NFL Power Rankings - Week 10

Sun, Nov 13, 2022

#1. Eagles — They remain the lone undefeated team. But are they battle-tested? We won't find out this week with the Commanders coming to town. (same ranking as last week)

#2. Chiefs — Can't Say Mahomes and company aren't battle-tested after that rock fight against the Titans last Sunday night. (up from 3rd last week)

#3. Vikings — At #3? For now. They visit Buffalo this Sunday... off a loss. (up from 4th last week)

#4. Ravens — Welcome to Baltimore, Roquan Smith. Could the next Ray Lewis have just arrived? (up from 5th last week)

#5. Bills — They are now 0-2 within the division... And 5-0 against everyone else. (dn from 2nd last week)

#6. Cowboys — They face the Packers this Sunday. It's almost like back-to-back bye weeks. (same ranking as last week)

#7. 49ers — Hopefully the defense got healthier during the bye week. We'll find out on Sunday night versus the Chargers. (same ranking as last week)

#8. Seahawks — That’s right. Still at #8 despite the fact that they won again. Can’t see moving them up. Hard to justify putting them ahead of the Dolphins and the Bengals. (same ranking as last week)

#9. Dolphins — WR Tyreek Hill should be on the short list for League MVP this year. I know it’s usually given to quarterbacks but the Fins are a sub-500 team without him. (up from 10th last week)

#10. Bengals — About time RB Joe Mixon woke up. (up from 12th last week)

#11. Patriots — With a blue-collar identity and no superstars, the Pats get it done with defense and their run game. (up from 13th last week)

#12. Jets — Defense will be special in the next few years. You can already see it. Statement game against Buffalo last Sunday. (up from 15th last week)

#13. Titans — They always give the Chiefs hell. Should’ve won that game. Four defenders out this Sunday versus the Broncos. (dn from 11th last week)

#14. Giants — Unfair to drop the Giants out of the top ten after a bye week? It would be more unfair to rank them ahead of the 13 preceding teams. (dn from 9th last week)

#15. Chargers — It seems like every year injuries hit the Bolts the hardest. 2022 is no different. (dn from 14th last week)

#16. Browns — Three weeks till Watson? This one-dimensional team could use an aerial attack.  (up from 17th last week)

#17. Buccaneers — Signs of life after a much-needed victory. Now off to Germany to face the red-hot Seahawks. (up from 23rd last week)

#18. Saints — Saints looking very average this year. But then so are the rest of the teams in the NFC South.  (same ranking as last week)

#19. Rams — Tough loss in the final seconds versus the Bucs. The 2021 Super Bowl champs are fading fast. (same ranking as last week)

#20. Falcons — Amazing job with the roster as constituted. But they could run the ball more effectively with a legit passing attack. (dn from 16th last week)

#21. Commanders — For all the distractions surrounding this team, Coach Ron Rivera is doing an admirable job keeping this average team competitive.  (same ranking as last week)

#22. Jaguars — Great come-from-behind victory last week. A healthy Travis Etienne continues to be the difference.  (up from 26th last week)

#23. Cardinals — Sunday’s loss was their second this year to division-leading Seahawks. Cardinals continue to be a finesse team with a below average defense. (dn from 20th last week)

#24. Bears — Up a spot after a loss? They deserve it. QB Justin Fields is beginning took like a first-round quarterback. (up from 25th last week)

#25. Raiders — Is the season already over for the Raiders? Seems like it.  (dn from 22nd last week)

#26. Panthers — Interesting that the first two quarterbacks taken in the 2018 draft are sitting on the bench behind PJ Walker. Interim HC Steve Wilks is making a case for the job. (up from 31st last week)

#27. Broncos — Fresh off a win and a bye week, the Broncos roll into Tennessee. If it is going to happen, it will have to start now. (same ranking as last week)

#28. Lions — HC Dan Campbell is doing a terrific job keeping this team competitive as he institutes a culture change. Big win versus the Packers. (up from 30th last week)

#29. Packers — Aaron Rodgers and company just lost again… to the Lions. What more is there to say? (dn from 28th last week)

#30. Steelers — A ray of hope? TJ Watt returns this Sunday versus the Saints. (dn from 29th last week)

#31. Colts — Offensive Coordinator fired, Head Coach canned, starting QB benched. The Colts are a disaster. (dn from 24th last week)

#32. Texans — Their record mandates that they be last in the power rankings. But there is a lot of fight in Lovie Smith’s Texans. He’s earned another year on the strength of his coaching. (same ranking as last week)