What Is Spread Betting? How Does it Work?

Wed, Jan 4, 2023
by CapperTek

Since basketball and American football are two games where more points are scored during a game than in other sports like baseball and hockey, point spread betting is a popular type of wager. Therefore, before making a bet, it is vital to understand how point spreads work.

To get the most value for your money and to put yourself in the best possible position to win as a point spread betting, always pay attention to line movement and keep track of point spreads on numerous sportsbooks.

Point spreads entail betting on the favourite or underdog in a certain game, much as moneyline bets. If you wager on a favourite, they must beat their opponent by a margin greater than the specified point spread. For instance, taking the Golden State Warriors (-7.5) on the point spread means they must win by at least eight points to win a bet.

If you wager on an underdog, they must either win the game handily or suffer a defeat by a less margin than the stipulated point spread. So, for instance, if you backed a team (+3.5) and they suffer a loss of three points or less or win the match, you win your bet. 

How Do Spread Bets Work?

A point spread is given based on the expected outcome of a game. Before placing your bets on your favorite teams, identifying the best betting platform on gambleonline.co/sports-betting/ is crucial, but there is more. You will need to learn a thing or two about spread betting to understand how it works. That way, you are in a position to place high-quality bets.

The home team advantage has a significant effect on the point spread. For instance, the Kansas Chiefs would probably be favored by 10.5 points if they played the Denver Broncos at home. However, the Chiefs would be favored by around 4.5 points if the game was played in Denver. Home-field advantage has a different effect depending on the side using it; some teams do not enjoy as much support as others. Due to the altitude, Denver, for instance, is a tough area to play.

Other factors include player injury history, current form, and skill level. Times of the season may also play a massive role in a game’s outcome. For instance, a team battling relegation or on the brink of booking a playoff slot is playing under motivation. To identify the value of point spreads, stay updated on league-wide news.

It is also important to remember that certain teams struggle to beat the spread when they are favored. For instance, a team with a strong record but a history of tight victories may not fare as well against the spread. 

Remember that there are various kinds of sports wagers that are worth taking into account.

Meaning of Push in Spread Betting

When the final score matches the spread, it is called a push. For example, if you placed a bet on the Toronto Raptors (-4) to defeat the LA Lakers and the Raptors win by four, you would push your wager, which results in a refund of your money and a tie. There will never be a push in a game with half in the point spread, such as the Dallas Cowboys (-3.5) over the Atlanta Falcons.