, but from frequent deaths and poor results on the battlefield, you will lose it.

Tasks on the battlefield

To increase your Fortnite rank, you need to survive as long as possible and destroy enemies. To maintain your rank, it is enough to survive the middle of the game and the second contraction and shoot a couple of enemies.

Victory is not a prerequisite, because you will be confronted by a huge number of enemies and taking top 1 will not always be possible.

The closer to first place, the greater the increase in Fortnite rank.

You will have to get your own equipment and weapons, because you will land with your bare hands.

Look for weapons and their enhancements, equipment and grenades and medicines in containers, they will help prepare for the stages of narrowing the map, aimed at reducing the number of participants in the match and moving towards determining the winner.

Look for metal, wood and stone to later use in the construction of shelters to help you in battle.

The zone will decrease several times, and if the first time is randomly chosen, then the rest can be predicted and prepared for them in advance.

Tips to help you perform better in Fortnite matches

Learn to move silently, or at least quietly

In games where there are only enemies around you, making a lot of noise, stomping, or shooting means giving away your position and having a chance to attract the attention of a large number of players.

Don't run as fast as you can, use cover and a quiet step where possible. If you find yourself in an unfavorable radius of the circle, then this is one thing, but if you just wanted to run, then your Fortnite rank boost will be at risk.

It is much better and more correct to run short distances, using cover, and even if you enter into battle, you will have points behind which you can hide.

Remember that enemies can hear everything, especially with good headphones - running, changing weapons and even reloading, so think about what you are doing and, most importantly, why.

If possible, you too will get headphones with 7.1 surround sound so that you can hear the battle map in the smallest detail and determine the exact direction of all sounds that will occur on the battlefield.

Collect resources

There are three types of resources that are used to build shelters.

These are metal, wood and stone.

They will be scattered throughout the game map, but be careful and don’t miss enemies while getting resources - it’s better to be alive, but without a tree, than vice versa.

Wood is stronger in terms of health, but weaker than stone and metal in terms of construction speed and overall armor.

You will be able to build buildings the length, width and height for battle and use them to protect yourself even in the toughest battles. The construction skill needs to be developed and honed, and gradually you will begin to be able to do it quickly and efficiently in Fortnite matches.

Building shelters will give you many tactical variations.

You can quickly build a springboard for yourself and soften your fall from a height, set up an area that the enemy can storm, but you won’t be behind it due to an organized ambush.

You will be able to build structures one on one and significantly raise yourself in height, but you should remember that you will see the game map, but the enemies will not miss such a high tower.

Enemy loot - benefits and dangers

When you manage to destroy an enemy, especially in the middle or final of a match, you will immediately be tempted to rush to the defeated enemy in search of weapons of Mythic and Legendary quality.

Don’t do this right away - you don’t know if there are other opponents around, and in order not to risk your rank in Fortnite, first look around, and then collect everything valuable that your enemy was lucky enough to find.

Sometimes the waiting technique can help destroy several more enemies, especially if they themselves fall for the dead one and run to look for valuable items.

Look for strengthening potions

In Fortnite there are potions to enhance armor and health, and if you drink them one after another, your combat potential will be higher.

Remember that even double health and armor can be knocked down, so don’t take them right away.

For example, you fly to the landing zone and see an enemy landing in parallel. If possible, it is better to destroy it, and then strengthen yourself in order to give yourself a bonus in the future, rather than losing it during the battle, but such a plan also has the other side of the coin - perhaps this health will not be enough for you to survive this battle.

Survival is more important than killing

During the landing and planning the parachute direction point, you should remember that it is important for you to survive the difficult initial stage, when 100 players will scatter over a large area and then battles and chaos will be inevitable.

Sometimes it’s better to just survive instead of 10 kills, because every dead opponent is your chance for top 1.

There will definitely not be any simple stages - first the chaos of the battle from many participants, and then the battle with well-equipped players - there simply will not be.

This does not mean that you should be afraid of everything and avoid combat, just do not allow outright adventures if you want to get a rank boost in Fortnite.

Choose a drop-off zone

If you are a beginner, then you should look for points where many players do not land, but in these zones you should be able to get good equipment.

It is advisable that these be complexes of a couple of houses, because you need starting weapons, body armor and a helmet, potions and grenades, as well as medicine.

If you want high-intensity combat and training in collecting loot and shooting under stressful conditions, then land in the cities.

You will often die and lose your Fortnite rank, but you will also quickly learn to survive in such conditions and shoot, provided that the game in this format suits you.

Another important tip - do not choose the edges of the game map, such zones are extremely disadvantageous due to their location and the high probability that the game map will begin to narrow on the other side of the territory.

Even if you find the best legendary assault weapon, you will most likely lose it and your life to other players who will be in safe shelters, and you will run for safety from loss of health, rather than put yourself in a difficult situation where two out of three situations will be ended your death.