Tue, Mar 29, 2022

This review will give information about the products, website, offers and overall user experience. is one of the most established online gambling sites. Bookmaker goes way back to 1985 as a bricks and mortar operation, then launching online in 1996.  It was known as BetCris, but later became for U.S. players 

With 30+ years in the wagering industry, you can be sure that they are doing something right, with a high rating of reliability. has also been showcased on ESPN, CBS Sports, SB Nation, Fox, Forbes and other major networks. If reliability is important to you, has it in spades, including the added plus of being one of few no limit bookmakers and being one of only 5 sportsbook's that has an A+ rating.

While trust is the most important factor, for a site to be worth my time, it needs to have more than just reliability to pass the test. I need to see what all they have to offer and where they can improve.

Trust is great, but not without a bit of flare.

This review is going to be an in-depth look at Bookmaker from the ground up.

As I mentioned, 1s a top-5 sportsbook for US gamblers and here is why members like them so much:

  • #1 is a stellar reputation. Search online and you will find they have many more positive reviews than negative.
  • Bookmaker is friendly to pro and winning bettors. They do NOT limit your account if you are a winning  sports bettor.
  • They offer higher betting limits. It is common to find 5-figure betting limits for many markets and bet types.
  • Paying-out consistently on-time.
  • No limit bookmakers are hard to come by.

There are NOT too many US-friendly sportsbooks that can tick all 4 of the above points off confidently.

in addition, their tagline of “Where the Line Originates” certainly holds true. are generally one of the very first to post lines for baseball, basketball, football and other American markets.  In fact, most sportsbooks wait until post their lines before posting their own lines!

While known for posting early lines, they are NOT always the best lines available to bet on since they are considered by many sports bettors to be sharp. So while does NOT avoid professional bettors, they can afford NOT to due to offering sharper lines.

Another significant difference between and competitors is their stances on professional bettors (those who take betting seriously). welcomes players of all levels, from newbie bettors to professionals.  Like I said, their max betting limits are higher. No limit bookmakers are hard to come by these days. has multiple bonuses and promotions for their players. If you are a new player you will receive a welcome bonus which you can use for sports bet and casino games. Also, there are bonuses for old players. On each Tuesday you can gain bonus for your deposit.

If you invite a friend on the site and he / she will create an account you will receive 50% of their first deposit. More information about bonuses you will see on Bonuses and promotions section on the Bookmaker,eu site.

For deposit and payments you can use the most popular payments methods like: Bank transfer, Credit and debit cards, bitcoin, Western Union/MoneyGram. For each method there`s few conditions you can read on`s website.

If you are a sports lover offers you a wide range of sports such as: Football, Soccer, Basketball Baseball, tennis, Boxing, Rugby, Cricket, Golf, Cycling, Surfing and others. Every sport has a list of all leagues and events from around the world. This list varies depending on season.

On this bookmaker is present a casino with 38 games. This section is structured in multiple categories: Blackjack table, Classic slots, Table games (Craps, Stud Poker, American Roulette, Baccarat and others), Bingo and keno (video bingo and video keno). As you read in first paragraph, has a poker room which was added in 1999. There you will find tournaments and lots of Sit-n-Go games.

As a player of you will benefit of a customer service which will help you with all your questions. You can contact the support team via telephone, email. 

As I mentioned several times since it is unique, this bookmaker has a limit of minimum and maximum bet. Minimum bet is 1.00 USD or currency equivalent and maximum bet is 20.000 USD or currency equivalent depending on sport, event ($40,000 for the NFL).

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