NFL Power Rankings - Week 5

Thu, Oct 6, 2022

As the first semester of the NFL season comes to an end, there has been no shortage of surprises. Did anyone predict the Giants would open at 3-1? Or the Colts at 1-2-1? How about Davante Adams and the Raiders going 1-3? Or the Miami Dolphins checking in at 3-1 after beating the Pats, Ravens, and Bills before finally falling to the Bengals? There have been more one-score games in this first quarter of the season than ever before. More parity too. And just like every season for the previous three decades, there will undoubtedly be at least two teams making the playoffs this season who didn’t the year before. Who will those teams be? Who knows at this point. I doubt the Commanders, Bears, or Texans will be there, but other than that, no idea. A couple injuries can derail even the most complete teams. With 13 games to go, here's how they line up right now...

#1. Eagles — They can play from in front and from behind, rip off big runs and pick apart a secondary, plug holes and create turnovers. The 4-0 Eagles are the most complete team in the league. (same ranking as last week)

#2. Chiefs — 37 runs, 37 passes in their masterful assault on the vaunted Tampa defense Sunday night. Andy Reid's playbook never ceases to amaze. (up from 5th last week)

#3. Bills — Buffalo showed grit in their come-from-behind victory in Baltimore. Timely picks from a hobbled secondary were instrumental in the victory. When they get healthy, look out. (same ranking as last week)

#4. Ravens — No drop in the rankings despite the loss. They are still the most complete team in the AFC north, with an MVP quarterback. HC John Harbaugh continues to make questionable late game decisions though. (same ranking as last week)

#5. Packers — Still awaiting the emergence of the young wide receiving corps. This defense is going to be fun to watch on the frozen tundra in late December and January. (up from 6th last week)

#6. Bengals — An embarrassment of riches at the Wide Receiver position. Just like last year. And a line that can't protect Joe Burrow. Just like last year. Yet they're tied for number one in their division with a showdown against the Ravens on Sunday night. (up from 9th last week)

#7. 49ers — Defense is loaded with thumpers and playmakers that fly to the ball. They looked dominant on Monday night versus the Rams. WR Deebo Samuel is a force of nature.. (up from 13th last week)

#8. Dolphins — The Tua controversy is overshadowing the early success of this team. There will not be any drop with QB Teddy Bridgewater manning the ship until Tagovailoa returns. Between McDaniel's scheme, the skill position players, and a loaded defense, this team is built to compete. (dn from 2nd last week)

#9. Vikings — Nice win in London. Could've went either way though. Not sure if the Viks are a top ten team yet. Time will tell. (up from 10th last week)

#10. Buccaneers — Defense was ran out of their own building Sunday against KC. And the run game was nonexistent. Good seeing WRs Julio Jones and Chris Godwin back on the field though. Bucs are still the team to beat in the NFC South. (dn from 10th last week)

#11. Cowboys — Dallas keeps chugging along. And they're getting healthier. Micah Parsons is already a lock for defensive player of the year. (up from 15th last week)

#12. Rams — Fat and happy off a Super Bowl win, the Rams are looking a little average in the early going. Utterly dominated by the rival Niners on MNF. WR Allen Robinson is a nonfactor in the offense so far. (dn from 7th last week)

#13. Chargers — Finally, an Austin Ekeler sighting. The Bolts RB found the end zone three times against the Texans. Justin Herbert seems to be back to his old self too with 340 yds and 2 TDs. But they can't play Houston every week. Next up: at Cleveland. (up from 18th last week)

#14. Giants — Saquon Barkley is looking more and more like the Penn State phenom that New York drafted a few years ago. He did it all against the Bears, including running the wildcat when QB Daniel Jones went out with a hurt ankle. But let's be real. The Giants are playing way above their heads. A crash landing back to earth feels imminent. (up from 16th last week)

#15. Browns — Awesome run game, average QB play, the beat goes on... At least until Deshaun Watson comes back from suspension in seven games. The good news is that they're tied with Bengals and Ravens for first place in the division. (dn from 11th last week)

