NFL Power Rankings - Week 14

Thu, Dec 8, 2022

#1. Eagles — A dominant performance against a solid Titans team pole-vaults the Eagles (11-1) into their rightful #1 slot. (up from 3rd last week)

#2. 49ers — Defense wins championships. Can the Niners bring home the Lombardi with QB Brock Purdy at the helm? (same ranking as last week)

#3. Chiefs — Three losses to the Bengals in less than 365 days. Patrick Mahomes, who’s your daddy? (dn from 1st last week)

#4. Cowboys — A defensive masterpiece against the lowly Colts moves Dallas into the #4 slot. (up from 5th last week)

#5. Bills — Getting healthy at the right time. Jets and Dolphins come to town over the next two weeks. (up from 6th last week)

#6. Bengals — Is Joe Burrow the best QB in the NFL? The Bengals are set to take over the North. (up from 7th last week)

#7. Vikings — The Northmen complete a sweep of the AFC East. (up from 9th last week)

#8. Dolphins — In the middle of a brutal three-game road stretch. The signing former 1st overall pick OT Eric Fisher is another brilliant move by GM Chris Grier. (dn from 4th last week)

#9. Titans — Tennessee takes another step backwards after a dominant mid-season stretch. (dn from 8th last week)

#10. Seahawks — Is Geno Smith comeback player of the year and League MVP? (up from 16th last week)

#11. Ravens — Baltimore avoids an embarrassing home loss to the Broncos, but they lose Lamar Jackson. (up from 12th last week)

#12. Commanders — Sunday’s game vs. the rival Giants could not have been more evenly matched. Fitting that it resulted in a tie. (same ranking as last week)

#13. Jets — Mike White almost brought them back. A costly pick in the end zone sealed the deal. Bills are awaiting on 10 day’s rest. (dn from 11th last week)

#14. Lions — Are the Lions a legit seven-seed contender? A win Sunday against the rival Vikings will have them firmly in the hunt. (up from 17th last week)

#15. Patriots — Vertical passing game is non-existent with this year’s version of the Pats. (dn from 13th last week)

#16. Browns — After 700 days, Deshaun Watson was finally back under center… in Houston. Can’t believe the NFL thought it wise to schedule this game. (up from 18th last week)

#17. Raiders — Another big win for the Raiders. But is it too late for a playoff push in the crowded AFC? (up from 19th last week)

#18. Chargers — Another close loss. Every game is a must-win from here on out. Season on the line. (dn from 14th last week)

#19. Buccaneers — Tom Brady’s 44th fourth quarter comeback was in a clunker of a game. 49ers on the road will not be as benevolent. (dn from 15th last week)

#20. Giants — Back end of the schedule is loaded with division opponents. Starting with Philly this Sunday. Still not convinced the G-men have enough. (up from 21st last week)

#21. Packers — Aaron Rodgers still owns the Bears. (up from 24th last week)

#22. Steelers — Another win this weekend and the talk will shift from HC Mike Tomlin’s streak to a potential playoff berth. (up from 26th last week)

#23. Falcons — Ugly home loss does not eliminate them from playoff contention at 5-8. Division still up for grabs. (dn from 22nd last week)

#24. Saints — New Orleans continues to find creative ways to lose. Dennis Allen is a great defensive coordinator. Head coach? Not so much. (dn from 23rd last week)

#25. Panthers — The Baker Mayfield era is officially over. What looked to be a natural fit never materialized. (same ranking as last week)

#26. Jaguars — After the thrill of victory versus the Baltimore Ravens comes the agony of defeat to the red-hot Detroit Lions. (dn from 20th last week)

#27. Cardinals — Season feels over already but maybe they can generate some momentum coming out of the bye. (up from 29th last week)

#28. Bears — Justin Fields has certainly proved that he belongs in the NFL this year. But this defense is putrid. (dn from 27th last week)

#29. Colts — After being abused by the Dallas Cowboys, its back to Sam Ehlinger at QB. (dn from 28th last week)

#30. Rams — The Baker Mayfield signing was interesting… for next year. (same ranking as last week)

#31. Broncos — The locker room is lost. No leadership on the sidelines or in the huddle. (same ranking as last week)

#32. Texans — Deshaun Watson was back in town, but he barely factored into Houston’s latest beatdown. 1-10-1 says it all. (same ranking as last week)