BetAnySports Review

Sat, Mar 5, 2022

BetAnySports is a multi-faceted online sportsbook that has developed a reputation for pleasing its customers since 2002. BetAnySports offers a wide variety of options including reduced juice, solid live betting options, and easy banking methods. Recently redesigned, the BAS sportsbook website is detailed at length in this review.

BetAnySports is an impressive online sportsbook that provides reduced juice lines, attractive bonuses and lucrative rebates. That means you can look forward to great odds, reliable payouts, a simple wagering platform and lots of appealing bonuses. BetAnySports is independently owned and is beholden only to its patrons. This review breaks down the betting experience you can expect with BetAnySprots.

As you will come to realize after reading this review, BetAnySports is really a great sportsbook. NOT only are they reliable, but there entire operation is easily one of the best ones out there.  In addition, they are highly rated by the rating agencies - "A" and they cater to U.S. players.  Anyways, I thank you for taking the time to read our BetAnySports sportsbook review and we hope you enjoy it!

As with most sportsbooks, there are a number of ways to deposit money into your BetAnySports sportsbook account. While it should be noted the the customer service is top-notch, it is still highly recommended that everything is done online as the minimums are much lower. With the shift in the industry going toward Bitcoin, it is highly recommended that you do all your transactions this way. The main reason this has become so popular is that the transaction fees are very low and the limits are much higher. NOT only will you be able to deposit very high amounts, but you’ll also then be able to withdraw high amounts as well.

BetAnySports has made improvements recently to their betting interface by also offering another way to bet in their “Dynamic Lines” feature (pictured above). In this feature, they simply take the most popular events and make it a one click process. Once a betting line is clicked on then the user is asked to a place and confirm their wager.

In my opinion, what sets this sportsbook apart is that they have the best combination of odds and introduction of lines in the entire sportsbook industry.  Simply put, it is easier to make money at BetAnySports sportsbook than anywhere else across the web or in a brick and mortar sports shop.  As I mentioned, BetAnySports cathers to U.S. players.

What makes BetAnySports extremely impressive is that even with the low juice on all their offerings, they are consistently one of the first sportsbooks to have their lines available. This is especially helpful to sharp bettors who can take advantage of the lines early before they move more closely to their market value. This is sort of a dream scenario in the betting world and it provides an advantage that is hard to find anywhere else.

All this being said, it is impossible NOT to give BetAnySports a perfect score in this category. If you are the type of bettor that is experienced and has the discipline to jump on the lines as they are published then you can make a significant amount of money betting with these guys.  Although, BetAnySports does NOT offer the best promotions, you really do NOT need promotions to make money using BetAnySports.  Their sign up bonus promotion is great - 60% free play up up $700!

Payouts are another area where BetAnySports knocks it out of the park! Payouts are reliable and timely and by using Bitcoin, it is practically guaranteed that you will be paid out completely within 48 hours. The limits for this method are the same as they are for deposits. The minimum payout is $100, while the maximum payout is $25,000. If you are lucky enough to win really big then you can still request and get a payout once every week.

In addition to the online sportsbook, they offer an online casino, online poker, and a worldwide racebook (When you wager on racing you can receive up to 9% back on your betting volume, whether you win or lose).  In addition, they are the only sportsbook at this time to offer your state lottery - Pick 3 and Pick 4 with higher payouts than your local store!

In conclusion, BetAnySports is a great sportsbook for beginners and experts alike. As one can infer from reading the review, BetAnySports impresses me.

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