#16. Broncos — Injuries mounting. Pass rush specialist Randy Gregory is out for surgery and starting RB Javonte Williams is done for the season. QB Russell Wilson also has a sore shoulder. Not what you want on a short week. Next man up. (dn from 12th last week)

#17. Jaguars — They fought hard for a team that traveled over four thousand miles in back-to-back road games. Eagles at Lincoln Financial is no easy assignment regardless. Jags looking like the top team in the AFC South right now. (dn from 14th last week)

#18. Titans — Season-saving road win for Tannehill and company. Were they pronounced dead too soon? They say that run games and defense travel. They've finally got RB Derrick Henry going. Can Vrabel's D find its identity? (up from 20th last week)

#19. Cardinals — 0-2 at home, 2-0 on the road. WR DeAndre Hopkins will be back in a couple more games. Maybe this team will find its way after all. (up from 25th last week)

#20. Falcons — Massive win against the Browns. Arthur Smith is an early candidate for Coach of the Year. But the Cordarrelle Patterson loss is going to be difficult to absorb. Up next: Buccaneers. (up from 23rd last week)

#21. Colts — Another divisional loss. And after that statement game against the Chiefs... They better string some wins together soon or this division may get away from them. Quick turnaround though: Thursday night at Mile High. (dn from 17th last week)

#22. Raiders — Big divisional win. They needed that. Now all the Raiders have to do is go into Arrowhead on Monday Night and defeat Patrick Mahomes. (up from 26th last week)

#23. Jets — Thrilling come-from-behind victory on the road in QB Zach Wilson's first game back. Don't look now but the Jets are one game out of first place in the division. But let's be real: they could just as easily be 0-4 right now. The difference? Two last second miracle drives. (up from 29th last week)

#24. Seahawks — If only they could play the Lions defense every Sunday. Geno Smith and the 'Hawks scored more points in Detroit (48) than in their first three games combined. The Saints D is a little stingier though. We'll see how they fare in the Superdome this weekend. (up from 32nd last week)

#25. Lions — And the highest scoring team in the National Football League is... The Lions? They scored 45 points on a day when they were missing their starting RB D'Andre Swift and both starting WRs, Amon-Ra St. Brown and DJ Chark. Problem is, they allowed 48. With just a little defense this team would be scary. (up from 27th last week)

#26. Saints — 60-yard field goal in slow motion, doinked off the left upright then bounces off the crossbar. Rough start to the season for the Saints. Andy Dalton was efficient though. Might a QB controversy be brewing in the Crescent City? (dn from 22nd last week)

#27. Patriots — Bailey Zappe. Coolest name for a QB since Gunner Kiel. And it looks like the Western Kentucky Hilltopper will get another shot this weekend against the very generous Detroit Lions Defense. Should feel like getting out of prison after playing the Packers in Lambeau.. (dn from 19th last week)

#28. Steelers — Rookie QB Kenny Pickett finally gets his number called, and as forecasted: instant energy infusion. He ran for two touchdowns and finished 10 of 13 for 120 yards. Unfortunately all 3 of those incompletions were interceptions. It'll be interesting to see what he's able to do in Buffalo this Sunday. (dn from 24th last week)

#29. Panthers — Yuk. What's that smell? It's the Carolina Panthers. Too much talent on this team to be underachieving the way they are. HC Matt Rhule is definitely feeling the heat. (dn from 21st last week)

#30. Bears — A below average team with a lack of playmakers. QB Justin Fields is looking less and less like the long-term answer. (dn from 28th last week)

#31. Texans — They play hard every week. For a minute I thought they were going to come back on the Chargers after spotting them 3 TDs. But this is another team with second-tier talent filling out its roster. Nice to see RB Dameon Pierce finally get going. Probably not his last 130-yard performance. (same ranking as last week)

#32. Commanders —Doesn't QB Carson Wentz look like Prince Harry? That's about the most interesting thing I can find regarding the lifeless Washington Commanders. (dn from 30th last week)