NFL Power Rankings - Week 12

Sat, Nov 26, 2022

#1. Chiefs — It was only a matter of time before Patrick Mahomes & company ascended to the top of the rankings. (same ranking as last week)

#2. 49ers — Most complete team in the national football league. My pick to represent the NFC in the Super Bowl. (up from 5th last week)

#3. Eagles — What do you do when you can’t stop the run? You go and sign Ndamukong Suh and Linval Joseph off their respective couches. (same ranking as last week)

#4. Dolphins — Best offense in the national football league. My pick to win it all this year. (up from 6th last week)

#5. Titans — Blue-collar, bare-knuckle brawlers. There is not a tougher team in the NFL. (up from 8th last week)

#6. Bills — This team has not peaked yet. As their secondary gets healthier, expect them to return to dominance. (up from 7th last week)

#7. Cowboys — LB Micah Parsons is a lock for Defensive POY. Maybe League MVP. (dn from 9th last week)

#8. Bengals — Heating up. We saw this movie last year. (up from 10th last week)

#9. Ravens — Gearing down. Saw this movie last year too. (dn from 4th last week)

#10. Vikings — They were bound to have a hangover after that thrilling Buffalo road win. (dn from 2nd last week)

#11. Patriots — Special teams have always been a hallmark of Bill Belichick-coached teams. That walk-off punt return in a 3-3 battle against the upstart Jets was the exclamation point on a windy Foxboro afternoon. (same ranking as last week)

#12. Jets — After stringing together a handful of below average starts the Jets bench second year QB Zack Wilson. (same ranking as last week)

#13. Commanders — Another weekend. Another win. No team has risen higher in the power rankings. (up from 16th last week)

#14. Buccaneers — NFC South is still theirs for the taking. Can Brady be Brady one more time? (up from 15th last week)

#15. Seahawks — They win in the trenches. And Geno Smith is playing like a veteran. (dn from 14th last week)

#16. Chargers — Sucked to see WR Mike Williams hobble off the field in the first quarter after just returning from an injury. Nice to have Keenan Allen though. (up from 17th last week)

#17. Lions — When did the Lions become must-see TV? The fighting Dan Campbells follow up a home win against the Packers with back-to-back road wins against the Bears and Giants. One of the coolest stories of 2022. (up from 21st last week)

#18. Giants — The over-achieving G men are still a few pieces away. But they’ve got their fearless leader in HC Brian Daboll. (dn from 13th last week)

#19. Saints — With every defensive star out, the Saints get up off the mat and beat the Rams to remain alive in the NFC South. (up from 22nd last week)

#20. Browns — Could seven consecutive victories earn them a wild card? QB Deshaun Watson was cleared to return to practice this week. (dn from 18th last week)

#21. Falcons — Another blue-collar run-first team. Losing TE Kyle Pitts was unfortunate for a team that is hurting for weapons. (up from 28th last week)

#22. Colts — Heartbreaking last-minute loss to the Eagles. HC Jeff Saturday is doing a great job though. (up from 30th last week)

#23. Packers — Despite a broken thumb on his throwing hand, Aaron Rodgers insists he is still playing? Doesn’t Green Bay have a first-round Quarterback holding a clipboard on the sideline? C’mon A-Rod, let Jordan Love get some rec. (dn from 19th last week)

#24. Raiders — Remember when everyone was talking about how competitive the AFC West was going to be this year? Yeah, not so much. But Davante Adams continues to be an unstoppable force. (up from 31st last week)

#25. Jaguars — The arrow is definitely pointing up for the Jags. We’ll see how they look off the bye week with the Ravens in town. (dn from 25th last week)

#26. Cardinals — Whoa. That was a good old fashioned country ass-whuppin’ against the 49ers on Monday night… only the country was Mexico. (dn from 23rd last week)

#27. Bears — For all those keeping score at home, that is three consecutive losses by three points or fewer over the last three weeks. The Bears are going to be a handful… next year. (dn from 24th last week)

#28. Steelers — They fought hard in the loss to the Bengals last Sunday. The Pickett to Pickens connection delivered a glimpse of the future. (dn from 27th last week)

#29. Rams — With Matt Stafford in and out of concussion protocol and Cooper Kupp on IR, the season is officially over for last year’s Super Bowl champs. (dn from 26th last week)

#30. Panthers — Next contestant on the Quarterback carousel? Sam Darnold, step right up. (dn from 20th last week)

#31. Broncos — Year one of the Hackett/Wilson marriage has been a disaster. No other way to spin it. (dn from 29th last week)

#32. Texans — Congratulations Houston. After that beatdown by the Commanders, you now get to travel to Miami to face the league’s most prolific offense, well rested and healthy off a bye week. (same ranking as last week)