My Free Soccer Predictions

Tue, Jun 14, 2022

One reason soccer is so popular to bet on is that it’s widely available. Most countries around the world play soccer and have several teams available, making soccer a well-known sport across most countries around the world. Studies have also shown that fans of soccer are more likely to place sports bets than fans of any other sport!

In addition, you will find that soccer is commonly available at sportsbooks, both in brick-and-mortar betting shops and those online. This means you won’t run into any trouble when it comes to finding services that allow you to bet on upcoming games and tournaments.

Another reason betting on soccer is so popular is because its teams and players are so incredibly famous that people all over the world know them well. Many fans enjoy following certain players and teams and know them well enough to understand their strengths and weaknesses which in turn allows them to make better decisions when it comes to betting on the winners of soccer games and tournaments.

Home to the greatest soccer tradition and legacy, English Premier League is the most popular soccer league in the world and home to such powerhouses as Manchester United, Chelsea, Arsenal, Manchester City, Liverpool and Tottenham. Spice up your Premier League watching experience by following my expert betting advice

Check out my free Premier League betting tips and find the absolute best predictions on Premier League matches anywhere on the web.  In addition, the Spanish La Liga is the place where soccer passion resides and soccer giants like Real Madrid and Barcelona play their domestic matches. In a league where skill reigns supreme and there is plenty of exciting soccer to be seen, betting is a special thrill. 

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Italy has a fantastic football culture and is the home to the timeless clubs like Juventus, Inter Milan and AC Milan which have left the a permanent mark on European soccer. Italian Serie A is one of the most thrilling leagues in Europe and has shed the reputation of tough, tactical soccer and welcomed a more free flowing game.

Do you need help betting on Serie A? If so,check out my Serie A predictions.

In addition, French Ligue 1 is one of the major European club competitions in soccer that I follow, a league that has launched hundreds of stars. Despite Paris Saint-Germain and their deep pockets being the perennial favorites for the title, Ligue 1 has sprung plenty of surprises in the recent years and some wonderful Cinderella stories.

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Another league that I follow is the Bundesliga League.  The German Bundesliga is one of the most exciting soccer leagues in Europe, where attractive attacking soccer is on display every weekend. One team has dominated the competition for years though, Bayern Munich. Is this the year that Bayern will falter? Follow my tips and find out.

Major League Soccer has gained much more attention from the rest of the world in recent years.  Major League Soccer is now taken much more seriously.

Founded in 1993, the MLS will be home to 24 teams from 2019. The MLS works differently to most other football leagues around the world, having no promotion or relegation. The league is split into two Conferences, the Eastern Conference and the Western Conference, with each side playing 34 games in an MLS season, 24 against sides in their conference and ten against sides from the other. The MLS season ends in October, with the Supporters’ Shield awarded to the side with the best record.

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Over the last few years, online sports betting has become hugely popular among gamblers. As a result of this, numerous new sports betting services and websites have launched.

Below are my free tips and hopefully you will join one of the sportsbooks that I recommend.