Will Former Brooklyn Nets Head Coach Kenny Atkinson Join The New York Knicks?

Tue, Mar 24, 2020
by CapperTek

The Brooklyn Nets recently agreed to part ways with head coach Kenny Atkinson. According to reports, it was a mutual decision. Where will Atkinson coach next? ESPN’s Adrian Wojnarowski thinks that he will not be out of a job for long.



“Kenny Atkinson will be in tremendous demand on the market, especially with teams executing a rebuild. There’s no question about his comfort level and track record leading those teams.”


The Knicks should go after Atkinson. He just oversaw a rebuild with Nets that also served as a rebrand. The Knicks desperately need something like that.


Atkinson’s resume is strong. He worked for the Knicks as an assistant coach of Mike D’Antoni for four years and while the Nets were just 118-190 under him, they improved their record over his first three seasons in charge.


The Nets were just 28-34 with Atkinson this season but don’t forget that they traded D’Angelo Russell to the Warriors as part of the Kevin Durant signing. Russell was their best player last season while KD has been out with an Achilles’ injury. Also, Kyrie Irving had season-ending shoulder surgery in February and he played just 20 games this season.


The Nets are still a playoffs team and Atkinson turned previously-unknown players like Spencer Dinwiddie, Caris LeVert and Joe Harris into potential stars.


Knicks president Leon Rose will not rush his decision. Their current scouts, coaches and executives will all be evaluated but they should take a look at Atkinson.



If interim head coach Mike Miller leaves, Tom Thibodeau will be a candidate as well. Thibodeau and Rose have known each other for a long time.


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